Rabbit vibrators are amazing.

But with so many options out there, I expect a bit more from a vibrator if I’m going to lay down money for it.

Nobody wants to spend money on a sex toy for it to be a dud.

Fortunately for you, I post a review every time I try out a promising new toy.

And I’m kind of excited about the Vibease Esthesia.

At a lower price than competing app controlled rabbit vibrators, it’s got a lot going for it. Plus a unique feature that none of its competitors are offering yet.

First, take a look at what you should be looking for when buying an app controlled vibe, then check out some of the features of the Esthesia.

Vibease Esthesia One Smart Rabbit

What to Consider When Buying a Smart Sex Toy

Smart sex toys are a growing product niche. And that’s wonderful news for us, ladies!

But one toy isn’t like another, so here are the things you should consider when choosing the right app controlled vibrator:

  • What kind of stimulation does it provide? Clitoral? G-spot? Both?
  • How well does the app work?
  • What additional features does it come with?
  • Do the features make it worth the price for you?

These toys are fun and exciting to try, but you have to be in it for more than just an orgasm to justify the price tag on some (though many are actually quite affordable).

There are basically 4 reasons you may want to buy a smart sex toy:

  1. You like the idea of programming a custom vibration pattern so you don’t have to mess with buttons while masturbating.
  2. You want to be able to sync your vibrator with music, voice commands, or audiobooks.
  3. You’re interested in discreet public play (note that not all smart toys allow for this).
  4. You’re in a long distance relationship and want to give your partner control of your vibrator through an app.

If none of these reasons click with you, then you’re probably better off going for a classic rabbit vibrator instead.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Vibrator is a powerful and affordable choice that I highly recommend. Check out the Fifty Shades vibrator here.

But if you do see yourself using the smart toy features, then continue reading to learn more about the Vibease Esthesia rabbit vibrator…

Why a Smart Rabbit?

vibease esthesia product box

Vibease Esthesia is a rabbit vibrator, meaning it provides both clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time.

It’s also an app controlled smart toy, so you can use it for long distance play with a partner, or for mixing it up with new vibration patterns playing solo.

The current leader in smart rabbit vibrators is the Lovense Nora. These two have a lot of similarities, but they diverge in some of the extra features.

Nora has a unique, rotating head that really focuses on G-spot stimulation. Esthesia, on the other hand, does not have a moving head. It vibrates like a traditional G-spot vibrator.

What Esthesia does that Nora doesn’t, however, is sync with audiobooks.

Vibease Esthesia

Here’s a breakdown of Vibease Esthesia’s features:


  • Only rabbit that syncs with audiobooks.
  • Long distance play capabilities.
  • Waterproof.
  • Holds a charge up to 2 hours.
  • Less expensive than competing smart rabbits.


  • Fairly unimpressive without the app.
  • Not much flexibility in the arms.
  • Confusing button functions.

Overall, Vibease Esthesia is a toy that fits a unique niche. Read on to find out more…

Combine Technology With Sexy Fun

Esthesia works with the Vibease app, which connects your toy via Bluetooth. In fact, you can use this rabbit vibrator with nearly any iPhone or Android device.

You just need to make sure Bluetooth mode on your device is turned on. Then you can get all the features that come with the app, which sends a signal to your vibrator.

Connect With Your Partner When They’re Away

The Vibease app allows you to hand over control of your vibrator to a partner anywhere in the world. All they need is the app and an internet connection.

This is great because you can chat with your partner on the app’s video call feature and actually see each other’s reactions while using the toy together.

Because Esthesia is more affordable than other smart rabbits, this allows more long distance couples to enjoy intimate time together.

Sync With Erotic Stories

Like the other smart toys in the Vibease line, Esthesia can sync with erotic audiobooks. It’s pretty amazing (though some of the stories are admittedly cheesy).

Here’s how it works:

The toy reacts to words in the book. For instance, if a line in the audiobook says something like, “I’m touching you roughly,” the vibrations get more intense.

I’m sure that with time, better erotic stories will be developed for pairing with this and other Vibease vibrators.

Save the Vibration Patterns You Like

One of the biggest perks of an app controlled vibrator is the ability to save the patterns you like. Esthesia is no different.

You can set your own intensity and speed using the app. It even overrides the buttons, so you don’t have to use the app for solo play.

The buttons can be a bit tricky to figure out at first. The bottom one is for powering on and off. The top one is for cycling through vibration patterns.

Esthesia comes with some preset patterns.

Take Your Time

One thing that many women need in order to achieve orgasm is a bit of warm-up time. And a large number of women also enjoy edging during masturbation.

Edging is when you get close to an orgasm but stop before completion. Then you get close again and stop. And you do this several times before allowing yourself to finally reach orgasm.

Many women find that edging increases the intensity of the orgasm.

Esthesia is USB rechargeable and can run for up to 2 hours on a full charge. That gives you plenty of time to build up to the orgasm you crave.

Enjoy Blended Orgasms

Another sexual experience many women appreciate is blended orgasms. This is an orgasm that is achieved through multiple types of stimulation.

The most common is stimulation of both the clitoris and the G-spot (although there actually are other internal erogenous zones in addition to the G-spot).

Rabbit vibrators are so popular because they are really good at hitting two spots at once and providing those yummy blended orgasms.

Esthesia has powerful vibrations that can help you achieve this sensation. For women who have difficulty reaching climax, however, you may find that vibration alone is not enough. In that case, you may want to check out rabbit vibrators that provide movement or more flexible components in addition to vibration.

Keep Your Alone Time Discreet

One problem that a lot of high power sex toys have is that they require bigger motors to provide deeper vibrations, and bigger motors often mean more noise.

Esthesia is actually fairly quiet to use.

In a completely silent home, sure, someone might hear the sound of the vibrations. But if there is any background noise at all, no one will be the wiser.

Give Your Hands a Rest

The Vibease website mentions that you can use Esthesia for hands free play. I would say that’s true, but with a caveat.

Esthesia is not wearable like its sister product, the Vibease clitoral vibrator.

So in order to take advantage of hands free play, you will need to experiment with getting into a position that holds the toy in place.

Using it while lying on your stomach and gently grinding it against a pillow is one way to do this. And you’ll still be able to change up the speed and intensity by keeping your smartphone or tablet nearby.

No need to interrupt your fun fumbling for buttons.

Get Some Shower Fun

Now, I must absolutely advise you against taking a mobile device into the shower. That’s just dangerous.

But if you don’t mind using your hands and the buttons on Esthesia, it actually is a waterproof toy that can go in the shower with you.

Nothing is more relaxing than hot water AND orgasms.

A lot of rabbit vibrators have exposed seams between the silicone components and the electrical components. But Esthesia is completely covered in waterproof silicone, meaning your extra wet playtime won’t damage the toy.

Reviews: How Other Women Feel About Esthesia

It seems like we’re still waiting for smart vibrators to become more user friendly.

As with competing app controlled sex toys, users find the app functions to be occasionally confusing or unreliable.

That being said, apps can be updated, and when they work, they really are fun. Women who try Esthesia find the different patterns associated with different audiobooks to be exciting.

You can hear a sexy voice in your ear and not know what sensation to expect from your vibe.

Alternatives: If You Want a Bit More Oomph

Other than the app and audiobook capabilities, Vibease Esthesia is a fairly basic rabbit vibrator.

So if you need more motion from your sex toy, here are the alternatives I suggest:

1. Happy Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator

Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Happy Rabbit produces several excellent vibrators, all with their signature bunny-ear shaped clitoral stimulators.

In addition to vibrating, the shaft of their Thrusting Vibrator actually moves in and out, providing realistic sex sensations that rub against the G-spot.

It’s similar in price to Esthesia and doesn’t have long distance capabilities, but it is sure to please during solo play if you like the sensation of realistic penetration.

  • No long distance app.
  • Powerful thrusting.
  • Made for blended orgasms.
  • Also waterproof.
  • Does not sync with audiobooks.

2. We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova product display

We-Vibe Nova comes in at a bit higher price than Esthesia, but it is really a top of the line toy when it comes to smart vibrators.

Like Esthesia, the Nova provides dual stimulation of the clit and G-spot, but it is designed with a much more flexible clitoral arm. The benefit of this is that you can maintain clitoral contact when moving or thrusting the toy.

It’s not waterproof, but it is rechargeable for up to 2 hours of play, and it syncs with music, voice commands, and custom patterns.

  • Also has long distance app.
  • Flexible clitoral arm that moves with you.
  • Made for blended orgasms.
  • Not waterproof.
  • 2 hour max run time.
  • Syncs with music.
  • Does not sync with audiobooks.

3. We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync

The Sync is the most expensive toy on this list, and it’s shaped a bit differently from most dual stimulation vibrators. It’s not exactly a rabbit.

Instead, it’s shaped like a wearable U-shaped curve. One end of the “U” is inserted, and the other presses against the clitoris.

That means you can use this vibrator hands free. You can use it for discreet public play. And you can even use it during sex with a partner, so that both of you can enjoy the vibrations.

It’s even waterproof and works long distance with the We-Vibe app. Like other We-Vibe app controlled toys, it can sync with music, voice commands, and custom patterns. This toy really does live up to its price tag.

  • Also has long distance app.
  • Wearable and discreet for public play.
  • Made for blended orgasms.
  • Also waterproof.
  • Can be worn during sex with a partner.
  • Syncs with music.
  • Does not sync with audiobooks.

The Final Verdict

Long distance sex toys are definitely a need for those in long distance relationships.

And Vibease Esthesia does a decent job of meeting those needs for a reasonable price.

There are definitely features I’d like to see in updated versions, like more flexibility in the shaft and clitoral arm, and a gyrating or thrusting motion added to the shaft. These are certainly doable since other toys have these features.

But the ability to have hands free orgasms that pair with an audiobook is a feature worth trying out this toy to experience.

I also love that it’s waterproof. That’s one of my favorite “extra” features in any vibrator, to be honest.

I recommend Vibease Esthesia for any woman looking for blended orgasms with the option of erotic audiobooks, long distance sex, or bath play.

Check the latest price on the official website: www.Vibease.com