Let’s be honest, everybody likes to masturbate.

Sex is great, but there’s just something about totally focusing on your own pleasure and enjoying some me time.

What if I told you that there was a way to get many of the intense sensations that come from sex while still playing solo?

Gentleman, that day may be upon us.

The Fleshlight Launch by Kiiroo is an automatic blowjob machine, the only one currently on the market that offers real hands-free thrusting.

Today’s review will cover the features of the Fleshlight Launch, explain why it’s different from the competition, and help you figure out if it’s the right toy for you.

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The Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

Why You Should Try an Automatic Masturbation Toy

A question I hear a lot is why guys should bother with something like a Fleshlight or cocksleeve.

When you add in the cost of an automatic masturbation toy it can be even more mystifying to some.

Real answer?

It’s a next level way to enjoy some personal time.

Masturbating with your hand feels good.

Really good.

Masturbating with a high quality toy like the Fleshlight Launch turns things up to 11.

It creates an experience that comes a lot closer to the sensation of actual sex than you would expect.

They’re pricey, but you get a really nice toy for your money that’s made from quality materials.

They can be used for solo play, paired with porn or to spice up sex with a partner.

Automatic male sex toys are a whole lot of fun but they aren’t for everyone.

Probably the biggest objection people have is their cost.

Most quality automatic blowjob toys are going to run north of $200.

If you’re willing to invest in a quality toy though you’ll get a ton of enjoyment out of it for a long while.

The Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo: An Overview

Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo

The Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo is a collaborative project between Fleshlight and Kiiroo. It’s made up of two separate parts:

  • A motorized base receptacle.
  • A standard sized Fleshlight

The base is designed to accept any standard Fleshlight product and bring it to life while you play.

It’s capable of moving at up to 180 strokes per minute and can run in a variety of different patterns and intensities.

You can control the Launch with the touch sensors located on the body or connect it through bluetooth for long distance or autonomous play.

The Launch runs off of an internal lithium-ion battery capable of giving you 2 hours of play off a 6 to 9 hour charge.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Launch doesn’t come with a Fleshlight.

It adds a bit of expense to an already pricey product but does give you the ability to shake up the sensation whenever you like.


  • Most realistic thrusting action available in a male sex toy.
  • Made from highly durable and body safe PC ABS with silicone and chrome detailing.
  • Can be used with any standard Fleshlight product.
  • Includes full bluetooth connectivity features.


  • Definitely on the pricey side.
  • Larger and heavier than many similar automatic blowjob machines.
  • Goes through a lot of lube.
  • Doesn’t come with a Fleshlight sleeve.

Fleshlight Launch Key Features

The Fleshlight Launch is a well-built toy from a great manufacturer.

It has a lot of special features that put it a step above the competition.

Pairs With Any Fleshlight Product

Probably the most unique feature of the Launch is its ability to pair with any standard Fleshlight product.

Most automatic masturbators have an internal sleeve with possibly the option to buy a spare or two.

With the Launch you can use the bulk of Fleshlight’s vast range of toys, including:

  • Pink Lady
  • Stoya Destroya
  • Fleshlight Girls Series
  • and many more…

With such an extensive line of available products to interface with no two sessions with the Launch will feel the same.

They even offer a package specifically designed to help you build up your endurance:

The Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack.

The Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack includes one of Fleshlight’s signature stamina training toys.

These are designed to provide maximum stimulation to test your limits and train your endurance.

When combined with the Launch you get a truly intense sexual workout that will have you gasping in under a minute.

It’s a great way to build up your sexual stamina to really wow your partner the next time you see them.

Play On Your Own

When it comes right down to it any toy is only as good as the solo experience it provides.

The Fleshlight launch is quite possibly the most life like and intense automatic masturbator available for men.

There are a lot of options on the market these days but none can match the realistic thrusting action of the Launch.

Those Fleshlights we mentioned above?

They provide significant stimulation to your penis while the rhythmic thrusting action pushes you to the brink.

The Launch is designed to react instantly to the slightest touch.

There are touch sensitive sensors all along the body of the toy that allow you to control the speed and pattern of the thrusting action.

Figuring out the finer controls takes a little practice but once you’ve got it down all it takes is a twitch of your finger to bring on an intense orgasm.

Connected Options

Like many of Kiiroo’s other toys the Launch really shines when you turn on its Bluetooth connectivity features.

Setting the Launch up couldn’t be easier. Follow the steps in Kiiroo’s quick setup guide and you’ll be paired and ready in just a few minutes.

Once your Launch is connected to your phone you’re ready to get started with some intense play.

Start by checking out some of the interactive content available on Feelme.com, Pornhub.com or similar sites.

These include videos from some of your favorite pornstars with a preprogrammed play session.

It lets you experience everything that’s happening on your screen through the motions of the Launch.

Have a favorite cam model?

Connected Options
Image Source: Kiiroo.com

Many cam sites are now incorporating automatic and connected sex toys into their broadcasts.

Some just offer basic controls while others actually allow cam models to control your toy directly.

Many will actually pair your toy to the model’s connected toy and allow you to experience what they’re feeling.

It takes the interactivity of live cam modeling to a whole new level.

Making a long distance relationship work?

One of the most common reasons long distance relationships fail is lack of intimacy.

The Fleshlight Launch allows you and your partner to have a truly connected play session no matter how far apart you are.

You can start by giving them control of your Launch on their phone.

If you really want to spice things up have them get a similar bluetooth connected toy and link the two together.

This lets you each control the others toy and share an intimate moment while still thousands of miles apart.

Customer Reactions

Overall customer reactions to the Fleshlight Launch have been positive.

They praised the Launch for the intense and realistic stimulation it provides and for its advanced connectivity features.

Many loved the ability to immerse themselves totally in VR porn or experience real time stimulation with a cam model.

For people in a long-distance relationship the Launch’s pairing features were a godsend.

They loved being able to pair their Launch with their partner’s toy.

Some of the issues people frequently mentioned were related to the Launch’s size and weight.

There’s no getting around it:

The Launch is a big toy.

It weighs almost 4.5 lbs and is well over a foot long.

They also complained of the Launch burning through your lube quickly because of its high rate of speed.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely something to keep in mind.

Other Great Automatic Masturbators

Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Onyx 2 is another automatic blowjob machine from Kiiroo.

It relies on a series of contracting bands around a textured sleeve to simulate a variety of sexual acts.

Key features include:

  • 10 powerful contracting motor rings to simulate oral and vaginal sex.
  • Fleshlight Superskin sleeve for maximum stimulation.
  • Advanced connectivity features for enhanced pornography viewing or paired play.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to an hour of use.
  • Can be controlled manually or with pre programmed patterns.

The Onyx 2 is an advanced and compact automatic masturbator.

It combines latest generation robotics technology with a Fleshlight Superskin sleeve to give the best possible masturbation experience.

The Onyx 2 offers the same suite of connectivity features that the Launch does.

You can use it with VR porn, play with cam models or pair it with a partner’s toy wherever you find yourself.

It’s also discreetly designed and compact enough to travel with.

It might possibly be the best all around male masturbator in the world today.

In the end though if you’re just looking at stimulation and experience it loses out to the Fleshlight Launch.

The contracting beads of the Onyx 2 just can’t match up to the genuine thrusting motion of the Launch.

AutoBlow 2

AutoBlow 2

The AutoBlow 2 is an automatic male masturbator that uses a series of contracting beads in the same way the Kiiroo Onyx 2 does.

It has 5 arms that move up and down your penis within a textured sleeve to give the feeling of thrusting.

Key features of the Autoblow 2 include:

  • 5 beaded grasping arms that tease and stimulate your penis.
  • Plugs into the wall for limitless play sessions.
  • Made from sturdy and long lasting materials.
  • You can choose from several sleeve styles and intensity levels.

The Autoblow 2 is an improved version of the original Autoblow male masturbator.

It was redesigned to provide even more pleasure with 50% more gripping strength and more realistic movement patterns.

As far as solo play goes the Autoblow 2 is pretty close to a match for the Fleshlight Launch.

The moving beads do a great job simulating a pulsing vagina but can’t quite match the true thrusting motion of the Launch but it gives you a great set of sensations.

Where it starts to really lose out is with bluetooth and other connectivity features.

It doesn’t currently have any way to pair with computers, smartphones or other toys..

Overall the Autoblow 2 is a pretty good male masturbator but it just doesn’t compare to the Fleshlight Launch in true thrusting pleasure or connectivity features.

Final Thoughts

The Fleshlight Launch is a well-made and highly capable male sex toy.

It provides just about the best pure masturbatory experience available and offers consistent hands-free orgasms.

When you combine that top of the line stimulation with all the advanced connectivity and sharing features you wind up with a toy that’s really something else.

If you aren’t bothered by the large size and weight of the Launch it gives you a seriously intense amount of stimulation with a ton of extra features on top.

Check the price of the Fleshligh Launch on the official website: www.Kiiroo.com