Stress – The “New” Worldwide Epidemic Part One

Every year we hear about flu outbreaks, anti-biotic resistant illnesses, possible pandemics and we even hear about possible zombie apocalypses.  What is worse than all those things, however, is the newest worldwide epidemic that kills more people each year than any disease on the planet. What is this new epidemic? Well, it’s stress. That’s right, there is evidence to suggest that stress causes more premature death than any disease. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the “Biology of Belief”, 98 percent of disease and illness is caused by stress. The other 2 percent is inherited genetic stress.

The fact is that every person on the planet experiences some form of stress every day.  Whether it’s emotional, dietary, economic, political, environmental, chemical, or other, we all are bombarded with stress causing problems every day. We all must deal with the death of family members, divorce, money issues etc.  Adding insult to injury is a study conducted by The American Psychological Association on doctors across America with findings that 90 percent of doctors reported being stressed out and not knowing what to do about it. Another study I have read reported that 50 percent of doctors suffer from Doctor Burnout.  If all of our doctors are stressed out and don’t know what to do, how are they supposed to help us?

So you are probably wondering what there is to be done about all this. The good news is that we all have the ability to save ourselves from the epidemic. The bad news is that there are no shots, elixirs, pills or medicines that will help you with stress. Treating stress is a system of choices. We are all in control of removing this stress epidemic from our planet. Perhaps one of the most important changes is to change the way we react to negative or stressful events. Everyone perceives stress differently. The people who have positive perceptions are healthier and happier. We all need to learn how to manage, reduce and control stress.


After suffering from terrible stress related illnesses myself, I spent 20 years researching stress and what I found out is that there are 5 major types of stress: Physical, Emotional, Chemical, Work Environment and Home Environment. You have to manage all 5 to live longer and healthier.  I also had trouble finding doctors or programs that effectively helped me manage my stress so I spent a significant amount of time and money doing my own research. As a result, I invented the P.E.A.C.E. TM Stress Management System.

We all need to take responsibility for our problems and commit to making change in our lives and doing the work that needs to be done to live healthier and happier.  We are in total control of our stress and if we walk around complaining about it but not doing anything about it, it will never get any better. The choice is up to you, either learn to manage stress and live a healthy and happy life, or continue on the way you are and fall victim to the world’s largest epidemic.


redone photoKimberly Palm, C.M.I.

Kimberly Palm, is the owner of Body & Mind Healing, LLC in Washington State. She is a stress management coach, medical intuitive, mindfulness expert, meditation instructor, author and public speaker. Kimberly has been researching and teaching natural healing, stress management, meditation, vitamins, herbs, supplements, diet, exercise and other things pertaining to mental and physical health for the last 20 years. She also worked in the medical industry in the area of marketing and sales. Kimberly works with people all over the world to have healthy, happy and more balanced lives.

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