What Could Your Sex Dreams Mean?

When you dream of your significant other cheating on you, it could point to low self-esteem, a lack of trust, or fear of neglect and abandonment. But what does it mean when you’re the cheater?

According to the experts at Dreammoods.com, sex dreams can mean a lot of things.  They might represent the merging of two or more contrasting parts of you. Your dream sex partner has characteristics that you should make your own. For example, if the sex was wild or passionate, the quality of the sex can suggest some trait you are missing and want to incorporate.

Or they might be your libido’s way of telling you that you need to get laid.  They might reveal hidden sexual desires, or your emotional/physical need for love.

It might also suggest self-betrayal or guilt in other aspects of your life. Were you untrue to yourself recently? Did you compromise your ethics at work?

Were you seduced in the dream? This usually is an expression of your sexual desires, but could also point to something else seductive in your life, like a job offer.

Was it scandalous? You might need to re-focus your attention on the important things in life. Dream scandals suggest you’re are too concerned with public perception and what others think and say about you.

It’s also possible that the cheating dream might suggest you really aren’t happy in your relationship.  Maybe you want to explore your sexuality in ways your partner does not (or cannot) provide.  Perhaps it’s time to spend some time evaluating how things are going. Maybe you need to try something new in your relationship to spice things up

Look closer at the person who you’re dreaming about. Do they have a quality you admire?  For example, experts say that cheating with your boss suggests you crave power and authority. Dreaming of having sex with a celebrity can represent a drive and ambition for fame or success.

Are you dreaming about your ex? This usually means you have some reservations about taking the next step in your current relationship or situation. You are nervous about exposing yourself. Those vulnerable feelings remind you of a time in the past when you felt that way, like with your ex. They say that sex dreams before a wedding with someone other than your fiancée may be due to the intensity of the sexual passion with your fiancée. It also relates to the new roles that you will be taking on and the uncertainty that that may bring.

Do you have multiple sex partners?  Dreaming about having sex with multiple people at the same time could mean you are feeling distant from your current partner, Your relationship may be lacking passion.

Are you dreaming about a total stranger? Strangers can symbolize uncertainty. You may be hesitant about the future and need answers. Or, you might be interested in exploring new territory without any excess emotional baggage. Conversely, sleeping with a friend highlights the closeness you two share. It may point to an attraction between you two that you’ve been hesitant to act on.

You and your partner can be happy together and still dream of other people. Even if your sex dreams don’t directly represent your feelings towards your significant other, it is important to reflect on the root of the dream. Use it as encouragement to start a dialogue with your partner or to re-evaluate your own needs and desires.

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