Let me guess:

You’ve heard about sex furniture but aren’t super clear on the details.

Does it take up a lot of room? Is there a way to use this stuff without your entire family knowing about it?

Trust me, these are common questions asked by many people.

Here’s the deal:

Adult furniture will introduce you to entirely new sensations and totally change your sex life.

Say goodbye to sore knees and awkward positions.

I’ll cover some essential information about sex furniture, followed by tips on making the perfect choice.

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Popular Pieces of Sex Furniture for Couples

Sex Furniture: The Rundown

Sex furniture is exactly what it sounds like:

Furniture used to enhance and support sex.

If you tire easily, have a physical handicap, or want to make up for limited flexibility, it provides a suitable solution.


While you may assume sex furniture will take up too much space, it comes in all shapes and sizes. And though it tends to cost more than your average sex toy, you can also find it in a wide range of prices.

Below, I’ll cover some of the advantages of sex furniture, so you can decide whether you want to invest in some.

The Benefits of Furniture Designed for Sex

Most couples have tried adding a pillow during sex for better angles and easier access. If you’ve tried this and found it lacking, don’t give up hope yet! Sex furniture may be the best next step.

Here are some benefits to consider:

Increased Stamina

The surfaces that people typically use for sex are designed for relaxing or sleeping. But here we’re talking about furniture that is specifically optimized to improve lovemaking.

Using less-than-ideal surfaces to have sex on is more exhausting than you realize.

A lot of energy is required just to hold yourself up.

When you switch to a couch, swing, or ramp that’s designed to improve sex, you’ll notice that you tire less easily. This means longer, hotter sessions with your partner.

New Positions

With sex furniture, you’ll find that previously difficult positions are much easier to attain. It’s shaped specifically to complement your body and make the fun parts easier to access.

But the best part?

By using a sex swing, ramp, or other adult furniture product, you’ll be able to reach areas that you struggled to get to before. And new angles will translate to novel sensations with your partner.

Keeps the Spark Alive

It’s no secret that the spark in a relationship can fizzle out after you spend many years together. If you’re in this situation, you may want to consider adding sex furniture to the mix.

It’s something new and exciting to try with your partner.

Plus, it can make sex more pleasurable, deepening intimacy and bringing you closer together.

Eases Height Differences

Even if you and your partner are compatible in every other way, a major height difference can be a drag in the bedroom.

Sex furniture, such as adult couches, is usually higher off the ground than a bed. This makes it easier for a taller male partner to reach his shorter female lover.

It’s also convenient because it’s designed specifically to handle bodily fluids. It’s made with supportive materials that work for all body types, as well.

What is BDSM Furniture?

BDSM furniture is distinct from ordinary sex furniture, which is simply furniture shaped to accommodate sex.

Rather than providing curves to enhance sex positions, bondage furniture allows you to secure your partner in place horizontally.

What is BDSM Furniture
Image source: Liberator.com

BDSM tables or chairs are also designed to accommodate bondage play better than ordinary furniture by providing sections to secure handcuffs or rope to.

Most bondage furniture enables you to tie your partner in place before your BDSM adventures. Some of it is shaped like a cross, while others use an A-frame design.

View all of the bondage furniture available at Liberator here.

Important Buying Tips to Consider

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you first start looking into this stuff.

Not only are there lots of categories to sort through, but there are many options within each.

Fortunately, there are some useful tips you can use to narrow down your choices. Below, I’ll cover some helpful points to keep in mind before you start shopping.

Select Your Position

Before making your selection, you should think about what sex position is your favorite.

While some types of sex furniture will best support doggy style, others are better suited for G-spot stimulation via missionary.

If you prefer to have your female partner on top, you can find furniture to support her knees.

Consider which position you’ll want to use your bench (or pillow, or swing) for, then find a shape that will work best for that.

Think About Privacy

Discretion is the next factor you need to consider before you buy sex furniture.

Are you a private person who doesn’t want your guests to know that you own this type of product?

If so, find something that has a discreet design that looks like a regular bench or pillow. Alternatively, you could protect your privacy by getting furniture that collapses and can be stored away when you aren’t using it.

If you decide to get a simple sex pillow or ramp, discretion won’t be as much of an issue since something this small is easy to hide.

Consider Size

As mentioned before, sex furniture comes in many shapes and sizes.

Some people buy it specifically to account for extreme height differences or body sizes that are out of the ordinary.

If you need to make special considerations regarding your body type (weight or height), measure yourself and look at the furniture measurements before you buy.

This will only take a moment, and you’ll get the benefit of a product that truly fits your specific needs.

The 5 Best Sex Furniture Pieces That Couples are Buying This Year

Below is a list of 5 very popular types of furniture that couples are incorporating into their sex lives.

These are all specifically designed for sex, and have received some of the best reviews and ratings from customers over the last year.

We have highlighted the best selling product in each category for your convenience.

  1. Sex Pillows
  2. Sex Wedges
  3. Sex Chairs and Sofas
  4. Sex Benches
  5. Sex Swings

1. Sex Pillows

Sex Pillows
Image source: Liberator.com

People come in all shapes and sizes, and partners aren’t always the most ideal fit when it comes to height.

Other couples may struggle with joint issues that make it difficult to maintain positions for longer than a few minutes.

That’s where a sex pillow comes in handy.

These products, which include wedges and cushions, can solve these issues for you. They can prop up your partner’s hips during missionary or doggy style, making her easier to access.

Here’s the deal:

Sex pillows help support your body during sex, letting you lean back and relax and reducing the pressure on your elbows.

They provide greater comfort, make new positions easier, and can even ease neck discomfort during oral sex. Some sex pillows also allow you to attach sex toys for hands-free fun in the bedroom.

You’ll find a few different sizes for sex pillows. Some are about the same size as an ordinary pillow while others are smaller or larger. Certain types look like decorative pillows and other kinds are shaped like a ramp.

One of the main benefits of choosing a sex pillow over a sex couch is that it’s easy to stow away when you’re not using it.

The Hipster by Liberator

Liberator Hipster pillow

The Hipster is a versatile sex pillow that can double as a supportive ergonomic support for everyday use.

It has a unique, curved shape that can accommodate bodies of all sizes and shapes.

The Hipster by Liberator has quality stitching and is made with high-density memory foam for long-lasting support. It comes with a removable cover that you can easily take off and throw in the wash as needed.

For more information on sex pillows, check out our guide on the topic.

2. Sex Wedges

Sex Wedges
Image source: Liberator.com

A sex wedge is a pillow with a unique shape that improves positioning and comfort during bedroom activities. It has a firm design that comes in a variety of colors and shapes.


Couples enjoy using wedges (also called sex ramps) to support missionary, doggy style, and anal sex positions.

Instead of sinking into the bed, you’ll be comfortably supported by its firm material as your partner makes love to you.

Typically, sex wedges are easy to clean and come with removable, machine washable covers. Not only can you use them for enhancing sex positions, but they’re useful for support during foreplay, as well.

You can use a sex wedge if you have a medical issue that makes proper positioning difficult. They’re also useful for offering support to pregnant women or those with joint pain.

But even if you’re just curious about what a sex wedge can add to your intimate life, it’s worth trying one out.

The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo

Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo

The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo is the most popular shape offered by Liberator. It provides angled positioning for prolonged oral sex and reduced pressure on your back and knees during missionary.

The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo uses high-density foam for firm support and a soft cover that you can easily remove and wash when necessary. The pillow also comes with a moisture-resistant liner.

The microfiber fabric used on the cover enables the shapes of this product to cling together, holding them in place on your bed. Not only is it great for doggy style and missionary, but it works well for 69 and oral, too.

3. Sex Chairs and Sofas

Sex Chairs and Sofas
Image source: Liberator.com

Sex chairs and sofas (also called chaises or loungers) allow you to explore entirely new positions.

Whether you need better thrusting leverage or some extra height, this type of surface will work better than a mattress.

Sex chairs are a simple, discreet way to provide versatility to your intimate life.

They use dense, high-quality foam to support your body better than ordinary beds or pillows.

Some options come with a removable pillow to add additional support or create more space as needed. A sex chaise is a great choice for someone recovering from an injury or suffering from back pain.


These products are crafted with removable covers and easy-to-clean fabrics to make sanitization more convenient. You can select a product that’s already assembled or put it together yourself.

Sex chairs or sofas often look like a regular piece of furniture, which is good for those who value their privacy.

The Esse II Premium Love Lounger

Esse II Premium Love Lounger

The Liberator Esse II Premium Love Lounger is a heavy sex couch with a high frame. It’s made with a sturdy base and has solid maple feet so that it stays in place even during the most vigorous lovemaking sessions.

The Esse II Premium Love Lounger comes in a few different colors and has a soft surface for your comfort. When you aren’t using it, this sofa will blend in with your décor and look like an ordinary couch.

Made with carefully designed proportions and balanced curves, you’ll find switching between positions easier than ever. The Esse II offers 360-degree access, improved mobility, and better leverage.

While it isn’t the cheapest product on the market, you get what you pay for with this lounger.

To learn more on this topic, read our detailed guide about sex chairs.

4. Sex Benches

Sex Benches
Image source: Liberator.com

If you’re looking for an easy way to add more spice to your intimacy with your partner, a sex bench is worth considering.

These products are weighted and durable to provide support for your entire body. View our full guide on sex benches here.

Some are made with a couple different pieces that you can move around for versatility. Others are built more like a traditional sofa and aren’t designed to be moved as much.

From kinky, BDSM-style designs with restraints, to curved benches, this product will change the game for you.

They give you better access to your partner, improved control and increased mobility in most positions.


Some sex benches are used by themselves on the floor while other models go on top of your bed. They’re often made with removable pillows that can add support to the hips or be taken out for extra space.

Sex benches are great for deeper penetration and better thrusting power, and will improve foreplay and all intimate positions alike.

The Prelude Bench King Black Label

Prelude Bench King Black Label

The Liberator Prelude Bed Bench is great for couples who prefer the woman-on-top position. It has solid maple feet, a sturdy wooden base, and a backless design for extra mobility.

This bench works well as a massage table in addition to a surface for sex. The height is ideal for straddling and other fun positions.

If you and your partner are into restraint play, the Prelude Bed Bench comes with discreet clips to support your desires.

It also comes in a variety of different colors and a couple textures for a truly personalized experience. The surface is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about too much hassle after sex.

The Prelude Bench by Liberator offers 360-degree access for deeper penetration and more thrusting power. Even when you aren’t using it for sex, it’s a useful piece of furniture for relaxing or reading.

Note that there is some assembly required, but it’s simple and doesn’t call for tools. The foam core will arrive vacuum sealed.

The Liberator Equus Wave

The Liberator Equus Wave

The Equus Wave is a curved sex bench that facilitates better angles and unlimited positions. You can easily straddle it, resting your feet on the ground, which enhances thrusting power.

Ideal for standing and doggy positions in addition to cowgirl, the Equus Wave bench is easy to move due to its lightweight design. This product lifts the body, removes pressure from your joints, and gives far more access than an ordinary couch or bed.

Made with two distinctive shapes, the bench fits discreetly at the foot of your bed (Queen or King). You can use it to support yourself during oral sex in addition to regular intercourse.

Its lush cover can be removed and thrown in the washer and has a decadent, soft feel. The shapes of the Wave are versatile, and you can use them on the floor if you want.

The Equus Wave is crafted with high-density foam that maintains its shape and keeps you supported in the heat of the moment.

5. Sex Swings

man and women using a sex swing

Most of us loved swinging when we were kids. But did you know that you can still experience the joy of the playground as an adult, and in the privacy of your own bedroom?

Sex swings are a creative way to simulate a weightless feeling during sex.

While you’re floating in the swing, your partner can manipulate your body, pushing and pulling, with far less effort than you’d need on a bed.

Sex swings will hold one partner in a sitting or lying position while the other person moves freely about. The design of a sex swing takes weight off your body, fully supporting you to create a zero-gravity sensation.

If you’re into bondage play, you’ll probably enjoy the harnesses on a sex swing. They’re similar to the restraints that couples use for rope play.

Adult swings are great for taking the pressure off your upper body and arms as you can allow them to hang freely.

The Fetish Fantasy Swing

spinning fantasy swing product box

The Fetish Fantasy Swing provides 360-degree access for your partner. Choose between basic zero-gravity sex or more elaborate bondage play. This spinning swing will make new positions more possible than ever.

While ordinary, stationary sex swings stay in place, this spinning product allows you to swing and spin at the same time.

If your physical stamina isn’t what it once was, there’s no need to worry. Providing improved mobility and motion, you won’t tire as quickly while using this helpful apparatus.

That way, you can focus on what truly matters: creating as much pleasure as possible for you and your partner.

Even previously challenging positions will be fun and easy with this swing. It also comes with adjustable, padded straps for versatility and comfort. Your only limit with the Fetish Fantasy Swing is your imagination.

Crafted with industrial-strength fabric, you’ll feel fully supported during your lovemaking sessions. Keep in mind that the weight limit on the Fetish Fantasy Swing is 350 pounds.

Check out our guide on the best sex swings for more information.

Ready to Add Sex Furniture to Your Life?

As you can see, you have plenty of fun options to choose from when it comes to sex furniture.

You can start with something simple, like a pillow, and work your way up to a swing or bench. Have fun!

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When you’re ready to purchase a new piece of sexy furniture, we recommend you shop at Liberator.com. They are by far the leader in this industry.

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