New School Year Survival Guide

For many, a new school year can seem like a great new adventure. However, it is vital to come in to this new start with the focus and drive that will help you make the most of the year. Here are a few tips that will help you not only survive, but thrive this year at school.

Tips for Studying

With all the parties, clubs, activities and opportunities to meet new people, it can be easy to forget the importance of your academic work. Don’t forget your studying basics as you dive in to the new year.

Remember Your Study Basics: Mnemonics, study guides, flashcards, and good notes are all stereotypical suggestions for solid studying for a reason: they work!

Don’t Study Alone: Making study groups for classes is an effective way to make friends as well be productive in studying. Take turns teaching the rest of group information you understand well, quiz each other before exams and support each other during difficult projects.


Get Ample Sleep: Students that get a solid amount of sleep per night are generally more alert in classes, can better retain information, and are more likely to succeed come test time.

Schedule Time to Study: Incorporating studying into your schedule is essential for busy college students, especially if you have a lot of extra-curricular activities.  Make a pattern that fits with your class schedule and stick to it.

Study during the Week: Studying during the week will give you extra time during the weekend to do things you really want to do. Don’t save it all for the last minute! Have extra time? Spend just another 20 minutes reading or studying ahead– you may be surprised how much it helps!

Get Familiar with Professors: Getting to know your professors early will help them put your face to a name and personality instead of  “just another student.” Having a personal relationship with your professors will make them more eager to help you out with scheduling conflicts or difficult class material. Also, college professors are an excellent reference post-graduation and a letter of recommendation from someone who truly knows you will stand out a lot more than one who considered you “just another student.”


College Money Saving Tips

College may seem like a time when you’re completely free of worries, which can be true, but not having enough money seems to be a problem that follows almost every college student. College students are infamously penniless, but with some of these helpful tips hopefully it doesn’t have to be that way for long. Save some money and keep it for the long haul.

Plan Ahead: Figure out the classes you need to take to graduate in 4 years or less. College is fun but is it worth another 10k in loans to add another year?

Use your Summer Break Effectively: Summer is prime time to look for internships, get a summer job, or take summer classes.

Use Student Discounts: Many restaurants and stores in college towns offer student discounts that can really add up. Find out what partnerships your college has with local businesses from your academic affairs office. Many school also have relationships with study abroad programs that will subsidize travel and living costs abroad.

Get a Job at School: Getting a job through your school will give you extra income as well as an extra mark on your resume.

Make a Budget: Having an idea of how much money you spend each month and where you’re money is going is advantageous to any student. Plan your spending in advance and track your expenses. Try using porgrams like Mint for easy financial management.

Buy Used Books: Buying new books every year can add up to thousands of dollars per semester. Buying used books or borrowing books from friends who have already taken a class can save a significant amount of money every year.


 College Party Tips

College is a place where people from around the world come together to learn and experience life. And what better way to meet people than at a party! House parties are notorious in college, and can be fun and safe if you keep the following tips in mind:

Bring a Party Buddy: If you don’t know many people at the party, bring a good friend that will still stay with you or wait for you if you get separated in the night. Look out for each other.

Be Alert: You can make a lot of friends a college party but be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. If anyone does anything you aren’t comfortable with, leave. Don’t go anywhere you haven’t been before with people you don’t know well.  Drinks should never fully leave your sight of vision. Never trust someone you don’t know to watch your drink.

College is a place full of opportunities to meet new people, learn about things you would never expect to, and create your own path. So, make the most of your college experience; join clubs, go to a school play, study, and party.




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