Returning to Your Soulful Place

What does that really mean, how do we get there?  How often do we take the time to go inside ourselves and assess the progress we have made this past year to make this a better place for ourselves, for our families, friends, and for the world?

Are we coasting along day by day being an observer, are we caught up in the past and just living out lives day by day, continually reliving our old pains?

Do we try to reach that all knowing place, and connect with the part of ourselves most deeply buried?  I would say, no! Most of us place road blocks to that place by busying ourselves, or working too hard, or getting caught up in the ‘what ifs.’  So many of us don’t take time to just breathe.


If we would just allow ourselves to just connect with that holy place we may be able to see that life is more than our pain.  We may see by helping others we remove ourselves from that self-centered point and move to a better mode of being. Bringing acts of kindness into our every day life does wonders for our sense of self.

You may say, “what is it that we are trying to connect with?”

We are trying to connect with that all knowing part of ourselves, that space in which our spiritual selves are uplifted and able to transcend space and time to a connected place with the higher power, which many people know as G-d.

By taking time to encourage kindness and peace in our lives we move from lifelessness to living a life of presence. Moving from darkness to light. Seems to be a good way to go, don’t you think?

Lisa Sharf, ARNP

Lisa Sharf Lisa Sharf is a Florida licensed Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). Lisa has a great interest in wellness education and patient advocacy, assisting individuals and families navigate the health care system. Lisa Sharf obtained her bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Boston University and a bachelor’s of science in Nursing at the University of Miami. She later gained her Masters Degree in Nursing with a specialty as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from Florida International University Graduate School of Nursing in 1998. Lisa is board certified by the ANCC as a Clinical Specialist in Psychiatry and Mental Health. Lisa Sharf is in private practice from her office in Florida and online via Inpathy.

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