Things Happy People Do Everyday

Have you ever wished you were happier? It seems easier said than done sometimes. There are some general things that happier people do differently that we can all use as a reminder, and they are a lot simpler than you think!

People who are happier worry much less. They don’t let small things that go wrong throw them off or make them upset. They realize that’s just part of life and go on with their day. They are good at letting go when bad things happen. When I find myself worried or stressed over something, I always ask myself these questions, “Will this matter in a year? Will this matter in 5 years? Will this matter in 10 years? Will I still be upset about this tomorrow?” These questions can really put things into perspective because most of the time, the answer is, “No”, and it does not really make sense to get super worried about it.

Happy people also prioritize their health and wellness. They make time to prepare healthy meals and stay active. They realize that everything seems better when you feel good physically. Staying healthy help to not only manage stress and feel happier, but also to be more engaged in life and with others.

Happy people have strong relationships with the people in their life. They have people they can rely on when things get tough. This can help them cope. They have friends they can enjoy spending time with. They have strong families, neighborhoods, places of worship, and communities. They take time to maintain their relationships because they know how important it is for their mental health.

Another thing most happy people have is a more optimistic mindset. They focus on the things that they are grateful for, and the things they already have. Gratitude is associated with increased satisfaction. They also tend to focus on the positive aspects of other people and the positive aspects of life situations.

Happy people understand that possessions don’t bring you happiness. Although money is important in getting the lifestyle you want, it is not a good primary goal. A study of 12,000 college freshmen found that those who expressed materialistic aspirations were much less happy at 37 than those who had other aspirations.

Another thing that came up in Lyubomirsky’s research was how important spirituality is for happiness. People who were religious or had spiritual feelings were much better at recovering from trauma. The spiritual feelings and spiritual relationship are in essence very important for our psychological wealth and happiness because they allow us to build a relationship of faith to a force larger than just ourselves. This really reduces our feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Keep these tips in mind, and if you ever feel unhappy, try and do some of these things more often and see if it helps. No one is perfectly happy all the time, and that’s okay, but some people happen to have the tricks that keep them happier than most. These are all things we can take notes on and apply for ourselves.

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