March is National Professional Social Work Month

National Professional Social Work Month is an opportunity for social workers across the nation to highlight the important contributions social workers make to the country. The National Association for Social Workers (NASW) has made this March 2019 theme, “Elevate Social Work.” The NASW is dedicated to promoting social work, educating the public on social work, and sharing the stories of social workers to the greater public. The NASW also advocates on behalf of social workers for greater visibility and for legislation that would benefit vulnerable populations.

Some people think social workers just take kids away from their parents. That’s not all social workers do, and social workers are dedicated to the reunification of families in the best situations. Social workers work with the homeless, victims of domestic violence, older adults, vulnerable populations with serious mental illness, and in policy and advocacy. Social workers help people deal with problems in their daily lives, as well as serious problems that affect housing, food, and shelter. Social workers also promote legislation and policies that directly impact those that they serve, which are vulnerable populations.

Social workers are dedicated through their work to provide an altruistic service to their communities. Social workers have a difficult job of providing services to individuals who are highly vulnerable and then providing advocacy and support for that individual. Social workers are dedicated to never letting vulnerable individuals fall through the cracks of the system. Social workers practice social work because they believe in helping people succeed in the face of incredible odds. Many social workers are there for the outcome or there to provide essential services to help vulnerable populations deal with the many struggles they go through. Social workers have an ethical code and believe strongly in human being’s self-determination and ability to help clients reach their potential.

Social workers provide a much-needed service, by giving a voice to the voiceless, providing refuge to the homeless, giving food to the hungry, and providing outreach to the disconnected. Lost and without services, social workers help to connect people to their community’s resources and provide the motivation for clients to go from unsafe situations to safety.

Social workers are often deemed the bleeding heart, caring, and affirming people in the lives of people dealing with serious problems. Social workers provide an empathetic ear, compassionate understanding, and a resourceful idea to help their clients deal with a myriad of issues.


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