Love reading erotica but hate trying to juggle a book and your vibrator?

Believe me, I’ve been there.

But there is actually sex toy tech out there now that can take away those difficulties and leave you with a completely relaxing experience. One that includes both an erotic story and highly stimulating vibrations.

It’s called Vibease, and it is a hands-free vibrator that syncs with audiobooks.

All you need is the toy, your mobile device, and a pair of headphones.

Let me tell you more about this amazing toy…

Vibease A Vibrator That Enhances Your Erotica Experience

A Little About Long Distance Sex Toys

Vibease is a remote control clitoral vibrator that works with an app to allow for long distance play with a partner.

There is an increasing number of these types of toys on the market, and it’s no secret why:

When your partner is out of town or actually lives thousands of miles away, giving them some control over your vibrator is the closest experience to having a bit of sexy fun times with them.

Remote control vibrators are also a great way to get cutomized vibration patterns, whether you’re playing with a partner or solo.

And small remote control toys like Vibease are also wearable for discreet public play. They really do open up a world of new possibilities for sexy fun.

That being said, if you’re not interested in erotica or long distance play, then there are probably better options out there for you:

One of the best toys for straight-up clitoral stimulation is the Doxy wand vibrator.

Before you decide to give Vibease a go, take a look at exactly what it can do.

How Important is Erotica to Your Sexual Experience?

Vibease Bluetooth Erotica Rechargeable Responsive Panty Vibrator

A lot of women enjoy reading erotic fiction. It’s a great way to get in the mood and to explore ideas about what kinds of experiences you might like.

If that describes you, then Vibease is an absolutely perfect toy option.

Because its most unique feature is the fact that it syncs with audiobooks to give you clitoral vibration intensity that matches the level of passion in the story you’re listening to.

That means this toy can get you in the mood and get you to climax. Pretty amazing.

Honestly there isn’t much to compare Vibease to. It is literally the first toy EVER to sync with an audiobook.

I suppose if you wanted to compare it to anything, it would be other wearable, hands-free clitoral vibrators.

Here’s what you get:


  • Lightweight and wearable for hands-free play.
  • Long distance app for partnered play anywhere.
  • Customizable vibration patterns, even while syncing with audiobook.
  • Water resistant.
  • Rechargeable up to 3 hours of use.


  • Doesn’t necessarily stay in place if you move around a lot.
  • Potential for app to lose connection.

If you think the extra features that Vibease comes with are up your alley, then keep reading to discover its full set of features…

No More Tired Hands

Vibease Clitoral Vibrator

It is not an exagerration to say that masturbating can consume a lot of energy. And depending on your needs, it can really put your hands to work!

If you have any kind of repetitive use injury, like carpal tunnel syndrome, or experience had pain, that pretty much puts pleasure off the menu…

Unless you have a hands-free vibrator!

This is exactly what Vibease is. You can wear this vibe in your panties, pressed against your clit.

And the app means you can conveniently click a button and then lean back and relax. No reaching down for buttons on the toy itself.

Pair With Almost Any Bluetooth Enabled Device

In order to enjoy the hands-free option, all you need to do is download the Vibease app and sync your device with the Vibease vibrator.

The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

You’ll need Bluetooth enabled in order to send the signal from the app to your vibrator.

Go Long… Distance

The Vibease app allows you to hand over control of your vibrator to a partner anywhere in the world. All they need is the app and an internet connection.

This is great because you can chat with your partner on the app’s video call feature and actually see each other’s reactions while using the toy together long distance.

Play in Public

In addition to long distance play, Vibease fits easily into underwear, so you can actually wear it under your clothes. This opens the door for all kinds of discreet play in different locations.

You can experiment with being in control yourself in public, or if you’re really brave, give over control to your partner while you’re in a public location.

This vibe is pretty quiet, so no worries about getting looks. As long as you can manage to keep yourself quiet!

Sync With Audiobooks

When I say this vibrator syncs with audiobooks, I mean that literally.

The vibe actually reacts to words in the book. For instance, if a line in the audiobook says something like, “I’m touching you roughly,” the vibrations get more intense.

And the Fantasy Store that is associated with Vibease has tons of audiobooks that are integrated to work with the vibrator. You’ve got hundreds of story and vibration pattern variations available to experiment with.

Keep Control of Vibration Patterns

This one is a big deal.

You can override the vibration patterns being provided by the audiobook if you are in syncing mode. That means you always maintain control over the sensations coming from your vibe.

If you don’t like the intensity level or speed that the audiobook recording is providing, you can simply customize the vibrations to change them to the feeling you prefer.

Sync With Music

In addition to syncing to audiobooks, you can also set the Vibease vibrator to sync with music patterns. This makes it a pretty versatile toy.

Experimenting with all the different ways you can sync it to stories and music means you won’t get tired of playing with this toy. It’s like getting a different experience every single time.

Customize to Get Exactly What You Want

You can also just create your own vibration patterns that you set and save.

So if you have a particular pattern of speeds and intensities that get you to climax (and many of us do), you can go back to it over and over again for consistent O’s.

Get Your Full Play Time Every Time

Vibease is a cordless, USB rechargeable sex toy. No batteries to change. No cords to deal with.

But even better, it holds a charge for up to 3 hours. With that kind of power life, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get in all the orgasms you want.

Reach the Right Spot

One would think that clitoral vibrators have it easy when it comes to reaching the right spot. The clit is external after all, right?

Well, that is true, but to really hit the right spot, clitoral vibrators need to be shaped in ways that allow them to provide the right amount of pressure to the clit.

Fortunately, Vibease accomplishes this.

The tip is shaped to go from a wider area to a narrower nub. This shape really allows you to pinpoint the right amount of pressure on exactly the right spot, as well as allowing you to gradually increase the intensity if you’re using your hands.

Customer Reviews: What the Ladies are Saying…

With Vibease being a wearable vibrator, noise level is definitely a big thing, and fortunately, reviewers are saying that Vibease passes the public noise test.

And it is definitely a viable option for those of us in long distance relationships.

In addition to being able to give over control through the app, users also enjoy being able to use it for photo and video sharing.

Alternatives: Other Options to Think About

Now, I never say that a toy is for everyone because each woman has her own sexual needs and desires.

With that in mind, I’m including a few similar toys that might work better for certain tastes.

Here are the alternatives:

1. We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe Rave Rechargeable App Controlled G-Spot Vibrator

Rave is a G-spot vibrator that also works with a long distance app. The primary difference is that it is shaped differently.

Instead of being wearable and shaped to lay against the contour of the vulva (external female genitals), Rave is an insertable toy with varying girth along the length, which allows you to comfortably hold it and change its position for the right sensation.

So if you’re looking for something for discreet public play, this is not the vibe for you, but if you want something that is easier to manipulate during solo use, Rave is well designed for that.

  • Clit or G-spot stimulation.
  • Also works long distance.
  • Not wearable.
  • More expensive than Vibease.
  • Does not sync with audiobooks.

2. We-Vibe Touch

Touch is from the trusted We-Vibe line of sex toys, but it is not compatible with the We-Vibe app and does not have a remote control. This toy is for solo play or partner play, not long distance play.

Touch (find my full review here) is not a wearable clitoral stimulator. But it does have a unique scoop shape that hugs the clit and provides edges for pinpointing different areas.

It’s a powerful, small vibrator that is best if you just want amazing clit stimulation without extra features.

  • No long distance app.
  • Does not sync with audiobooks.
  • Not wearable.
  • Unique shape for getting the right pressure and angle.

3. Desire Clitoral Vibrator

Desire Clitoral Vibrator

Desire is a rechargeable clit vibrator that’s good for solo play or in-person partner play.

It uses simple button controls rather than a remote or app.

Desire has a small, easy to hold shape that tapers to a point. The shape allows for broad, dispersed vibrations or more pinpoint vibrations.

  • No long distance app.
  • Does not sync with audiobooks.
  • Not wearable.
  • Nice shape for applying clit stimulation.
  • Powerful vibrations.

Here’s What it Really Comes Down to…

There just aren’t a lot of options out there for long distance sex toys that actually work long distances. And not all couples have the luxury of being near each other all the time.

And currently there is NO other vibrator out there syncing with audiobooks, so that feature alone is reason enough to try out Vibease if you read or listen to a lot of erotica.

The Vibease vibrator is an excellent option for long distance sex. And because it’s an affordable price compared to other clit vibrators of its quality, it makes sense to buy even if you don’t really need it for long distance.