G-spot vibrators seem to have only a handful of variations.

They all have the same tricks.

And either they fulfill their functions well, or they don’t.

It can be hard to find a truly innovative product that strays from the herd to provide what those ordinary vibrators are missing.

That’s why I was so excited when I found out about the Lovense Osci.

It turns out that there actually are new tricks for vibes to learn. And I’m not talking about gimmicky novelty designs or anything like that.

Osci’s patent-pending motion design provides a completely different sensation from other G-spot vibrators. And trust me, if you like hitting that spot, you’re going to love this toy.

Let’s take a look…

Lovense Osci Review

Maybe Typical Vibrators aren’t Your Thing

The Lovense Osci doesn’t really have a sex toy category, or anything else to compare it to.

That’s because Osci is the first ever oscillating G-spot stimulator.

What does that mean?

Instead of vibrating like most G-spot stimulators, Osci’s motor actually moves back and forth to make the toy’s business end rub your G-spot.

If you haven’t found a G-spot vibrator that you love yet, maybe typical vibrators just aren’t your thing.

In that case, Osci may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Quick Alternative

Now, if you’re more into clit stimulation than G-spot stimulation, Osci probably won’t be worth the purchase for you. In that case, I definitely recommend the Lovense Domi (my review is coming soon) for super powerful clitoral orgasms.

Despite being the first in its class, there are a few features common to G-spot vibrators that you want to look for before buying.

Here’s how you know a G-spot oscillator or vibrator is high quality:

  • Made from comfortable, body safe silicone.
  • Adjustable power levels.
  • Cordless and rechargeable (no batteries needed).
  • Water resistant.
  • Shaped to be easy to hold.
  • Curved or flexible to reach the G-spot.

How is Osci Different?

Lovense Osci has a patent-pending motor that moves in and out, causing the head of the toy to oscillate back and forth.

Imagine the motion a person’s head makes when they motorboat breasts. That’s exactly what Osci does to your G-spot.

Of course, Lovense wasn’t satisfied to make a breakthrough toy that does something entirely different.

The Osci is also compatible with the Lovense app and can sync with any other Lovense toy through the app. That means that even when other oscillating toys come out, Osci has a one up on them.

As with other Lovense Bluetooth toys, this G-spot stimulator can sync to music, save customized patterns, and use voice commands.

lovense osci features
Screenshot taken from Lovense.com

Here’s the breakdown of benefits:


  • Multiple intensity levels.
  • Syncs with app for long distance sexy times.
  • Targeted G-spot stimulation.
  • Shape makes it easy to hold.
  • Rechargeable for up to 2.5 hours of play.


  • Water resistant, but not fully submersible.
  • Occasionally loses Bluetooth connection.

Hit the Right Spot… Without Awkward Reaching

The Lovense Osci is shaped to easily reach the G-spot. That’s important with a toy for internal stimulation.

Let’s be honest:

The most difficult part about attaining a G-spot orgasm is being able to get the right angle to reach it.

This toy’s unique s-shape allows for you to stay in a comfortable position and allow the toy to reach its destination — without you having to bend your arm into uncomfortable angles.

I can tell you from a medical standpoint that ergonomics are just as important in toy selection as they are in other situations. You don’t want to end up with a repetitive use injury from a poorly designed vibrator.

And from the standpoint of someone who uses these toys, it’s a relief to have toy options that are comfortable to use in my favorite positions.

Experience a New Kind of Stimulation

Most vibrators vibrate in a very literal sense of the word.

It’s kind of like buzzing, although the best toys create deeper, rumbly vibrations. Still, the general motion is the same, with the difference being the power level of the vibrations.

That’s not the case with Osci.

As mentioned, it has an oscillating head that actually rubs the G-spot, rather than simply vibrating against it in one spot.

If you’ve had trouble reaching orgasm with other vibrators, then you might find that this different sensation works better for you. It certainly felt amazing to me.

Find the Power Level That Works

I’m a fan of high-power vibrators. And my experience in reviewing women’s sex toys tells me that I’m not the only one.

Power is one of the most common things ladies are looking for in their vibes.

Trust me, you certainly get that from Osci. Like all of the Lovense toys, you can trust in Osci’s quality and high-powered motor to provide intense sensations.

But even if you are not a fan of high intensity sensations, you’ll likely find that Osci can give you the feeling you’re looking for.

It has multiple adjustable intensity settings, ranging from a low, gentle movement to one that is quite fast and intense.

That makes this a great toy for beginners and more experienced sex toy users. It’s definitely important to make sure you are looking for toys that match your experience level.

And no matter what level you’re at, quality matters.

Easily Make Adjustments

Because of the curved shape of the vibrator handle, it’s really easy to reach the buttons to turn it on, adjust intensity, and turn it off.

The buttons are located near the end of the handle, on the top of the curve. That makes them easy for you to reach if you’re playing by yourself, and they’re also easy to see and locate for a partner.

Customize Your Experience

Lovense specializes in toys that coordinate with their Lovense app, and Osci is no different.

Get this:

Most toys come with a limited number of settings based on what the buttons do. Not Osci.

You can actually reset the manufacturer’s button settings using the app. Play around with the intensity levels, and set your own custom button cycle.

The app actually has 3 vibration levels and 10 patterns that can work with Osci. That means you can program the buttons to match any combination of those intensities and patterns. Where else are you going to get that from a toy?

Put Your Pleasure in Your Partner’s Hands

In addition to customizing your experience to your own tastes, you can also give up the choice to your partner.

Using the app, Osci can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world that has internet connection. It’s seriously amazing.

All of Lovense’s toys are excellent for long distance couples. And each works with the same Bluetooth and app technology.

All you have to do is connect your toy to your Bluetooth-enabled device, and give your partner access to your toy in the app. Then, wherever they are, they can set the vibration intensity and patterns.

Share a More Intimate Moment

Not only can your partner control your sensations, the Lovense app also enables this toy to sync with other Lovense toys.

That means you and your partner can each use your own separate Lovense toy and sync their vibrations. Whatever intensity you are feeling is also the same pattern and intensity they are feeling at the same time.

It’s the closest thing you can get to having actual sex with each other while you’re far apart.

Be Commanding

In addition to programmable buttons, Osci can be programmed to follow voice commands. I’m honestly in love with this feature.

You can still use your hands to adjust the toys position, but you don’t have to worry about finding the buttons at all.

It’s kind of fun telling the vibrator exactly what you want and knowing that it will do whatever you say.

Start when you want. Increase the intensity when you want. And stop exactly when you want.

All with a word.

Let the Music Take You Over

Here’s another really cool feature of the Lovense app and the line of toys that connect with it. You can sync the vibration patterns to music.

All you do is set up the song you want to use in the app, and Osci will match the speed and intensity. It basically takes all the decision making out of your hands, so you can just lay back and enjoy the experience.

I’m not sure many things are more relaxing than vibing to a good song, if that’s your thing.

Rest Assured That Your Body is Safe

Cheaper toys are sometimes made of questionable materials. Osci’s business end is made from body safe silicone, so you’ve got no worries there.

It’s especially important to be aware of the materials you are using on insertable toys, like G-spot vibrators. The silicone also provides water resistance, so your natural lubrication will not wear down or damage the toy.

Plus, you’ll have no worries about allergic reactions.

Never Worry About Batteries or Cords

Osci is a rechargeable toy, which is such a relief.

Corded toys can get kind of annoying. Most of us don’t want to be attached to a wall outlet when we play.

And honestly, you don’t have to be. So many toys are rechargeable now.

That also means no worries about replacing batteries.

Believe me, have one orgasm ruined by a toy’s batteries running out mid-use, and you will be done with battery-operated toys too.

Rechargeable toys are also better for the environment, since you don’t have to throw away batteries.

Go Long and Strong

Osci gets up to 2.5 hours of charge. That’s pretty amazing. Few vibrators go longer than that.

If you need to recharge Osci in the middle of use, then I am seriously impressed by your energy level!

Seriously though, you can depend on Osci to keep going until you are satisfied.

Speaking of long and strong…

Osci is a really good size for G-spot stimulation.

The insertable end is about 1.5 inches wide, providing a nice amount of area for stimulating the whole G-spot.

Also, the insertable end is about 2 and a half to 3 inches long, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but is actually perfect for reaching the big G.

If you’re new to this type of stimulation, remember that this sensitive area of the vagina is located only a couple of inches past the entrance and has a rougher texture than the rest of your vagina.

Try inserting your fingers first and feeling for that area before inserting the toy, so you’ll know where you’re aiming for. The pads of your fingers should be facing up toward your pubic bone to find it.

The Reviews are Already Pouring in

Despite being a new toy on the scene, Osci is already rolling in positive reviews.

Most of the women who try this vibrator find it to be one of the most pleasurable G-spot sensations they’ve ever had.

The unique way it moves seems to be a winner for most users.

The biggest gripe about this toy really has less to do with the toy itself than with Lovense’s choice of Bluetooth technology.

It seems that pretty much every Lovense long distance toy occasionally loses its connection. I really hope this is a thing the company works on for future generations of toys.

Alternatives: Maybe You’re Looking for Something a Little Different

After reading all this, it’s possible that Lovense Osci isn’t quite right for you.

That’s okay. You’ve got plenty of other vibrator options for G-spot orgasms.

Here are my favorite picks:

Lovense Nora

Lovense Nora product box

Nora is from the same company as Osci.

Each of these toys is connectable to the Lovense app. So Nora can also work for long distance play time with a partner.

The primary difference is the type of stimulation you get from these two toys. Where Osci is a G-spot only vibrator, Nora is a rabbit vibrator.

Rabbit vibes provide both internal and clit stimulation. And the Nora also provides a more unique, gyrating motion internally, rather than the buzzing vibrations of other toys.

  • G-spot and clit stimulation combined.
  • Also syncs with music and voice commands.
  • Also allows for long distance sexy times.

Read my complete Nora by Lovense review here.

Lelo Mona Wave

Lelo Mona Wave Luxury G-Spot Vibrator

If you don’t need an app-controlled vibrator, the Lelo Mona Wave is another option with similar sensations to Osci.

Rather than a vibrating or oscillating motion, Mona Wave moves in a “come here” motion, like fingers stroking your G-spot. Thus the name “wave”. It feels like a wave inside you.

  • Unique motion that is different from Osci.
  • Completely waterproof and submersible.
  • More expensive than Osci.

We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe is Lovense’s closest competitor.

They also make app controlled sex toys, and they often have something similar to the models from Lovense.

The We-Vibe Rave is smooth and comfortable to use. Instead of an oscillating or wave motion, however, it has a more standard rumbling vibration.

If you like the way typical G-spot vibes work, then this toy may be a match for you.

  • Powerful G-spot vibrations.
  • Also allows for long distance sexy times.
  • About the same price as Osci.

My Final Thoughts

Lovense keeps delivering on groundbreaking sex toys.

Sure, their Bluetooth connectivity still needs some work, but Osci undoubtedly provides deeply satisfying sensations.

The biggest benefit of Osci is that it finally provides another option for women who have trouble achieving a G-spot orgasm.

If you’re still looking for your perfect G-spot toy, I highly recommend trying this one.

Osci is worth it if you want:

  • A G-spot toy your partner can control.
  • Stimulation from internal motion rather than just vibration.
  • Multiple options for how to adjust speed and intensity.

Check the price of the Osci on the official Lovense website. Click here.