You love erotica, but you’re looking to expand your horizons.

Visiting the same site day after day can get boring when it comes to following your sexual urges.

Your personal satisfaction is important, so it’s good to mix up the content you consume in this category.

Below, we’ll cover the benefits of erotica and a review of Literotica, along with some alternative sites for reading sexy stories.

Then we’ll go over an option for erotic audio books, which can be even more exciting than reading erotica.

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5 Sites Like Literotica Plus

Are There Benefits to Reading Erotica?

Why limit yourself to purely visual porn? When you watch sexual videos, you’re limited to what you see on screen. When you fantasize while reading erotica, however, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Here’s the deal:

Erotic reading can be a good outlet for your sexuality when you’re single.

But even if you aren’t, it’s a great way to light the spark between you and your partner. In addition, it can give you new ideas to try in your relationship.

While reading erotic stories used to be more of a secretive habit, they’ve hit the mainstream. But even if you enjoy reading this material, you may wonder if it’s a waste of time or whether it brings you anything of value.

It turns out, you can benefit greatly from reading more erotica. Let’s look at a few advantages to this habit below:

It Gives You a Break

Most of us have busy and stressful lives. But when you pick up an erotica story, you’ll quickly get absorbed in the details of the scenes you’re reading about.

Erotica is full of hot dialogue, vivid descriptions, and intense sex scenes. Plus, you can imagine characters who are exactly your type. It will be easy to release the worries of your work day when you come home to this.

Enhances Creativity in Bed

No matter how much you love someone, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine when it comes to sex when you’ve been together long term.

Reading sexy stories is a good way to revive your imagination. You’ll likely find interests you never knew you had and get inspired to experiment with your partner.

In other words, erotica is good for your relationship!

Can Help You Find Your Voice

Dirty talk may sound exciting to you, but it’s intimidating when you have no experience! People who are shy about talking in bed can get ideas from erotic stories for what to say during sex.

After reading erotic scenes with steamy dialogue between characters, you may feel more comfortable with being vocal in bed.

Good for Your Libido

Reading erotica is hot, and it turns you on by making you think of sex. When you get aroused like this, you experience a short-term libido boost.

But getting turned on is also good for your long-term libido as arousal feeds your desire for sex. And with an enhanced libido, you’ll enjoy a more satisfying sex life with your partner.

More Orgasms

This might be the most obvious benefit, but reading more erotica will likely lead to more frequent orgasms.

Not only does this increase your pleasure, but it’s good for your physical body to climax more often. It can lower your blood pressure, help you sleep more deeply, and make you calmer in general.

Another amazing benefit of orgasms is that they release endorphins and oxytocin, which can reduce pain levels and enhance excitement.

Fulfilling Your Fantasies

Everyone has secret fantasies that they don’t share with anyone else. Erotica gives you a chance to fulfill your deepest sexual urges that no one knows about.

Not to mention:

Your roommate walking in on you while you’re quietly reading on your computer is preferable to them finding you watching a gang bang video.

In other words, reading erotica is much more discreet than porn.

The Best Online Erotica Sites

  1. Literotica
  2. Lush Stories
  3. Novel Trove
  4. Remittance Girl
  5. BDSM Café
  6. Reddit Erotica

1. Literotica


Most of us already know about Literotica, which is the most popular erotica site online.

The majority of the stories on the site are written by amateurs and are tagged for easy searching.

Literotica includes categories like fetishes, lesbian, gay, anal sex, incest/taboo, and adult romance. You’ll even find supernatural sex stories. From BDSM to vanilla sex, Literotica has everything.

However, why limit yourself to one online erotica source?

Below, I’ll cover some Literotica alternatives you can choose between to keep you company tonight.

2. Lush Stories

Lush Stories

Lush Stories offers over 55,000 stories to choose from. Whether you’re into college sex, sci-fi erotica, or a particular fetish, the site likely has it.

It also provides chat rooms where you can talk to other erotica appreciators.

With thousands of stories to choose from, you may have trouble picking. Lush Stories allows you to jump to a random story instead of searching through each category, which is a fun feature.

3. Novel Trove

Novel Trove

Novel Trove is another online erotica source that delivers content in 30 different categories. From soft domination to swingers and BDSM, Novel Trove has exactly what you’re into.

No account is required to enjoy the content on Novel Trove, but you can join the community for free if you want.

In addition, you can publish erotic stories of your own on Novel Trove if you have an account. You’ll also be able to leave comments on other users’ stories.

4. Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl is another high-quality source for online erotic fiction. But what sets this site apart is that all the content is written by one author.

Choose between major themes (such as girl on girl, fetish stories, and rough sex), which are displayed beneath the story links. You’ll also find bondage stories, threesomes, submission, domination fantasies, and more.

Keep in mind that, like all erotica, the stories on Remittance Girl are intended for adults only.

5. BDSM Café


If Fifty Shades of Grey was your type of story, you’ll probably love BDSM Café. This website includes poetry, adult novels, and even safety tips for BDSM play.

In addition to stories, BDSM Café has BDSM galleries with photos of kinks, bondage, fetishes, spanking, and more.

6. Reddit Erotica

Reddit Erotica

Another good Literotica alternative is the subreddit /r/eroticstoriesxxx. The forum is simple to use and contains plenty of links to get your erotica fix.

This subreddit currently has over 15,000 members and caters to all sexualities and genres.

In addition to links to sexy stories, the sub has amateur writers sharing their work and even people requesting specific types of stories.

Erotic Audiobooks: One Step Up From Written Erotica

Erotic Audiobooks

View The Best Books Here →

If you’ve only read erotica and haven’t made the jump to audiobooks yet, it’s time to reconsider.

Erotic audiobooks are an entirely different ballgame, with the same benefits as written erotica, plus some additional perks.

Listening to an erotic novel is the same as listening to any other audiobook. A narrator reads as you lie back, relax, and listen to the story.

Erotic audiobooks (often classed as “romance”) are wildly popular, which shows that this pastime has something of value to offer.

Erotic audiobooks are easier to get into than porn. With sexual videos, there’s too much distraction. You might compare yourself to the actors on screen and feel inadequate.

Plus, porn is less discreet than audio erotica as it includes the screen, which people may see. Audio erotica stimulates your brain instead of just your body.

And you’re free to imagine the details of your sexual fantasy as you wish while you listen.

We already talked about the benefits of reading erotica for couples, as it can bring back the spark and give you creative ideas.

But listening to erotica may be even better. Humans are attuned to sexual sounds and can easily get turned on by them.

Reading erotica is great for all the reasons we discussed earlier. However, if you want to take it a step further, erotic audiobooks are your best bet.

With audio erotica, not only will your imagination be engaged with the story, but you’ll add another sense to the mix. Don’t underestimate how much this little detail can change how you experience erotica.

Let’s look at a good source for erotic audiobooks:

Vibease Erotic Audiobooks

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Vibease is a wearable vibrator that women can place inside their panties at any time. offers steamy audio sex stories in addition to this toy.

To take audio erotica to the next level, Vibease has come up with something unique:

They pair the vibrations of the Vibease toy with erotic audiobooks. For example, when a voice in the book mentions touching you softly, you’ll feel soft vibrations. The vibrations escalate along with the action in the book.

From bisexual stories to office fantasies, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy with Vibease’s erotic audiobooks. And the synced up vibrations will take you to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Learn more about erotic audiobooks on Vibease.

Ready to Live Out Your Wildest Fantasies?

Watching porn is all well and good; who doesn’t love it? However, sticking just with visual sex content is severely limiting yourself.

Erotic stories (whether they’re read or listened to) engage your imagination and ramp up your sex drive. Erotica can enhance your understanding of your sexuality and put the spark back in your relationship.

Raunchy stories are about much more than just getting off, and you can fantasize about literally anything. As you can see, you have nothing to lose by exploring the rich world of written and audio erotic stories. Have fun out there!