Moving/How to Adjust to a New Home

A major life change, such as moving into a new home, can have an impact on your mental health. A sudden change in environment can be stressful, and moving day always seems to come faster than expected. However, with a bit of planning and preparation, it’s possible to manage the stress that comes with moving, be at ease during the moving process and settle into your new home.

How to Be at Ease When Moving:

  1. Make a Checklist: While moving can be a daunting task for anyone, having a list to work from will make it seem more manageable and keep you organized. Often there are fees to pay, movers to research and schedule, paperwork to sign and deliver and many other easily-forgotten tasks that if left incomplete, will add to your stress on moving day.
  2. Leave More Time Than You Think You Need: Giving yourself a time cushion means you can afford for inevitable delays and setbacks and you’ll be less likely to leave important tasks until the last minute. Having a timeline for all of the tasks you need to complete will keep you focused and on track for a seamless move.
  3. Ask for Help When Needed: Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself! Have friends over for a packing party, and the work will be done in a fraction of the time and it will make a mundane task much more fun because of the company. Enlist the help of friends on moving day to make sure that everything is organized, the more the merrier!

Now that the boxes are gone and the furniture has been rearranged for the fifth time, now you face the challenge of getting comfortable in a new environment. New faces and changes to your routine can be hard to juggle. Here are a few ideas to help you navigate this transition:

Settling Into Your New Environment:

  1. Explore the neighborhood: Whether you’ve moved across town or cross-country, the best part of moving to a new location is finding your new favorite places to eat, shop and socialize. This will also help you to form new routines, which can alleviate stress and give you a sense of familiarity.
  2. Get to know your neighbors: Whether you live in a stand-alone house or an apartment building, your neighbors can be a great resource as you settle in. You never know what kinds of tips and tricks you can pick up to eliminate some of the stress of adjusting to a new environment.
  3. Sit Back and Relax: Even the best-planned moves can cause stress and take a toll on mental health. Take time out to enjoy your new space on your own or have friends over and make new memories that will make your new place feel more like home. This will help you be more readily able to relax.

While moving can serve as a time to reset our lives, create new habits and explore a new place, until the process is finished it can be overwhelming. Being organized, having and plan and being flexible can all make moving a little more manageable.


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