National Nurse Appreciation Week 2015

The week of May 6th kicks off the start of National Nurse Appreciation Week 2015, and boy do we have a lot to appreciate! The theme for this year’s appreciation week is “Ethical practice. Quality Care.” This theme emphasizes the immense amount of training that nurses go through (4 years +) in order to provide the best care possible for their patients and shows how committed nurses are to each and every patient they care for. Some nurses even go through additional trainings in order to specialize in a specific type of care.

For example, psychiatric-mental health nurses specialize in the treatment of patients who are suffering from mental health disorders. They help assess, diagnose, and treat individuals, communities, families, and groups and offer primary care services to the psychiatric-mental health population. The need for nurses who specialize in mental health is on the rise, with more and more people suffering from depression and other mental health ailments each year.

These nurses also help doctors to identify specific risk factors for developing mental health disorders such as environmental stress and genetics to help prevent the problem from occurring or getting worse with time. It is important that we recognize our nurses this week, because often times they interact more with patients than the doctors do and therefore have a strong impact on the quality of care those patients receive.

Show love to the nurses in your life this week, they deserve it!

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