Semen is probably the strangest fluid in the body, but it has some impressive properties. The male ejaculate, like the female egg, is capable of creating new life. Between 2 and 6 ml of this milky, cloudy fluid is ejaculated from the penis at a decent rate when ejaculated.

It contains various substances, of which only 1 to 5 percent are truly active sperm cells. The ejaculate is made up of about 80 percent water. The sperm cells come from the epididymis, and the fluid itself is produced in the male prostate. The two come together and then pass out of the penis through the urinary tract and the vas deferens during ejaculation.

This happens not only during sex, but also during a blowjob, and then the question arises: spit or swallow? Basically, there is nothing wrong with swallowing your partner’s sperm, provided he is healthy, you feel like it and you are not allergic to it. We’re going to tell you a few interesting facts about swallowing that you really need to know.

What Are the Ingredients in Semen?

Every food has a list of ingredients, but unfortunately the penis does not. So, we are confronted with this white liquid, we may even want to swallow it, and we have no idea what is in it. So first a little check of the contents:

  • Fructose and glucose
  • Zinc, calcium, magnesium
  • Urea
  • Chloride, Citrate, Spermine
  • Prostaglandin

Admittedly, this reads like the label on a vitamin pill or cough syrup, but not like the ingredients in that little teaspoon of semen a man ejaculates. So much in that little bit of semen?

There’s even more. In addition to all those ingredients, which by the way can be responsible for good moods, allergies, and so many other symptoms, there are also about 50 to 200 million sperm in every milliliter of semen.

Dieting – Does Sperm Make You Fat?

We all know the problem: we think a food is low in calories and then it turns out to be fattening. Is sperm such a product? Do those little pads not come from that delicious chocolate you ate in the evening, but from swallowing sperm?

Don’t worry, one teaspoon of sperm contains about 5 kcal. This is equivalent to one hundredth of a bar of chocolate. So, you can swallow a lot of sperm until you get close to the calories of 100 grams of chocolate on your hips.

What Does Semen Taste Like?

But now to the more important question: What does sperm actually taste like? If you’ve never given a blow job or had your boyfriend ejaculate in your mouth, this question is justified. How does something that is made up of so many individual parts taste when it passes through the urethra? Like urine?

Relax, sperm never really tastes like pee. The urethra is first cleaned by the pre-cum, which can make you pregnant.

The taste can be described in many different ways, because the taste of sperm can be influenced by a man’s diet and living conditions. The myth that pineapple juice makes for sweet sperm is, in fact, true. But it is also true for melons and other fruits, it all depends on the amount of fructose in it. In this way they can influence the quality of their semen.

Factors that influence the taste of sperm are:

  • Cinnamon
  • Garlic and onions
  • Pineapple, melon, grapes, oranges
  • Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower
  • Alcohol and cigarettes
  • Coffee and tea

A pinch of cinnamon will give your semen a nice holiday flavor. Well, it’s not quite true, but if your partner eats a lot of cinnamon, it can affect the taste of the sperm. But before you give him a teaspoon of cinnamon to eat, remember that there is still some debate about the toxicity of too much cinnamon.

Garlic, onion, cauliflower, asparagus and broccoli are unpleasant, at least when their flavors are dispersed in the sperm. They make the ejaculate taste rather harsh, before broccoli is said to have an influence in the direction of a nutty taste.

Alcohol, coffee and cigarettes make it bitter and unpleasant. The more you drink and smoke, the nastier your semen tastes. So, your sweetheart should leave out the cigarettes not only for self-protection, but also to make you want a blowjob more.

What is the Consistency of Semen?

The consistency of semen can vary greatly, from thick and sticky to thin and liquid. It often depends on how long your partner has not ejaculated. For example, after No Nut November, his ejaculate will be much thicker and stickier than if he ejaculated regularly. By the way, the amount he drinks also has an influence. If he drinks a lot, his semen will generally be more fluid.

What Does Semen Smell Like?

  • Like a chestnut blossom
  • Like nothing at all
  • A little sweet
  • Disgusting
  • Like nuts
  • Like chlorine

This list is a summary of what comes out when you ask different women about the smell of semen. And we are convinced that there are many other definitions. On average, however, the smell of ejaculate can actually be described as slightly nutty, slightly sweet, or even completely neutral. You don’t have to be expecting a nasty cloud of scent out there.

Can Swallowing Cum Cause an Allergy?

Is it a myth or is it real? Sperm allergy is always an issue and yes, it does exist. As this study shows, the protein complex in semen is to blame. It’s called seminal plasma hypersensitivity when men and women develop local or systemic reactions after direct contact with semen. If the symptoms can be prevented by using a condom, then the rare condition is considered to be practically proven.

However, two studies that may indicate indirect transmission of the allergy are also very interesting. The first case involved an alleged sperm-induced allergy to nuts in a young woman who developed a mild shortness of breath. The reason was that she had come into contact with her partner’s semen, who had eaten nuts before. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

But this case report makes similar assumptions. In this case, the man had previously taken a penicillin-based antibiotic, which caused an allergic reaction in his partner.

In general, however, allergic shock from semen is very, very rare. The most common reactions are localized. When swallowed, these are mainly in the throat area and occur about 20-30 minutes after contact:

  • Throat scratching and sore throat
  • Swelling of the throat lining
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Reddening of the throat
  • Itching in the mouth

If any of these signs occur after oral contact with semen, you should alert your doctor as a precaution. Allergic shock is unlikely but cannot be ruled out. In fact, this step is unnecessary, especially if you are having trouble breathing.

Can Swallowed Sperm Transmit an STD?

In principle, oral sex can transmit STDs, and swallowing cum can also facilitate transmission. This is true for herpes, but also for chlamydia and gonorrhea, the three diseases most commonly transmitted through oral sex.

Only an up-to-date STD test that clearly rules out the presence of STDs can give you peace of mind. Do not rely on the appearance of his penis to be an indication that he has an STD. If he has chlamydia, for example, you won’t see it on his penis, but you’ll pick up the bacteria in his semen and the infection can affect your throat.

Why Does Semen Make You Feel Good?

Maybe you run around the room cheering after every blow job because you feel good? Maybe it is the pleasure of the stimulation of your partner. Or maybe it’s the “happy stuff” that sperm contains. Wait a minute. Didn’t we already have a long list, and now ejaculate is going to be an antidepressant?

Actually, this study suggests that it is. Women who swallowed semen more often had less depression than those who preferred to spit or use a condom.

So, if you’re wondering again why swallowing makes you happy, it’s probably because of these ingredients:

  • Oxytocin, the cuddle hormone.
  • Prolactin
  • Estradiol
  • Endorphins
  • Serotonin

Spitting or Swallowing – Which is Better?

Now you know a lot about how sperm tastes, what it does and how it smells, but should you spit or swallow? That’s something you need to decide for yourself and should never be based on other people’s opinions. Men think it’s great if their sperm is swallowed, at least a lot of them do.

But what’s important is not what he likes, but what you like. And if you prefer to spit instead of swallow, that’s your choice. On the other hand, if you just don’t like the bitter taste, it gives you after a night of drinking, add some sugar to it for a little more “good taste”.

Bottom Line: Swallowing Cum is Purely a Matter of Taste.

As you can see for yourself, swallowing cum is purely a matter of taste. It’s like licorice, some people like it, others hate it.

By the way, it may be that you liked swallowing semen with your ex-boyfriend because you liked his semen, and you just find it “yucky” with your current partner. Every man has his own personal taste, not just based on his lifestyle. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean you want him less.