Mood Boost Mondays: Mood Boosting Meal Plan

We’ve posted a lot on this blog about how your mind and body are connected. When you’re feeling down, your energy level drops and aches and pains become more common. The reverse of course is also true, when our bodies are craving healthy food we tend to feel more moody, nervous and upset.

The InSight Bulletin team put our heads together to come up with a meal plan to make your Monday meals healthy, mood-boosting and delicious!

Boyce Breakfast Smoothie

green smoothie

Our editor-in-chief Olivia Boyce drinks this breakfast smoothie every day. Olivia says, “Green smoothies packed with fresh fruits and veggies always ensure my week is off to a smooth start!”

This smoothie will taste best if your ingredients are refrigerated.

You’ll need: Chopped kale, Greek yougurt, chopped cucumber, chopped pears, blender.

Mix ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy with a colorful straw!


Brandon’s Mood-Boosting Power Lunch

chickenBulletin staffer Brandon Reece says this sandwich is his favorite healthy lunch.

“Protein packed lunches are a catalyst for a great rest of the day!’

You’ll need: Grilled chicken seasoned black pepper, powdered garlic, onion powder, bbq sauce or powder, lettuce, sliced tomato, toasted wheat bread or ciabatta, asparagus, olive oil and salt,
crushed onions

Asparagus: grill asparagus with olive oil and salt until tender

Sandwich: Grill chicken with seasoning until cooked. Place remaining ingredients on toasted bead and enjoy!

Daniayla’s  Hearty Veggie Fried Rice

I make this quick and healthy stir-fry when I feel I’ve been missing my veggies. Since I’m a vegetarian I add mushrooms and an egg for those extra nutrients and protein!

You’ll need: minced garlic, minced or powdered ginger, a mix of chopped veggies, a wok or wide frying pan, 1 cup dry brown rice or 1 package of frozen brown rice, soy sauce (or try gluten free soy sauce to make it even healthier!, olive oil, rice vinegar, egg, chicken strips or vegan sausage.

Brown Rice:
Use a microwavable brown rice package (like the one’s at Trader Joe’s) or cook the brown rice on the stove about an hour before you want to eat.

Stir fry:
Heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in the bottom of the wok for about a minute. Add minced garlic, ginger and let it start to cook. When the garlic starts to brown add in your mixed veggies (I like shredded carrots, broccoli crowns, red or green pepper, sliced mushrooms and fennel). Let the veggies sautee until they are almost cooked. Add in the brown rice and stir. Sautee everything in soy sauce to taste, continuing to stir so it doesn’t stick. A splash of rice vinegar adds a good tang to the soy sauce. When the stir-fry is done, pat the rice and veggies down to the bottom of the bowl and crack an egg over the rice. Fold the rice over the egg and stir to scramble and let the heat of the rice and veggies cook the egg.

If you like it spicy add red pepper flakes!

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