Sometimes I want the power of a wand vibrator without the bulk. Like when I’m going on a trip and pack a toy along to relax.

But wands are notoriously big toys.

Fortunately, Lovense has stepped in with a mini wand that delivers greater vibration power than some of its full size competitors. No exaggeration!

Now you can get the earth-shattering clitoral orgasms you want, anywhere you go.

Let’s take a look at what the Lovense Domi 2 can really do…

Reviewing the Lovense Domi 2

Why Wand Vibrators Are So Popular

the top of a wand massager

For many of us ladies, a clitoral orgasm is the most intense sexual sensation we experience.

It makes sense. After all, the clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings.

Wand vibrators are the Rolls Royce of sex toys when it comes to making your clit happy.

Their broad, vibrating heads allow sensations to spread throughout the entire clitoral area, even deep into the internal clitoris.

So if you are looking for a way to experience more intense clitoral orgasms — or you want to combine clitoral stimulation with another form of play — wand vibrators are a definite go-to item.

Based on my own and other women’s experiences, they’re pretty much a guaranteed way to get off.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a wand vibrator:

  • Deep, powerful vibrations.
  • Comfortable materials, especially on the vibrating head.
  • Neck flexibility for positioning the head of the toy.
  • A range of speed and intensity options.
  • Quiet motor.
  • Ability to play regardless of power outlet location.

Review our wand massager buying guide for more information.

Domi’s Unique Take

Like the other Lovense products, Domi 2 does something that other toys in its class don’t even try at.

It allows for long distance sexy times with a partner.

The long distance feature works through the Lovense app, which you can download and use on nearly any mobile device or desktop computer with an internet connection. If you’re not sure what long distance toys do, then check out these remote controlled vibrators.

The only real competition in the arena of long distance control of a clitoral stimulator’s vibrations is the We-Vibe Wish, and it is not a wand. So the Domi 2 truly is the first and only of its kind.

This is also much smaller than the typical wand vibrator, which can be a bonus. Most competitors are large to wield and honestly take up a lot of space in the toy drawer.

lovense domi


  • Small and easy to hold.
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth devices.
  • Long distance control by a partner.
  • Powerful vibrations.
  • Wide range of vibration patterns.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Bluetooth receiver sometimes disconnects.
  • Somewhat loud.

Let’s delve into the full set of features…

Experience Superior Power

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think the Domi 2 could outperform full size wand vibrators. After all, a bigger wand has to mean a bigger motor and more power, right?

I was completely unprepared for just how powerful Domi 2 actually is.

It might be a “mini” wand, but its power actually does rival its full size competitors. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed at the deep, rumbling vibrations here.

Take Your Pick of Vibrations

Most vibrators have a defined number of speed and intensity settings. But like the other Lovense products, Domi’s connection with the Lovense app allows you to customize your vibration patterns.

You get a greater range of speeds and intensities, and you can set patterns for your vibe to remember later.

Hand Over the Reins

Not only can you set your own patterns, you can actually allow your partner to set patterns for you in real time or preset.

You do this by granting them access to the Lovense app.

Then all they need is an internet or Bluetooth connection, and they can pick your vibration pattern for you, from anywhere in the world.

Talk about a pleasant surprise! You never know what intensity your partner will pick.

This is honestly the biggest plus of the Lovense line of sex toys. You simply can’t find better options for long distance sexy times.

Store and Use Domi 2 Easily

I can’t say enough how much I love the size of this wand.

It fits easily into a toy drawer, travel bag, or even a large handbag.

The size also makes it super easy to hold, while still having enough reach with the handle to help you hit just the right spot without straining.

Go Where You Want With No Cords

A complaint of some of the earlier wand vibrators is that they had to be plugged in for power.

Not so with newer options like Domi 2.

It’s completely cordless and rechargeable, so you don’t need batteries either.

And thanks to its mini size, you really can travel anywhere with it.

Feel the Comfort

The smooth silicone on the head of this toy truly is luxurious.

I love the feel of Domi, and despite its smaller size, the head is still broad enough to spread vibrations across all the areas you want it to.

Apply the Right Level of Pressure for You

Domi 2 has a well-designed, reinforced neck. The flexible neck bends without breaking, so that you can adjust the level of pressure you want.

Hold it against you lightly, or press it firmly against your clit. Either way, Domi 2 is up to the challenge.

Clean Without Hassle

With its closed neck design, you don’t have to worry about any fluids getting into Domi’s electrical components.

It also makes it way easier to clean than wands with necks designed from a separate piece of material. Instead, the neck on Domi 2 is covered in the same smooth silicone as the head piece.

You can just wipe it down with the same clear you use for the rest of the toy.

Use it With Any Device

As with all Lovense long distance sex toys, Domi 2 is compatible with most Apple mobile devices with iOS, most Android devices, Mac, and Windows PC, as long as Bluetooth is enabled on the device.

Great Even if You Don’t Need Long Distance Capabilities

Hey, I know what you’re thinking:

Why should I pay for an expensive long distance sex toy if I just want to use it by myself?

But here’s the thing…

Domi 2 is actually about the same price as other wand vibrators. Even those that don’t have Bluetooth capabilities!

That makes it a reasonable investment just for the power alone. It really does outperform some of the larger wands.

Domi 2 Attachment
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Groove to Your or Your Partner’s Favorite Song

Domi 2 doesn’t only allow you to save your own custom vibration patterns, it also allows you to set the vibrations to music.

How does that work?

Using the app, the vibrator will match the speed and intensity of the song you select. It’s pretty amazing.

Go Hands Free With Voice Activation

You can also put your device down and enjoy the toy without fiddling with patterns. All you have to do is set the voice commands.

Then, start, stop, and increase vibrations with a single word.

Make the Most of Your Alone Time

Domi 2 can run for up to an hour and a half on a full charge. That gives you lots of time to experiment with what you like.

And experience as many orgasms as you can take…

Is Domi 2 Really Worth it?

I understand that investing in expensive sex toys can make you a bit nervous. Especially if you’re not sure what to expect.

Let me reassure you, though, that having the right tools for sexual release are worth it.

Orgasms are one of the best ways to relieve stress.

And as a nurse, I can tell you that excess stress is one of the biggest factors contributing to a variety of illnesses.

Here’s what other women think about Domi’s capabilities:

Most of the ladies who bought this wand vibrator agree that it has some of the most powerful vibrations you can get.

domi review by a customer

Of course, as with any toy, there have been a couple of complaints.

The biggest issues are the loud motor and occasional issues with Bluetooth connection from the app to the vibrator.

Keep in mind that loud running volumes are nothing unusual in wand style vibrators. It takes a relatively big motor to provide this level of power.

Not Convinced That Domi 2 is Right for You?


It’s important that you pick a toy because it’s right for you, not because I say I like it. I want to help you get the best wand vibrator for your needs.

If you’re looking for another long distance option, you’re just not going to find another app-controlled wand massager. Domi 2 is currently the only one.

But you do have other options for clit stimulation.

So, to that purpose, here are a few other clitoral vibrators that I think are pretty great…

We-Vibe Wish

We-Vibe Wish

If the wand style is not quite right for you, We-Vibe Wish is another option for an app-controlled clitoral vibrator.

It is not a wand, but it does provide powerful stimulation for your clit. It’s another good option for enhancing sexy time in long distance relationships.

  • Easy to hold, but no handle for reaching.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Also links to internet and Bluetooth.
  • About the same price as Domi.

Lelo Lyla 2

Lelo Insignia Lyla 2

As an egg vibrator, the Lelo Lyla 2 is a smaller clitoral stimulator.

It is also a remote controlled sex toy, but it does not have long distance capabilities.

You can only use the remote in the same room as the vibrator.

The Lyla 2 boasts 50% more power than the original Lelo Lyla, so it’s a good bet for getting off if you don’t need long distance features.

  • Also has powerful vibrations.
  • Can be used internally and externally.
  • Can be used for discreet public play when used internally.
  • Quieter than Domi 2.
  • A bit pricier.

Lelo Smart Wand

Lelo Insignia Smart Wand

Like Domi 2, the Lelo Smart Wand is a high-end wand vibrator. But Smart Wand is larger and is not remote controlled.

The real selling point for this wand vibrator is that it is completely waterproof. Hello, bath time orgasms.

Smart Wand is a great option if you want a traditional, full-size wand vibrator that works in water.

  • Quieter than Domi.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Includes smart touch sensors for intensity.
  • More expensive than Domi.

What it Really Comes Down to…

domi lovense product box

It’s hard to find a good solution to meeting sexual needs when you and your partner can’t be together.

Domi 2 is one of several Lovense toys that allow you to nurture the sexual part of your relationship, whether you live apart or one of you is traveling for work or school.

In most cases, long distance sexy times is what Lovense excels at. And it does that here too.

But to be honest, I would recommend Domi 2 even if it didn’t have the long distance capabilities.

It’s an amazingly powerful and convenient wand vibrator, plain and simple.

Check the price on the official website: