Try this…Super-Practical Ways to Become More Present

Let’s start with something most of us are holding in our hand right now. Yes…your smartphone.

Such a wonderful companion of ours, right?! For most of us, it literally gets more attention than any person or object in our life. Transparently, I often pride myself for not using my phone as much as others in my generation, only to find myself scrolling through the Instagram posts of my fellow artists seconds later. With the addition  of hundreds of new apps and operating system preferences weekly, the opportunity for us to slip into moments of unmindfulness is alarming.

So how can we leverage the possession of a smartphone as a tool to increase our mindfulness?

Try this…

Completely power off your phone for 10 minutes at least once today. No “Airplane Mode”, on “Silent” or “Vibrate” shortcuts for this one. Simply hold down that power button then “slide to power off”.

A quick Google search of the word “nomophobia”, aka “no-mobile-phone phobia”, makes it clear that this task will be no easy undertaking, but well worth the effort and attentional energy required.


Brian Mims MS OTR/L

brian mimsBrian Mims is a licensed occupational therapist currently practicing as a psychotherapist & Life Management counselor in San Diego, California. His academic and professional affiliations over the past decade include New York University, Georgetown University Hospital, and most recently the MHSA funded program Kickstart. Over the past 2 years, healthcare providers, art galleries/studios, recording artists, record labels and many others have sought out his services and personal counsel. Brian’s curatorial experience, as well as being an artist and author himself, merges seamlessly with his psychiatric training & background. With an empathetic understanding of the many barriers & complexities involved in caring for self, Brian has translated his personal experience as a psychotherapist and artist into his current endeavors.

Tell Brian about your experience going cell phone free: @bePRSNT

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