You want to increase your length and girth, but also make sure you aren’t wasting your time.

The Internet recommends more solutions than ever before to adjust your size and sexual function, but researching this topic can be overwhelming.

So if you’re looking for a natural and safe solution to penis enlargement, you’re in the right place!

Phalogenics is an exercise program for enlarging your penis.

It’s supported by research and manufactured by an experienced company with high standards.

The program doesn’t use any medications, pumps, or pills.

We’ll cover all you need to know about Phalogenics, along with some alternative methods for enlarging your dick size.

Let’s get started!


Phalogenics Enhancement System

After extensive research, our experts recommend this natural enhancement system for anyone interested in enlarging their penis size.

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Phalogenics Enhancement System
Phalogenics Guide Which Reveals the Best Ways to Natural Enhance Your Penis Size

Things to Consider Before Trying Penis Enlargement Methods

Every man wants to believe that he is adequate enough to please his sexual partners. So, even average guys worry about their size, often believing they aren’t good enough.

Maybe you heard a mean comment from an ex that always stuck with you, or can’t help comparing yourself to the actors in porn. You’re not alone in that!

And, while there is nothing inherently wrong with any penis size, perhaps you’d rather be working with a bit more.

Not long ago, men who wanted to change their penis size had no options to do so. Fortunately, you live in the modern world and have plenty of options at your fingertips.

Some guys are hesitant to try penis enlargement because they don’t believe it works. Skepticism isn’t a bad thing, and it’s best to get all the information before making a choice.

Here’s the deal:

Before you consider trying penis enlargement, remember that it will take time!

Also, define your expectations. There are no overnight fixes for this, so start with a realistic goal for enlargement.

Lastly, you’ll want to think about how much you’re willing to spend to enlarge your penis.

Defining your expectations and budget will help you achieve what you want.

So What is Phalogenics All About?

What is Phalogenics All About

As a man, most of the pressure is on you when it comes to delivering satisfaction in the bedroom. And having a larger package certainly doesn’t hurt!

However, in the world of penis enlargement, it’s important to look for quality information and products. While you’ll see many products promising the world, not all of them deliver.

The last thing you need is to waste time or money.

Phalogenics is a raved about and highly reviewed program for increasing your dick size naturally.

As an added bonus, it can also give you more stamina in bed.


Whatever your reason for seeking enlargement, this program could be what you’ve been looking for. The plan is easy to follow and, as mentioned, doesn’t require pills, surgery, or any other invasive technique.

Instead, Phalogenics utilizes penis exercises to increase your size. The steps are simple and don’t cause pain or discomfort.

No extra equipment is required to use this program, which is another obvious benefit. Using machines or handheld devices can feel awkward for some guys.

The natural and proven techniques in Phalogenics are delivered via video tutorials that are easy to follow. The exercises are low impact and straightforward, so they’re safe for most guys.


  • Healthy alternative to synthetic chemicals
  • Works for men of all sizes and shapes
  • Can deliver semi-permanent results
  • Simple program that actually works
  • Typically approved of by doctors


  • DVD player or Internet required
  • Requires attention and time
  • Can take a while to work

Phalogenics Features and Benefits

Phalogenics includes a series of videos that instruct you on manipulating your penis in various ways to make it bigger or straighter. The program is split up into parts, making it simple to digest and follow along with.

The creators of Phalogenics state that you can grow within a few months (2 to 4 inches) using their program. And the manufacturers believe in their product enough to provide a guarantee.

The program is designed to work in tandem with “Advanced Sexual Mastery.” This will help you with your performance in bed, once you’ve decided you’re satisfied with your size.

But the best part?

You’ll have 60 days to use Phalogenics and decide whether it’s the right choice for you. If you decide it isn’t, you’ll get a full refund.

Note that guarantees like this can be rare in the world of penis enlargement!

What is Included with Phalogenics?

When you purchase Phalogenics, you’ll get the Platinum Phalogenics Video Series and an instruction manual. You’ll also receive three bonus instructional books:

  • Porn Star Activation System
  • The Magic Beanstalk
  • Release the Beast

Another benefit to this system is its affordability: Phalogenics is far from the priciest penis enlargement product out there.

You won’t receive free lubricant samples with your order, but you’ll get access to the program’s customer service staff. Users report that they are well-trained, highly available, and helpful.

Keep in mind that the additional program mentioned earlier (Advanced Sexual Mastery) is only free for two weeks.

After 14 days, it requires a weekly fee. If you don’t want to continue using the Advanced Sexual Mastery program, remember to cancel.

Benefits of Phalogenics

The manufacturers of Phalogenics claim that you can increase your girth. The program improves circulation in the genitals to make your penis thicker and encourage healthy function.

Phalogenics is totally natural, meaning it doesn’t require any apparatuses or synthetic chemicals.

The Phalogenics method can give you more control over your climax, curbing premature ejaculation. It may also increase semen production in addition to giving you more lasting power.

One of the goals of the program is to improve circulation and deliver harder, stronger erections. So, not only are you working on growing your penis, but making it work better for you.

If you have a curved penis or other anomalies in the structure, Phalogenics can help you correct this. Each of the program exercises encourage proper penile muscle development.

In other words, the approach will help you straighten out its posture and structure. This can deliver not only cosmetic benefits but also improve your confidence and self-esteem.

All of the steps included in Phalogenics work to encourage a pleasurable, active, and satisfying sex life. From a larger size to increased stamina and harder erections, there’s a lot to gain from this program.

Keep in mind that, unlike topical ointments, pills, or pumps, Phalogenics doesn’t deliver immediate results. In fact, it’s better suited for guys who don’t currently have an active sex life.

If you’re looking more for an immediate solution, we’ll cover some alternatives to Phalogenics later on.

Weekly Program Overview

What can you expect if you sign up for Phalogenics?

Let’s look at the steps, week by week, below:

Week 1

During the first week, you’ll learn the basics and get familiar with Phalogenics. You’ll do some warm-ups, jelqing, wet milk, and give yourself time to cool off. This week is a primer leading up to more advanced steps.

Week 2

During the second week, you’ll continue with the basics above and add a new stretch to your routine. The “side to side” stretch exercise will encourage more girth.

Week 3

The third week will deliver the same steps as the first week, with extended versions of the exercises.

Week 4

Within week 4, you should be noticing visible results from your exercises. You might notice a longer or thicker penis. At this point, you’ll learn about how to do Kegel exercises.

The Phalogenics program includes instructions for a 12-week period. Each week you’ll need to increase the duration of the steps.

Overall, if you’d rather steer clear of penile manipulation tools, the natural and simple steps in Phalogenics should suit you well.

Note that it does take some dedication, as you’ll need to stick with it week by week to see results.

How Do Penis Exercises Work?

Bodybuilders create their results by doing resistance training which brings more blood into the muscle, stretching its layers and causing them to grow.

Penis enlargement exercises work in a similar way, stretching the connective layers around the penis tissues.

The exercises involved with Phalogenics stimulate these tissues, allowing for permanent growth in strength and size.

Just like ordinary weight training or bodybuilding, consistency is important to get results!

The steps in the Phalogenics program don’t cause your body to grow new cells. Instead, your existing cells must increase bit by bit, every time you perform the exercises.

You’ll be given a rest period between exercises, which allows your body to rebuild itself and increase girth and size. Over time, you’ll notice measurable benefits from using Phalogenics.

Social Proof for Phalogenics

Social Proof for Phalogenics

Users report that the Phalogenics program gave them more staying power and helped them with learning how to please women. Even well-endowed men can benefit from this program.

One customer stated that he used to cum very fast, but that the stamina exercises in Phalogenics allowed him to last for up to 40 minutes.

Another guy said he completed a different program that got him a 6-inch penis, but that Phalogenics helped him increase that to 7.5 inches.

Customers state that the program is organized, straightforward, and best of all, easy to follow.

Keep in mind that every guy is different and results will vary from customer to customer. Fortunately, you can get your money back if Phalogenics doesn’t work for you. That means it’s basically risk free to try the program.

Alternatives We Approve

Have you decided that Phalogenics isn’t right for you, but still want to benefit from penis enlargement?

Perhaps you’re seeking a solution that works faster or would rather take supplements than start a new exercise program. Below, we’ll discuss some alternatives you can try:

Enlargement Pills

Enlargement Pills

Sexual dysfunction can look different depending on your lifestyle factors, relationship status, and more. You might suffer from premature ejaculation, have difficulty maintaining a hard on, or even struggle with low libido.

Even if this isn’t a regular problem, sexual dysfunction can slowly chip away at your self-esteem. You might even find yourself questioning your worth as a man.

Male enhancement supplements are digestible tablets or capsules designed to fix a number of sexual dysfunction symptoms. Whether you’re more concerned about performance or appearance, these pills may help.

Specific benefits vary from product to product, but most sexual enhancement pills can deliver:

  • Harder erections with more staying power
  • More pleasurable and intense orgasms
  • Greater stamina and endurance in bed
  • More blood flow in the genital region

Some formulas are more designed to improve penile function, while others deliver benefits to your libido and even increased energy.

Whatever you’re seeking in the way of sexual enhancement, there’s likely a pill out there for it.


Learn more about male enhancement pills in our guide on the topic.

Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders

A penis extender is a small device originally created to help with penile issues such as Peyronie’s disease. They stretch your penile tissues to encourage a larger size.

You should consider a penis extender a long-term solution for growing your penis size. Like Phalogenics, it won’t work right away.

Penis extenders attach at two points: the base and the head of your penis. Manufacturers state that using a penis extender regularly will give you additional length, even while flaccid.

This device works by using constant tension to increase size. It might be a good pick for you if you have free time to dedicate to this.

This isn’t a suitable pick for guys who are looking for a quick fix, though. Manufacturers claim that you will have to wear the extender for hours every day and use it for months before noticing benefits.

Learn more about penis extenders in our “Best Penis Extender” guide.

Penis Sleeves

Penis Sleeves

Seeking an instant solution? Penis sleeves are condom-like products that you wear on your penis during sex.

Using a penis sleeve gives the receiving partner more pleasure by immediately extending the length and girth of your dick.

The best part of wearing a penis sleeve is that there’s no waiting period for enjoying a larger dick.

Originally created to help guys with erectile dysfunction in the ‘60s, penis sleeves have withstood the test of time in the realm of enlargement.

And you don’t have to suffer from ED to give one a try. Curiosity is a good reason, too. People try penis sleeves for many reasons.

It could spice up your relationship with your wife, make you feel more powerful, and increase your self-confidence. Similar to cock rings, some penis sleeves are built to increase hardness by holding blood in place.

The decreased sensitivity and slight constriction can delay ejaculation and allow you to last much longer during sex.

Cock sleeves are typically made with silicone, a body safe material. But you’ll find them in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Some include internal textures for a more enjoyable experience.

Keep in mind that penis sleeves are a temporary solution and only deliver benefits to your size while you’re wearing one.

Find out more about temporarily increasing your length and girth with a penis sleeve.

Penis Pumps

Bathmate HYDRO7 Penis Pump

The penis pump was originally created as a medical device for treating erectile dysfunction. This product works by creating a vacuum effect, causing the penile tissues to expand.

Penis pumps can deliver amazing results for guys suffering from mild or moderate erection issues. It can give you the satisfaction of experiencing a longer, larger erection with more lasting power.

Pumps are a good choice for guys who would rather go the natural route than take pills. You won’t get any side effects from using a penis pump, and some manufactures say that you can increase your size over time by using one.

Penis pumps have three basic components: the base, cylinder, and pump. The base creates a skin tight ring that allows suction.

You’ll place your penis in the cylinder and activate the pump to induce pressure and create a hard-on. Many guys choose to use a cock ring in addition to their penis pump.

When you combine a ring with the pump, it gives your erection even more staying power. Just make sure you aren’t wearing a cock ring for long periods of time!


Find out more about penis pumps today.

Ready for a Larger Dick?

Lots of guys are (understandably) skeptical when it comes to enlarging their penis permanently.

They might be hesitant to ingest synthetic chemicals or worry about pain during penile enlargement.


Fortunately, you don’t have to use anything unnatural in your quest for a larger dick. Overall, the Phalogenics program is a suitable solution for growing your penis. It doesn’t require any invasive steps, discomfort, or pain.

All you’ll need is a willingness to try it and a patient attitude. While it doesn’t work overnight, the Phalogenics program can work for guys willing to put in the time. Not to mention you can get a refund if you’re not satisfied.

Find out more about Phalogenics and whether it’s right for you.