The SizeGenetics Ultimate System is just what you think it is.

It wants to give you the girth and length that you have always wanted.

This penis extender system is a FDA-cleared medical device. That level of trust goes a long way, especially for these types of products.

But in this SizeGenetics review, I want to fully explain how it can give you the manhood you really want, so you can make an informed buying decision.


Our experts highly recommend the SizeGenetics Ultimate System. It’s one of the best rated extenders in the world and is approved by the FDA. It gets our stamp of approval.

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SizeGenetics Ultimate System
SizeGenetics Review

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Penis Extender

Comfort is key when it comes to these products. The device has to have a frame that is easy to take off and put on.

This means there are gaps in the frame that give you easy access. This is one of the big reasons why some guys might not use penis pumps. They think it might get stuck (which will not happen).

The extender needs a soft exterior that is made from a firm rubbery substance. You do not want a flimsy plastic that is too sharp. Plus, all the moving components should have metal parts that will not wear down after a few uses.

Extra accessories that allow you to adjust for your size are features you must have. You do not want to force yourself into something that is too big or too small.

A carrying case that allows you to travel anywhere you want is a nice bonus. Plus, this is a good place to keep all the accessories you invested in.

Enter: The SizeGenetics Ultimate System

penis extender system from size genetics

For this review, I want to highlight some pros and cons, and discuss the main features and benefits.

Then we’ll cover how to use the product and discuss some typical results. I will highlight one alternative you might want to consider if you’re still not impressed with this brand.


  • SizeGenetics made a product that fits in a simple carrying case which can store the device at the end of the day.
  • The extender comes with a single ring to hold tension. The ring is wide enough that you will feel quite comfortable, and the tension will not feel so intense.
  • You can choose from one of a few kits depending on how many accessories you need or how much you want to spend.
  • The SizeGenetics Ultimate System is FDA approved.
  • You can add extender arms as you make gains. You do not need to worry about fitting your newly-enlarged penis into a small device.
  • You can even address a curvature in your penis that has been troublesome throughout your life (and could cause chaffing because your penis never falls where it should when you are relaxed.)


  • You may want to use two rings to support your penis because you feel the single-ring style is too intense.
  • The device does not come with some sort of cushion that will help prevent your penis from touching the bare metal of the extender arms.
  • You have to wear the extender for long periods of time.

Features and Benefits Which Make This a Best Selling Extender

As you research penis extenders, you need to know what you are getting.

Once you know what you are getting, you need to know how to use it. If you need more general information on these products, please read my full penis extender guide here.

Here’s the deal:

The device creates micro-tears in the tissue that will be naturally repaired by your body. You can’t see this, but you will get results as the re-growth of the cells lengthens your penis.

That’s the concept, and these are the features which make it happen:

The Comfort Strap

The comfort strap (or comfort ring) is designed to give you a lot of support over a large area.

This wide part of the device gives you more support than other models. Plus, it is easy to fit when you are putting on the device.

The Protection Pad

This pad was designed to prevent the device from pulling back when it is taut. This is important because you need to fit the device to your own penis.

The device will likely not reach all the way back to your balls, and you can use the protective pad to prevent any slippage. Plus, this means that you will not feel any scraping or a “rug burn” feel as the extender puts pressure on your penis.

The Extender Arms

You get multiple sets of extender arms.

If you buy the Ultimate Kit, you will get extender arms that go up to 2 inches, and you can get the shorter bars that are half an inch.

Creams and Disinfectants

You get a Revita Cream moisturizer that will help keep your skin soft. This is important because you are putting constant pressure on your penis throughout the day. There is a powder that helps prevent chaffing as well.

When you take off the extender at the end of the day, you can spray the device with a special disinfectant spray. This spray keeps everything clean, and you can wear the device with confidence every day. The disinfecting prevents a bad odour from building up as well.

The Curvature and Peyronie’s Kit

Curvature and Peyronie's Kit
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The Peyronie’s Kit is very important for guys who have a heavy curve in their penis.

You might feel pain when you are erect, or you might feel like your length is impacted by the curve in your penis. If that’s you, then this kit is ideal.

The kit does not force your penis to be perfectly-straight, but it allows you to use the extender even though you are dealing with this issue. The kit can help straighten your penis to a degree, and that might be enough to make sexual play more fun.

Also, the kit is helpful if you have a lot of scar tissue from your circumcision (regardless of when it was done.)

The Warranty

You get what they call a “full no quibble” one-year warranty on the device and all its parts.

How to Use and Wear This Device

Using and wearing the SizeGenetics Extender is fairly simple.

You should start by placing your penis in the base. You can close the back protection ring, and you will begin to extend the arms on the side. These arms will click to the distance that will give you the most tension possible.

When those extender arms are in place, you can pull the tension ring so that it fits just under the head of your penis. The ring will press on the head of your penis just enough to create the tension, and you can wear the device throughout the day.

You should take it off at the end of the day, disinfect it, and store it in the case.

How Much Does SizeGenetics Cost?

SizeGenetics offers discounts to its customers every day.

The Curvature/Peyronie’s Kit and the Ultimate System are both priced at $299. The Value Edition is $199, and the Comfort Package is $249.

However, you must keep in mind that their regular prices are $499 for the Ultimate and Curvature packs, $399 for the Comfort pack, and $274 for the Value Edition.

So check out their latest sales prices on the official website here

SizeGenetics Before and After

SizeGenetics Before and After

Before and after photos and testimonies tell you a lot about this device. You can view them on the official website here.

You can see the curvature of a man’s penis change to something that is much straighter, and you can see that his penis is getting longer. Most guys are reporting something like a half an inch gain in the first couple of months.

Remember, your penis does not spring to a longer length overnight. You must be patient, and you must allow time for cell regeneration. This is why you should take off the device at the end of the day.

Typical Results and What to Expect

As mentioned above, most men can expect about half an inch of gain in the first couple of months.

Of course, this all depends on how much tension you use, how regularly you wear the device, and any curvature you have in your penis.

Men are getting results, and you can chronicle them for yourself. But keep in mind, you should not hold yourself to any standard goal you should reach in a short period of time.

The 1 Alternative Extender to Think About

Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro

If you are looking for a comparison, you could check out my Quick Extender Pro review here.

It’s another extender which gets very good reviews, and has been a best seller for a long time.

We recommend both of these brands.

Should You Really Buy This Product?


You need the SizeGenetics Penis Extender if you want to seriously add inches to your penis. These are the only products which may offer permanent change.

Men have seen growth in their penis size with repeated use of this device. Some have even been successful in reducing the intense curvature in their penis, which has probably been bothering them their whole life.

When you are ready to actually make a change, visit the official website here: