Mental Health Decision Making

The decisions you make for your mental health are important to staying mentally healthy and well. Decisions about your sleep cycle, your alcohol intake, your socialization, your compliance with medication, and your overall health are daily activities that impact you.

The first decision you should make is your sleep cycle. The adequate amount of sleep is seven to nine hours. However, it differs personally. Medications taken for mental illness can make you exhausted and require more sleep. Finding the right amount of sleep to the optimal level of functioning is an important thing to figure out for yourself and your health.

The second decision to make is for your alcohol intake. For many psychotropic drugs, having a high alcohol intake can mess with the effectiveness. Alcohol also acts as a depressant, meaning it can cause feelings of depression and sadness, even if you are stable on medication. Making the right decision and not buying into peer pressure of what your alcohol intake should be is an important decision to your wellbeing.

The third decision for your well being is socialization. When an individual is depressed, they may socially isolate from friends and family members. Socialization can also provide a support network as well as provide for lasting, meaningful relationships that may help you as your mental health ebbs and flows throughout your life. While depression may cause you to limit social interaction, studies have shown that longevity and wellness is directly proportional to the state of your social relationships. Make this one a priority for your wellness. If you don’t have a support network, start one. If you’re having trouble figuring out how, start with a meetup group or a free outing and get to know people. This is an important part of health.

The fourth decision is medicine compliance. While you might feel great and stop taking your medication, know that compliance or adherence to a medication regiment is why you feel so good. Taking your medication is an important part of your health. The decisions you make to start and stop medication may impact your mental health to a great degree. There are other avenues besides medication if you have tried everything, and it has failed, like ECT for depression or talk therapy for trauma issues. Medication is one pillar of a list of decisions you make everyday for your mental health.

The last decision is decisions you make for your overall health, like exercise for the mind and body. If that means jogging and providing an outlet for your mind like reading or puzzles. Your physical health is also important to your mental health.

These decisions are little ones you make throughout the day that impact your quality of life. Remember to make ones that establish a set of norms for you that give you the best benefit to your mental and physical health.


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