Most couples in long distance relationships have faced the struggle:

You want to nurture the sexual part of your relationship, but you literally can’t touch each other.

It’s insanely frustrating.

The good news is that vibrator technology has finally caught up to our needs!

When I found out that Lovense has updated their original remote controlled vibrator, I had to share it with you.

This wearable vibrator is exactly what you need to achieve long distance orgasms with your partner. (Or just to raise your heart rate with public stimulation).

Find out what else Lush 2 can do…

Lovense Lush 2 Review

Who is the Lush 2 Right for?

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Why would you want a remote controlled vibrator?

There are several reasons:

It’s great for people with arthritis or other issues with hand pain.

That’s because you can get yummy sensations without having to hold onto the toy or move it around with your hands.

It’s a fun way to make foreplay with your partner more exciting.

The idea of your partner having an effect on your body without even touching you can be thrilling.

They can simultaneously be doing something else to set the mood while stimulating you with this toy.

And for the most adventurous among you, Lovense Lush 2 has the amazing ability of allowing you or your partner to provide discreet sexy fun in any location. No one will know!

Unlike early remote controlled vibrators, it offers long-distance control via the internet. That means you don’t have to worry about bluetooth ranges, though you can also use the toy that way.

So if you are into having a partner control your sensations no matter where they are — even on a different continent — then this is absolutely a fantastic toy for you.

Quick Note:

This vibrator is designed to provide vaginal or G-spot orgasms, so if you have difficulty achieving vaginal orgasm or prefer clitoral orgasms, this may not be the best toy for you. You’ll be better off taking a look at the alternative vibrator options I mention later in this article.

But if you are looking for some internal stimulation, then read on to learn all about Lovense Lush 2.

Get an Upgrade from the Original

how to use the lovense lush 2
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Lovense Lush 2 is an upgrade from the extremely popular first-generation Lush vibrating egg.

With this newer version, however, the manufacturers listened to requests from their customers.

The toy now has better long-distance range, a huge bonus for many who want to use remote controlled toys.

And it is compatible with Apple, Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

It also features the on/off button on the end of the external antenna. This means that the wearer can easily turn off the egg whenever they need to.

And here’s the real deal clincher:

Lush 2 has one of the most powerful motors of any vibrating egg toy — even more powerful than the original Lush egg! And it’s still super quiet.

With this Lovense toy, you also get a USB charging cable and a handy user guide.

Take a look at the benefits:


  • High power vibrations.
  • Quiet, discreet motor.
  • Long distance range, for keeping relationships interesting.
  • Easy access to power button.
  • Syncs with music or vocal cues.
  • Made from high quality, body safe silicone.


  • May not like seeing the antenna protruding.
  • Must use with a device and the app.
  • Antenna is fragile and not for rough use.
  • Some find it uncomfortable to walk around with the toy inserted.

Here’s the scoop on the features of this exciting toy…

Enjoy Powerful Vibrations

This is one of the most powerful egg vibrator toys on the market.

It offers 7 intensity levels (beware: your partner may use this to their advantage!), and the app allows you or your partner to change up the intensity and vibration patterns.

You can also change modes manually with the button on the vibrator. Here are the settings from first button push to seventh:

  • Low vibration.
  • Medium vibration.
  • High vibration.
  • Pulse mode.
  • Wave mode.
  • Fireworks mode.
  • Earthquake mode.

It’s a truly unique and amazing experience.

Keep Close With Internet Connectivity

Many vibrating egg toys, including the former version of the Lush, offer only Bluetooth connectability. This greatly limits the possibilities for distance play with a partner.

The Lush 2, however, allows the app to be used over the internet, so long distance lovers are no longer a problem.

If your sweetie has to travel or is living far away, you can still enjoy playtime together.

You can certainly still use the Bluetooth connection if you’re playing hands-free in closer range (or using the toy for solo play!) But you’ll get the best long distance play ability with internet access.

connection features of the lovense lush 2
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Feel Naughty With the Discreet Design

Lush 2 can be worn under clothes anywhere.

The thin antenna is 4.8 inches long and is not noticeable under most clothing. It fits snugly against the pelvic bone when the toy is inserted.

It’s also super quiet, which means it can keep your public play a secret for as long as you can.

Where can you take advantage of these features?

How about at the library. At a restaurant. Out running errands. At your desk at work.

You are only limited by the imaginations of you and your partner. And your ability to withhold moans of pleasure.

Relish the G-Spot Reach

This remote controlled vibrator has a bulb end that is curved to reach and stimulate the G-spot. The insertable bulb end is about 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

The way it presses the G-spot creates some truly intense feelings. Careful about public play if you are one of the lucky ladies who squirts from G-spot stimulation.

And in case you’re worried about discomfort, the exterior of the toy is firm but comfortable silicone that is soft to the touch.

Take Advantage of the Versatile Shape

Despite being designed a G-spot vibrator, Lush 2 can actually give some pretty amazing clitoral stimulation, too.

Now, you can’t really wear it under clothes for clitoral stimulation. The external antenna can’t provide enough vibration to get you to a clitoral orgasm.

But you can certainly use this egg vibrator without inserting it. Just hold it against your clit and enjoy its rumbling power.

Play Your Favorite Pattern Over and Over

When you create vibration patterns from the available intensity modes, you can save them to use again later.

That means that if you find a pattern that works amazingly for you, you can keep going back to it over and over again.

Sync the Vibrations to Music for Random Patterns

You can give up control of the vibration intensity and make things more exciting by syncing this vibrator to music.

When the song speeds up, the vibrations speed up. When volume increases, intensity increases.

If you enjoy music during sexy time, this is a game changing toy feature.

Let Go With Hands-Free Voice Activation

In addition to syncing with music, the Lush 2 can be programmed to be voice activated. This allows you to change intensity levels with voice commands, giving you hands-free play.

I know I like experience of solo play without having to use my hands.

And it’s useful for couples too. Being able to use voice commands allows your partner to use their hands for…other activities.

Negotiate Play Time With the App

Aside from being the remote control for the toy, the Lovense app also features messaging. This allows you to coordinate playtime with your partner.

And you can also message each other while using the vibrator to discuss intensity and sensations. This ensures that even from a distance, your partner can get feedback on what sensations you enjoy.

For those of you with multiple partners, yes, the app also allows you to connect your vibrator to input from multiple people.

You just need to make sure each of them has access by downloading and installing the Lovense app and accepting your request to connect long distance. They’ll find their long distance play options in a private chat room.

And at a Reasonable Price?

The Lush 2 retails around $119.

Now, that may sound a bit costly.

But considering that it is one of the highest tech long-distance and hands-free vibrators available, I’d say it’s well worth it!

There are much simpler toys out there selling for just as much.

You simply aren’t going to get another toy that does what this one does, as well as it does.

I’m Not the Only One Who Loves Lush 2

Okay, so you can tell I’m a fan.

But I’m not the only one who thinks this toy is amazing!

This Lovense vibrator egg is getting tons of positive reviews from happy users.

Here are some of the reviews I’ve seen:

customer review of the lovense lush 2

The majority of users have been really impressed with the upgrades on this new model.

Many report that the app works really well, and that the power it gives off is amazing.

You can find more testimonials on their official website.

So How Does Lush 2 Really Stand Up Against Competitors?

Here are some similar remote controlled toys and the different features and benefits of each:

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync is a popular remote controlled vibrator. It shares both similarities and differences with Lush 2.

Both options are waterproof, body safe, and provide insertable G-spot stimulation. You can also use the Sync for well…syncing vibration patterns to music. It kind of says it in the name.

And this toy does operate with an app that allows for long distance partner play from anywhere in the world via internet.

At $199, this toy is quite a bit pricier than Lovense Lush 2, which may be worth it for you if you prefer clitoral or dual orgasms over G-spot only stimulation.

The We-vibe Sync does have some notable differences:

  • Designed to stimulate BOTH the G-spot and the clit at the same time.
  • Larger external piece is not quite as discreet under tight clothing.
  • Less vibration power than Lush 2.

For women who don’t prefer G-spot only stimulation, I recommend that you check out this option.

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova product display

We-Vibe does have a more affordable option, the Nova.

It’s still a bit pricier than Lush 2, at $150.

This toy connects to the same remote controlled long distance app as its sister product.

The big difference is that Nova is a rabbit vibrator rather than an egg vibrator, and like the Sync, it has dual ends for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Here are some key features to note on the We-vibe Nova:

  • Designed to stimulate BOTH the G-spot and the clit at the same time.
  • Intensity can be adjusted separately for the internal and external pieces.
  • External handle does not allow for discreet public play.

If you like intense clitoral orgasms with some G-spot stimulation, you should definitely take a look at a rabbit shaped vibrator like this one.

OhMiBod Fuse

OhMiBod Fuse Review Bringing Bodies Closer

OhMiBod Fuse is another contender for a remote controlled dual orgasm toy.

Like the Nova, it has a rabbit-shaped end for clit stimulation, and comes in at the same price of $150.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this toy, however, is that it syncs with other internet connected toys, such as other vibrators, vibrating anal plugs, and male masturbators. Yes, you and your partner can sync your toy patterns to experience long distance shared sex.

Here’s what’s interesting about OhMiBod Fuse:

  • Soft, comfortable silicone.
  • Syncs with other toys.
  • Flexible rabbit piece.
  • Does not allow patterns to be saved.

This toy provides less intense G-spot stimulation than the Lush 2, but I definitely recommend it as an option for couples who are interested in experimenting with more realistic long distance play.

The Final Verdict…

lovense lush 2 product box

Lovense Lush 2 is a unique toy, and there are few direct competitors outside of the original, first-generation Lovense Lush.

If you are looking for a vibrator that you can literally take with you anywhere, this is the one:

  • You can wear in public, under clothes, while it’s turned on.
  • It allows you to give yourself hands-free orgasms.
  • Your partner can give you orgasms from anywhere in the world with the touch of an app.

It’s also priced really well compared to other similar products.

Bang for your buck, this is by far one of the best adult toys available right now.

Check the price on the official Lovense website: Click here.