Long distance relationships are hard.

It can be really tough to maintain intimacy when hundreds or thousands of miles separate you from your partner.

The internet has brought the world closer in other ways, but only very recently has it begun to do the same for sex toys.

Teledildonics (technology for remote sex) is becoming a reality and creating a whole new range of sex toys for couples far apart.

Today I’ll be looking at some of the best long distance sex toys and helping you figure out the features you should look for.

Best Sex Toys for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

What are Long Distance Sex Toys?

The term long distance sex toys can be a bit confusing at first.

After all, what’s more in person than a sex toy?

Nowadays Bluetooth technology and the internet of things (IoT) make it possible to connect sexually with your partner no matter how far apart you are.

This emerging field is referred to as teledildonics and has several major players.

These Bluetooth and IoT enabled sex toys for couples come in a variety of forms:

They include everything from vibrators for women and men, male masturbators, and blowjob simulators.

What separates these from the rest of the toys on the market is their ability to be controlled remotely or connected to other toys.

Looking for a Female’s Perspective?

My colleague Katie has already covered the best women’s Bluetooth sex toys and remote controlled vibrators so I’ll focus here on toys for men.

However, most of my recommendations can be paired with a female toy so couples can enjoy at the same time.

Who Should Buy a Long Distance Sex Toy?

The easy answer is anyone in a long distance relationship, but it goes a bit deeper than that.

Many demanding careers require significant travel.

This is especially true for consultants, advisors, and contractors:

It’s not uncommon for many people to be away from home 4 or even 5 nights a week.

The key to making a long distance relationship work is to build trust and intimacy.

Playing together, sharing your bodies even when you’re apart, is one of the best ways to keep the flame alive even when you can’t be together physically.

Buying long distance sex toys lets you share intimacy with your partner whether you’re at different colleges, traveling for work, or living apart for a time.

If you want a way to involve your partner in sex and masturbation there are few better ways than a Bluetooth toy.

They can adjust the pattern and intensity of your toy while you do the same for theirs.

Anyone who regularly has to be apart from their significant other can benefit from these devices.

Things to Consider Before Buying So You Get Exactly What You Want

There are big differences between many of the manufacturers and toys on the market.

However, some features of the top products are similar and should be expected.

Paired Sex Toys for Couples or Individual Toys

The first question you should ask yourself is how you want to play.

In many cases being able to watch your partner brought to climax by a toy you’re controlling is enough.

Lots of guys are totally happy masturbating the old fashioned way while remotely controlling their partner’s vibrator or other toy.

Depending on what you’re looking for you can purchase either stand alone toys, paired toys, or two toys that can be controlled remotely but won’t play together.

Some options can pair male to female with male masturbators and vibrators, or male to male or female to female.

Review what kind of options you want before you make a purchase.

Features, Design and Portability

I’m a big fan of sex toys that look as nice as they play.

A discreet design with high-end touches always wins out over something gaudy and obvious.

If you’re travelling with male masturbators or automatic blowjob machines you want to consider their size and packability.

For people in more traditional long distance relationships make sure you check out how the toy actually works.

Figure out if you enjoy using a toy by yourself as well as with your partner.

After all, it doesn’t matter how incredible the connectivity features of a male sex toy are if it doesn’t actually get you off.

There are units that vibrate, grip, squeeze, and even provide actual thrusting action.

For each of those there’s some kind of motor or other moving part.

Do a bit of research to find out how well they last, how long they go between charges, and how loud they are.

Several otherwise awesome male sex toys are too loud to use anywhere but alone in a private home.

App Support

An often overlooked point with long distance adult toys is the quality of their app.

None of their fancy Bluetooth or connectivity features work without a functional app.

I highly recommend you download the app of any toy you’re considering.

Play around with it a bit, see if you like the layout and the way it works.

Some of the best apps will include features like:

  • Video Chatting.
  • Touch controls for different toys.
  • Links to paired porn and sites with compatible cam performers.

You should also navigate through it and feel out any potential bugs.

Even the best couples sex toys won’t do much for you if you’re constantly dealing with connectivity and app maintenance issues.

Ease of Use

You shouldn’t need a degree in robotics to use your and your partner’s toy.

Just about every toy in this category can be controlled by a phone or computer.

But when you’re trying to play together this isn’t always ideal:

The best models can control a partner’s toy with the controls right on your toy.

This lets you both focus on the pleasure you’re giving each other without the distraction of a phone control.

The same applies to the solo play.

Finding a toy without a steep learning curve lets you jump right in and enjoy yourself.


There’s no getting around this one:

These adult toys are a bit pricey.

You can expect to spend at least $100, and easily drop 2 or 3 times that amount.

Fortunately I’ve done all the research for you so you can be confident that you’re buying a quality toy.

The Best Long Distance Sex Toys

1. Kiiroo Titan

Kiiroo TITAN held in a woman's hand

The Titan is a vibration focused blowjob machine from Kiiroo.

It’s designed to provide pinpoint stimulation all up and down your penis.

Key features of the Titan include:

  • Fleshlight masturbation sleeve for maximum stimulation.
  • Touch sensitive controls for enhanced solo play.
  • 9 independently triggerable vibrators.
  • Pairable with phones, porn, and other Kiiroo toys.
  • Lithium Ion battery gives you 30-40 minutes of play on a single charge.
  • Blackout design makes it extremely discreet and portable.

The Kiiroo Titan is the toy for guys who really like intense vibrations on their penis.

It has 9 vibrators along the entire shaft and head of your penis that can be adjusted independently.

This lets you create custom sensations and intensity levels at different points on your penis.

You can also use the pre-programmed play settings to enjoy a controlled experience.

Like other Kiiroo products the Titan has a full range of Bluetooth connectivity features.

By connecting it to Kiiroo’s Feel Connect App you can control it with a phone, set it to run with porn, or pair it with a partner’s toy.

kiiroo titan and pearl2

Once you’re hooked up you can let your partner really run wild.

They can adjust the intensity, location, and pattern of the Titan.

You’ll probably still need to thrust it with your hand to finish but it does let you play much more intimately with your partner.

If you really like a vibration centered sex toy, the Kiiroo Titan may be the one for you.

Pairs with:

  • Titan
  • Fleshlight Launch
  • Onyx 2
  • OhMiBod Esca 2
  • OhMiBod Fuse
  • Pearl 2
  • Cliona

2. Max by Lovense

lovense max product box

The Max by Lovense is a blowjob machine that provides a gripping, sucking sensation that’s hard to match with other toys.

It uses several paired airbags that squeeze and suck on your penis.

Key features of the Max include:

  • Unique air pumped system.
  • Ultra soft internal sleeve.
  • Removable design for easy cleaning.
  • Pairable with Lovense’s other toys or phone control.
  • Lithium-ion battery provides rechargeable fun.

The Max by Lovense is a uniquely designed male masturbator that uses air pumps and compression bags to simulate the feel of a vagina.

The pump rapidly expands and contracts the inner sleeve around your penis.

With the right lube this can feel really interesting.

It’s not enough to cum from by itself but it does add a whole new sensation to your play.

The only problem with the Max is the noise of the motor:

It’s loud, like really, really loud.

I was able to hear it running from behind a closed door, so unless you’re home alone don’t break the Max out.

Many users found it very distracting unless they wore headphones or put earplugs in.

For long distance play you can connect it to the Lovense app.

It works on iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac.

This lets you pair your Max with a variety of devices for long distance play.

At the moment you can only connect the Max with Lovense’s Nora or another Max.

max and nora

You can give your partner remote control through the phone though.

Pairs with:

3. Fleshlight Launch by Kiiroo

Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo

The Launch was created through a partnership between Kiiroo and Fleshlight.

It combines a high-quality masturbator which Fleshlight is famous for, with a truly wild thrusting experience.

Key features of the Launch include:

  • Works with any Fleshlight brand pocket pussy.
  • Provides actual hands-free thrusting.
  • Bluetooth pairing available with phone control, VR porn, or a partner’s toy.
  • Up to 2 hours of play on a 6-8 hour charge.

I’ll cut to the chase, the Fleshlight Launch might be the best purpose-built male masturbator available.

The Launch itself acts as a kind of base for any Fleshlight product.

Once in place it actually moves them up and down on your penis at a variety of speeds and patterns.

It’s honestly wild to experience, as you can really give yourself over to your fantasy.

When paired with Kiiroo’s Feel Connect app it becomes capable of all kinds of fun play.

It pairs with a wide range of Kiiroo’s other products or can be controlled by your partner’s phone.

fleshlight launch and pearl 2

All this pleasure comes with a significant catch though:


The Launch is a really large toy.

It’s honestly closer to a small appliance than a regular sex toy.

It’s bulky and not portable at all.

Depending on your needs though this may not be as much of a problem.

It’s one of the only blowjob machines that can consistently finish you without the use of your hands.

Pairs with:

  • Titan
  • Fleshlight Launch
  • Onyx 2
  • OhMiBod Esca 2
  • OhMiBod Fuse
  • Pearl 2
  • Cliona

4. Lovense Hush

Lovense Hush

If anal play is more your speed the Lovense Hush is the long distance sex toy for you.

It’s a vibrating butt plug that can provide nice prostate stimulation.

Key features of the Lovense Hush include:

  • Made from soft and supple silicone.
  • Designed to stay comfortably in place for extended sessions.
  • Fully waterproof and USB rechargeable.
  • Contains a powerful vibrating motor.
  • Available in large or small size.
  • Can be paired with a phone and controlled from anywhere in the world.

The Lovense Hush is the first butt plug designed for long distance play.

By itself you’ve got an attractive looking little plug made from body safe silicone.

It has a flared base with a spiral neck designed to trap lube near your sphincter for easy removal.

The vibrator within can be triggered with your phone into multiple modes, patterns, and intensities.

While you can’t pair the Hush with other toys you can connect it to your phone and allow your partner to control it from anywhere in the world.

This lets them enhance your masturbation or give you a surprising pulse while out and about.

It’s a very kinky way to let your partner know you’re thinking about them even while apart.

The experience itself it great for men or women, though not specifically designed to target the prostate.

Read the full Hush review here.

5. Kiiroo Onyx 2

Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is an updated version of the company’s popular first generation Onyx.

It gives you one of the most unique masturbatory experiences plus a full range of connectivity options.

Key features of the Onyx 2 include:

  • 10 moving rings to simulate intercourse.
  • Capable of producing 140 different movements per minute.
  • Textured Fleshlight inner sleeve.
  • Full Bluetooth connectivity and toy pairing capabilities.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery runs for an hour on a full charge.
  • Available in a male/male or male/female couples set.

The Onyx 2 is one of the best male sex toys on the market.

It has an innovative system of 10 contracting rings that simulate the feel of a hot tight vagina or butt squeezing your penis.

These contract around a textured Fleshlight sleeve that grips and squeezes at your penis.

These rings can be controlled manually or set to run on various programs.

Even better, Kiiroo picked out the motor with great care.

It’s one of the quietest of any male sex toy I’ve reviewed.

It’s when you add in the Bluetooth connection to Kiiroo’s Feel Connect app that things really get special.

The Onyx 2 can be tethered to regular and VR porn or set to run with a paired device.

For couples in a long distance relationship this means you can give your partner control of your Onyx 2 while taking charge of their toy.

Pairs with:

  • Titan
  • Fleshlight Launch
  • Onyx 2
  • OhMiBod Esca 2
  • OhMiBod Fuse
  • Pearl 2
  • Cliona

You can find my in-depth review of the Kiiroo Onyx 2 here.

Final Thoughts and Overall Winner

sex toy set for couples from kiiroo

The Long distance sex toy market is still in its infancy.

The ones out now are incredible, and I’m seriously excited to see what they come out with in the next 5 or 6 years.

If you’re looking for the best long distance sex toy for men I’d have to choose the Kiiroo Onyx 2.

When combined with the Pearl 2, this becomes the best overall set for couples!

It combines a really nice solo experience with top of the line connectivity features.

The Launch certainly competes on actual sensation, but is too bulky to be practical for many situations.

The ability to pair the Onyx 2 with so many different male and female toys is what really puts it over the edge in my opinion.

Overall it’s a great sex toy with lots of really nice extras.

Check the price of the Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 Couples Set on the official website: www.Kiiroo.com