How to Practice Positive Thinking

With enough practice, positive thinking can become a habit. The first step is to recognize negative habits, such as negative automatic thoughts. These thoughts may be the first thoughts that come to you when something negative has happened. The most important step to take is to fight these negative automatic habits by reframing them into positive thinking. One of the best things to do is to write down the negative automatic thought, and then counter it by writing a positive thought.

The second step to having positive thoughts is making goals. It is important to have goals and reach them. You can make a list of all of your goals for this year and put together a map about how you’ll get there. Reaching goals creates positive thinking because you’re forced to look at your accomplishments and feel proud of them.

The third step is to create opportunities in your life for positivity, including volunteering. Volunteering and helping people creates a feedback loop of positivity because the general feeling in helping someone is feeling good about yourself and your contributions. Volunteerism helps the community and allows you to feel positive about yourself.

The fourth step is to create a daily gratitude list. This includes everything you’re thankful for. Positive thinking means that although there is negativity in life, we choose not to concentrate on it. Instead, the choice is to think positively about everything in the world there is to be thankful for. Creating a gratitude list has been shown to create a more thankful and positive space for an individual who keeps the list.

The fifth step is take good care of yourself. Caring about yourself creates positivity and confidence. Doing things like exercise, listening to music, playing musical instruments, and any other self-care activity makes one feel good about his or herself. This self-care leads to positive thinking. We know that when we feel bad about how we look or how much we took care of ourselves, then we have a generally negative outlook. But, if we take good care of ourselves, we generally think positively.

In conclusion, there are activities and life decisions that generally lead to a more positive outlook. They include giving back to the community, recognizing gratitude within our lives, taking good care of ourselves, and fighting negativity with positivity. In choosing to be positive, it is in doing all these activities so that they are developed into a habit.


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