Winter Workout Tips

In wintertime, it is very easy to become sedentary. The cold temps mean limited outdoor activities, and the short days can mean less motivation and energy to move. This can be absolutely brutal for people’s fitness routines and New Year’s resolutions. Luckily, with a little bit of effort, you can get yourself moving in the winter and feel the benefits.

If you are a strict schedule person, you can use your calendar(s) to get yourself to work out. You can print out a blank calendar, and cross off each day that you’ve exercised. You can do more intense workouts or just walk a couple miles or do yoga. In any case, you can cross off physical activity for each day, and it is so satisfying to see all the crossed-out days in a row. Take the sheet of paper with you even if you are traveling! You can also add your workouts to your actual meeting calendar or google calendar. Doing your workout earlier in the day is preferable. Not only does it get it out of the way and energize you, but it helps you to sleep better. Working out intensely in the evening can overstimulate you and make it harder to fall asleep!

In the wintertime, take advantage of indoor activities. Get a gym membership or sigh up for an exercise class locally. If you really feel like you want to work out outdoors, make sure you take precautions. Start with your warm ups at home in order to get your muscles more supple. The cold can be very stiffening to your body. Check the temperature before you go out and make sure to dress accordingly. Dress in breathable layers so you can strip down as you get heated up. Stay dry in order to prevent getting way too cold and possibly making yourself sick or hypothermic. Your body can acclimate to the colder temps over time if you consistently work out in the cold outside.

Find some fun activities you enjoy. Ice-skating is an excellent way to get moving in wintertime. Other things you may like are skiing, snowboarding, and even sledding. These activities get you moving and can count for your daily exercise, but they are also fun and don’t really feel like a dreaded workout.

Finding an accountability partner or workout partner can also help you stay on track. Pick a good friend and go to workouts together. When they are planned with someone else, it is much harder to back out of doing it. Even if your friend does not live close to you, you can check in with someone over the phone and tell them that you did your workout or physical activity for the day. You can also check on them and make sure they’ve exercised.

In the wintertime motivation to workout can dwindle. With a little bit of effort, though, you can keep yourself on track with regular exercise. You can utilize these tips to help you stay consistent and motivated even when it does not come easily. Do your best and don’t beat yourself up if you just need a day off here and there as well! You will still be making progress by working out at least several times per week.


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