Setting School Year Goals

After a summer filled with freedom and fun, going back to school can be seen as stressful and time-consuming. However, the year doesn’t have to be that way if you set goals for the upcoming months. Research shows that setting goals motivates us, leading to less stress and something to work toward.  Depending on if it’s you or your children are going back to school, goals can be personalized depending on where you or your children are in school.

Here are a few suggestions for goals to set for the upcoming or current school year.

Establish a routine.

Summer gives the freedom to sleep in and wake up whenever we want and do whatever we want whenever we want. Once school begins, the weekdays become a process of waking up, getting ready for school and so on. Establishing a routine can help you feel more prepared and less rushed in the morning. Suggestions include packing your lunch the night before, laying out your clothes and setting a specific time to get homework done. To keep it from getting boring and repetitive, diversify it a little bit. Do you usually do homework after dinner? Try getting the homework done before dinner, as this will be leave you more time afterward to relax and do more activities. Keep in mind that your schedule shouldn’t be so rigid that it stresses you out, as it should be doing the opposite. Find what works for your and make adjustments accordingly.

Try something new.

This might sound more like a new year’s resolution, but the school year can give you or your children the chance to try something new. Joining an extra-curricular activity, sport and club can give you something else to focus on other than homework and also serve as an outlet. Or depending on if you’re in high school or college, look into different classes to take, such as drama, art or shop. It’ll give you the chance to meet new people and maybe even discover a new interest or hobby. Just make sure it doesn’t take too much away from your focus on doing well in school overall.

Identify areas you can improve on.

Certain subjects can be more difficult than others. If this is the case for you for one or more subjects, be proactive about how you can address it. Many schools offer tutoring programs to help students, or there are multiple online resources available to help. Another tip is asking one of your friends or classmates for help. On the other hand, if you excel in a certain subject, offer to help your friends or classmates with their homework. Doing homework and studying together with others can help beat procrastination and encourage motivation. (Although this doesn’t mean letting them copy the answers.)

Reward success.

Goals don’t have to be all about working nonstop. When you succeed in something, such as doing well on a test or completing a long project, reward yourself. The benefits of treating ourselves for a job well done helps with motivation and overall productivity. Also, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from what you usually do.

Pace yourself.

Finally, you don’t have to set all of your goals at once, as that can be overwhelming. Staggering them throughout the year can help set a good pace and give you something to look forward to. So go ahead a have a successful school year!

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