You’ve seen how cute jeweled butt plugs are and are ready to add one to your life. But there are countless brands, and not all of them are made equally.

In this article, I’ll help you make sense of all the information out there, so you can make the right choice for you.

First, I’ll walk you through some general user guidelines for butt plugs. Then, I’ll review my top picks.

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Best Picks for All Users Plus a Few Great Alternatives

What is a Princess Plug

How do princess plugs (also called jeweled butt plugs) differ from regular anal plugs?

While all princess plugs are butt plugs, not all butt plugs are princess plugs. Let’s look at some of the differences between them below:

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are adult toys that you insert in your anus for anal pleasure. They come in a variety of materials, including silicone, glass, metal, and more.


Butt plugs can be used to help prepare your butt muscles for anal. Some people wear butt plugs around town as a naughty, exciting secret.

You may also wear a butt plug during intercourse to intensify your orgasms and pleasure.

These products are always tapered so that you can easily insert them. The base will be quite a bit wider than the tip of the toy, to ensure the plug stays in place and doesn’t travel farther up the anus.

Princess Plugs

Princess plugs are basically ordinary plugs, but they have a distinctive jewel on the base. You can find various shapes, colors, and sizes. While some are made out of glass or silicone, most princess plugs are metal.

Keep in mind that these products can also be called “jeweled butt plugs,” or “crystal plugs.”

Why Use a Butt Plug?

If you’re new to the idea of anal play, it can be scary. With a butt plug, however, you can train your anus muscles to accept penetration.

This is a great way to work your way up to full-on anal sex. Apart from this practical purpose, they’re also fun and pleasurable to use! Especially when they have a cute design like princess plugs.

Some people like to wear their anal plugs for extended amounts of time. If you decide to do this, remember that the larger and heavier the plug is, the more you’ll feel it.

For more information on preparing for anal as a beginner, read my guide on the topic.

Caring for Jeweled Plugs

Caring for Jeweled Plugs

Maintenance for a princess plug will be the same as it would be for other types of butt plugs. Since these products are waterproof, you can clean them with antibacterial soap and warm water.

You may also use a specifically designed sex toy cleaner for this step.

If your plug has crevices in it, use an old toothbrush (or something similar) to clean these areas. While you may use a princess plug both anally and vaginally, make sure you wash it between using it in each of these areas.

Also, always wash the plug both before and after use, then store it in a bag or box so that it’s safe from dust or debris.

Princess Plug Safety Concerns

While jeweled butt plugs are usually made out of metal, as mentioned, the main safety concern with these products that involves the shape of the plug.

Here’s the deal:

In order for a butt plug to be safe, the base needs to be wider than the insertable portion. Otherwise, it’s likelier that you can lose the toy inside your body.

The vaginal cavity is only a certain depth, which prevents adult toys from being stuck up inside of it. The anus, on the other hand, doesn’t have this barrier, so toys can get pushed all the way inside and become lost.

The end result of this event isn’t fun and usually involves a trip to the ER. Many princess plugs have bases that are smaller than recommended.

Also, some jeweled butt plugs have sharp edges that can feel uncomfortable against your butt cheeks.

So, if you choose to buy a princess plug, read the reviews to see if users have had issues with these problems.

One solution to these issues is to think of princess plugs as a temporary sexual accessory that you just wear for yourself and for a little while. Or, you can specifically seek out a model with a base that’s wide enough to be considered safe.

Another factor to keep in mind is that there’s a large difference in quality when it comes to different jeweled plugs. Always seek out a vendor with good reviews.

Later in the article, I will talk about both my favorite princess plug models to try and a couple of alternatives to princess plugs that provide a similar level of pleasure or glamor.

A Note on Anal Play for Beginners

If you’re new to the world of anal play, first of all, congratulations! You’re about to experience a whole new world of pleasure.

But, as a beginner, you’ll need to keep an important factor in mind with butt plugs:


You’ll find butt plugs in all different sizes and shapes. A lot of shoppers want to buy the cutest butt plug they can find on the Internet, which is understandable.

However, buying too large of a plug for your first try is a common mistake for newbies. The medium plug you select may not look too big.

But trust me:

It will feel much larger once it’s inside your butt.

Small is always best as a beginner. Even people with more experience using anal toys need to start with smaller plugs if they haven’t used one in a while.

Progressing too fast to larger sizes can cause discomfort and even damage. So, it’s important to take this seriously!

Another factor you’ll need to keep in mind with using a butt plug for the first time is that it might feel weird at first. It shouldn’t hurt, but it may feel slightly uncomfortable.

If you do notice any pain, take it out right away. Just remember that it’s normal for the plug to feel a little odd at first. As you get used to the sensation, it will feel better and better (for most people).


anal lube

There’s never a time that lubricant is more important than when you’re doing anal play. Always check that the lube you use is compatible with the material of your sex toy.

Water-based lubricants are compatible with most toys, whereas silicone lubes can’t be used with silicone toys in most cases. Using silicone lube on a silicone toy can cause the toy to warp.

Another important point:

Make sure you specifically seek out lubricants that are designed for anal. Anal lubricants tend to have a thicker consistency that provides extra “cushion” between your sensitive tissues and the plug. Find some options in our anal lube guide here.

Before you use your butt plug, apply a generous amount of lube to it and go very slow when you insert it. When it comes to anal, more lubricant is always better.

When you’re wearing your butt plug for a few hours at a time, make sure you take it out to reapply lube every so often.

The Top 3 Princess Plugs on the Market

Without further ado, it’s time to go over the best princess plugs available on the market today.

Best for Beginners – The Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Butt Plug

The Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Butt Plug
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The Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Butt Plug is an anal toy with a small (2.5-inch) insertable length. Since beginners shouldn’t start with a large butt plug, this size is ideal for newcomers.

Most princess plugs are larger than this, so this product is a great find for people who want the sparkle of a jeweled plug but are new to butt plugs.

The plug has a metal body made from Nickel-free zinc alloy, which is a body-safe material. The toy also has a pleasant weight to it, which many experienced plug users enjoy.

Due to the design of the plug, it’s best to only wear the Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Butt Plug for a few hours at a time. Otherwise, the edges on the toy can start to cause discomfort.

The plug can be cooled or warmed to spice things up with temperature play. As with all other anal toys, I highly recommend using this product with plenty of anal lubricant.

The best part of the Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Plug?

It’s super affordable.


  • Good size for beginners.
  • Responds well to temperature.
  • Tapered for easy insertion.
  • Body-safe material.
  • Pretty design.


  • May feel too small or light for experienced users.
  • Gets uncomfortable after a few hours.

Best for More Experienced Users – The LuxGem Metal Jeweled Butt Plug

The LuxGem Metal Jeweled Butt Plug
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The LuxGem Metal Jeweled Butt Plug is a metal adult anal toy that’s best suited for experienced butt plug users. This product has a 4-inch insertable length and a nickel-free design.

The toy has a tapered shape that is easy to slip in and a slim, comfortable neck. The flared faux-sapphire base will hold the plug in place. Just remember the warning about princess plugs and be careful when you use it.

As with the previous toy, the LuxGem Metal Jeweled Butt Plug may be cooled or heated up for exciting temperature play.

This product has an undeniably glamorous design to make you feel beautiful. Due to the weight and insertable length of this toy, it gives you a very full and amazing feeling!


  • Temperature-responsive material
  • Good size for experienced people.
  • Tapered for easy insertion.
  • Body-safe material.


  • Will likely be too large for beginners

Best Jeweled Butt Plug Set – The Luxe Jeweled Butt Plug Set with Heart Crystal (3 Piece)

The Luxe Jeweled Butt Plug Set with Heart Crystal

If you want not just a small or large plug, but a set of different sizes, look no further. The Luxe Jeweled Butt Plug Set with Heart Crystal has three toys included.

With this affordable set, you can work your way up in size as you get comfortable with using butt plugs (whether you’re reviving your use or starting as a beginner).

Also, a butt plug set is a good option for people who aren’t sure what they prefer yet.

These toys are made with soft silicone, so water-based lube is the best option to prevent warping. The smallest plug has a 3.5-inch circumference at its widest insertable point.

The medium Luxe Jeweled Butt Plug with Heart Crystal has a 4.5-inch circumference at the widest point. And the largest plug has a 5.6-inch circumference.

These toys are made with hypoallergenic material that’s smooth, comfortable, body-safe, and a breeze to clean.

Each butt plug has a gently tapered tip for easy insertion and an adorable heart-shaped crystal at the end.

Keep in mind that the small toy will be perfect for anal newbies, but more experienced people may find it too small.


  • Body-safe silicone material.
  • Smooth and comfortable.
  • Good price per toy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks very cute.


  • Small plug is super small.

The Best Princess Plug Alternatives

If the safety concern I mentioned earlier has made you want to steer clear of jeweled butt plugs, don’t worry.

Below, I’ll list a couple of my favorite alternatives that will provide you with the pleasure you seek in a completely safe way.

Best Butt Plug Set – The American Pop! Launch! Silicone Anal Trainer Set by Doc Johnson

Silicone Anal Trainer Set by Doc Johnson

The American Pop! Launch! Silicone Anal Trainer Set by Doc Johnson is an affordable set of plugs. These blue toys come in a classic cone shape for a comfortable backdoor experience.

They’re made with high-quality, body-safe silicone and are designed for beginners. The smooth, flexible toys are made in America

The smallest plug has a 3-inch circumference at its widest point, while the medium has a 4-inch circumference, and the large is 4.75 inches. Keep in mind that you should never use silicone lube with silicone toys.


  • Affordable Price.
  • Comfortable material.
  • Simple design.
  • Easy to use.


  • Rounded base doesn’t stay in place as well as other shapes.

Best Glass Pick – The Icicles No 48 Medium Glass Flower Butt Plug

The Icicles No 48 Medium Glass Flower Butt Plug

The Icicles No 48 Medium Glass Flower Butt Plug has the glamorous feel of a princess plug, but it’s made from glass with a flower design instead of a faux gemstone.

This beautiful plug is pleasurable, petite, and has a flared base with a slender stem. Tapered for easy insertion, this sleek toy has a teardrop shape to its insertable length. It’s comfortable to wear for beginners due to its small size.

Because of its design, this toy is comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. You can wear it around town as a naughty little secret.

The Icicles No 48 Medium Glass Flower Butt Plug has a 3-inch insertable length and is made with handblown glass. One major benefit of a glass toy is that you can use it with any type of anal lubricant.

You can use this toy for temperature play and it’s also designed to be shatter-resistant. Wear it to enhance sex, foreplay, and masturbation.


  • Good for temperature play.
  • Beginner-friendly size.
  • Pretty pink color.
  • Glamorous look.


  • Only comes in one color.
  • Only comes in a small version.

As you can see, you have lots of fun choices for the next butt plug to add to your collection.

Whether you decide to choose a jeweled plug or not, you can take your pleasure to the next level with one of these great toys.

I hope you found the perfect anal plug for you today!