So, you want to learn how to bring a woman to the height of pleasure.

To give her an experience she won’t soon forget.

Who wouldn’t like the sound of that?

With the right techniques, you can make a girl quirt, even if she never has before.

I’ll cover the psychological side of squirting, along with some key anatomical points, then specific moves to use.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know everything you need to know to give her earth-shattering, mind-blowing pleasure.

How to Make a Girl Squirt

What is Squirting?

Making a woman squirt is a huge goal for many men because it’s not all that common. Most women have never squirted and, as a result, believe they can’t.

Here’s the deal:

There’s a myth out there that some women can and others can’t, but that’s not true. The fact is that every female has the anatomy necessary for squirting.

And you can imagine how impressed a girl will be when you can make her do something she didn’t even believe possible.

When she squirts, it may be only a small amount of liquid at first. You may notice it as a more watery fluid than slippery vaginal lubrication.

Or it may spray out or come in larger quantities.

Do yourself a favor and try to get rid of your expectations of what squiring is supposed to be like.

The way it’s portrayed in porn is inaccurate and, oftentimes, faked.

Squirting and Orgasming are Not the Same

There’s a common misconception out there that squirting always happens at the same time as an orgasm. But the truth is that they don’t always occur at the same time.

Operating under mistaken assumptions can make it impossible to give your lover a squirting experiences. So, you’ll want to get the facts straight.

A woman may have an orgasm without squirting, or squirt without an orgasm. They do often happen at the same time, but not always.

Setting the Scene to Make Her Squirt

Making the setting as relaxing as possible will help you make your woman squirt.

Get rid of any clutter in the room, light some candles, and choose a sexy playlist.

Choose a time when you have a few spare hours and won’t be disturbed.

Before I cover the steps you need to take to prepare a woman to squirt, there are some basic preparations you should take:

Trimmed Nails, Clean Hands

Long fingernails near the vagina are always a no-go.

Trim and file your nails, and always make sure your hands are clean before you touch someone else’s genitals.

Shave Your Face

You’ll be going down on your lady during the process of making her squirt.

Shave your face or trim your beard to avoid any prickly discomfort for her.

Focus on Her Pleasure

Your mindset is also worth adjusting to create the best environment possible for her pleasure.

Be ready to focus on her for a while and to give her an experience to remember.

If you’re thinking about the bills you need to pay or a comment your co-worker made earlier, she’ll feel that you aren’t present.

Educate Yourself

Learning as much as you can about the topic of squirting is another way to make sure you’re prepared, so you’re off to a good start there!

The next step is the most important step of all:

Helping her feel at ease.

If your lady can’t relax enough to let go, she won’t be squirting.

Many women mistake the feeling of being about to squirt with needing to pee. They get afraid of peeing on their partner and will often pause the sexual act to go to the bathroom.

But, the pressure they’re feeling is from the fluid in the Skene’s gland. This gland fills up with fluid and causes squirting when stimulated the right way.

Have Her Pee Before Sex

One way for her to eliminate the concern of having to pee during sex is simply voiding her bladder beforehand.

Ask the woman you’ll be sleeping with to use the bathroom before any sexual activity. That way she can really relax during stimulation, which increases the odds she will squirt.

Help Her Relax

Anxiety can ruin sex in many ways and even block a girl from being able to squirt. You can help your lady get relaxed and in the mood for a full release.

Give her a long, sensual massage, share some wine together, and try to enjoy the moment.

Massage, although not inherently sexual, is one of the most important parts of getting a lady to squirt. It creates a slow buildup and can get her nice and aroused before any sexual activity starts.

You may want to use some massage oil to set the mood.

Be Patient

Your woman will be able to sense how you’re coming across, so try to be patient and loving towards her.

If she feels like you’re rushing to get to the “main event,” it might hold her back from relaxing enough to squirt.


Women are sensitive creatures who will respond to the vibe you’re creating.

Show her that you’re there to please her with a patient attitude and you’ll both have a great time.

Reassure Her

As mentioned, it’s common that a woman feels like she needs to urinate when she’s about to squirt. Reassure her ahead of time that this is normal and that she doesn’t need to worry about it.

Depending on how comfortable you are together, you can even tell her that a bit of urine isn’t going to gross you out in the heat of the moment.

If this is a major concern, you can move your activities to the shower to further ease her mind.

Focus on the Foreplay

Focus on the Foreplay

Foreplay is another essential component of making a girl squirt.

Many women find that when they do squirt, it’s after having a long foreplay session.

So, take your time with her. Focus a lot on kissing, cuddling, and showing affection. Take the time to rub and stimulate her breasts and nipples.

To get her ready to squirt, you need to have your lady melting in your arms, and completely relaxed.

Erogenous Zones

While you will end up focusing on vaginal stimulation, don’t forget to enjoy the journey on the way there!

Starting from her breasts, you can slowly start trailing down her body with your mouth, kissing as you go.

Don’t forget to pay attention to her body language cues. You should be clearly receiving signals that she wants you to continue before you proceed.

Clitoral Stimulation

Cunnilingus is a key part of making a woman squirt.


After you’ve slowly traced your way down to her pussy, focus on her clit while you stimulate other body parts (like her breasts) with your hands.

Always start applying very gentle pressure with your tongue and paying attention to how she reacts.

Every girl is different and what worked on your last girlfriend may not work on the person you’re with now. You can make small circles with your tongue or lick up and down.

The most important part is that you start soft and increase pressure slowly.

Check and make sure she’s nice and wet before you add any penetration with your fingers. If she isn’t, you can add some lube if she agrees that’s okay.


Many women are extra sensitive around the opening of the vagina or just inside it.

Instead of rushing to get your fingers inside her, take some time to stimulate this outer area a bit.

Check her reaction to see if she likes this, or just ask her if it feels good. You can then start fingering her, beginning with one finger and adding a second or third when she seems ready.

clitoral vibrator

At this point, you can continue stimulating her clit with your mouth, or use a clitoral vibrator.

If you can get her to have a clitoral orgasm (or two!) before trying to make her squirt, you’ll increase her chances of doing so.

Check out some of our top clitoral vibrator picks.

Focus on the G-Spot

Working the G-spot is an essential part of making a lady squirt.

That means you’ll need to exert pressure on the inside of her vagina.

You’ll feel the G-spot as a small spongy “button” when you insert your fingers and turn them upward, facing her belly.

What will work best for this stimulation will vary from girl to girl. Some swear by using one finger to make small circles on the G-spot, while others use a “come hither” motion.

As I mentioned with applying pressure to the clitoris, it’s best to start out gentle here and slowly escalate as it seems appropriate.

To make your job easier, you might consider getting some G-spot stimulating toys.

Check out our favorite G-spot stimulators here.

Maintaining Rhythm

While still maintaining stimulation to her clit and G-spot at the same time, you can gently begin making faster motions.

Create a rhythmic, repetitive motion, as this is the best way to create an orgasm (and squirting).

You’ll be able to tell that she’s nearing climax by her breathing and movements. When she starts squirming or breathing sharply, it’s a sign she’s close.


A common mistake many guys make is to vary their technique when they notice their partner showing these signs.

It’s understandable that you get excited and want to rock her world even more.

But when she’s writhing with delight and breathing sharply, that’s a sign to continue doing the same thing, not to change your technique.

Keep going with the stimulation of both her clitoris and G-spot and she may be squirting in no time.

The Suction Technique

Another technique that may bring your lady to orgasm is the G-spot suction technique.

To perform this, insert your fingers into her pussy and apply pressure to her G-spot.

Then, cover her vagina with your mouth and create a suction effect by sucking, while continuing the G-spot stimulation.

The idea is to stimulate her G-spot and make it swell. The swelling will then press against the Skene’s gland to release the fluid within and create a squirting effect.

Make sure you do this move when she’s already extremely aroused.

Again, all women are different so you may need to try out a few techniques before you get it right.

Best Sex Positions for Squirting

The Best Sex Positions for Squirting

Sex is another potential way to make your lady squirt. But you’ll need to use the right positions to get her there.

Legs Over Shoulders

Have your woman lie on her back with a pillow under her hips.

When you enter her, try to use shallow strokes to stimulate her G-spot.

If she’s not flexible enough to put her legs up straight like this, you can have her bend her knees slightly to make it more comfortable.

Doggy Style

This classic position is popular for a reason:

It’s great for stimulating the G-spot during sex.

Doggy style also gives you the benefit of being able to easily access her breasts or reach around and stimulate her clit while you penetrate her.

On the Belly

Another good position for G-spot stimulation is with the woman on her stomach and you behind her.

This is a good position for women who enjoy stimulating their own clitoris during penetration.

All of these positions can potentially cause your girl to squirt, or to have a squirting orgasm.

Note that she’s likelier to squirt if you stimulate her clit, so you may want to use a clitoral stimulator toy during sex to help with that.

Multiple Squirts Per Session

After your girl has squirted once, it will be easier for her to do it again in the same session.

This is similar to her being able to orgasm easier once she’s already had one.

Instead of seeing the squirt as the finish line, try to see it as one of the many interesting pit stops during your sexual journey.

Taking this approach makes it likelier that she’ll squirt several times, instead of just once.

It May Not Happen Immediately

Keep in mind that, although all woman have the necessary equipment to squirt, it won’t happen right away for all of them.

If she’s never ejaculated before, it may take even longer.

One major barrier to squirting for women is simply believing they can’t. It may take some time for her to believe otherwise.

Be patient and try to enjoy the journey instead of being too obsessed with the destination.

Once she does squirt, knowing she’s able to will increase the odds that it happens again and again. So, don’t worry, your patience will pay off!

Are Toys Absolutely Necessary?

While it’s possible for some women to squirt just from stimulation or sex, using a toy makes it much, much easier.

The truth is:

Not every man has the right shaped penis for the G-spot stimulation needed to make a girl ejaculate.

g spot vibrator

In addition, a clitoral stimulator designed specifically to pleasure her is likelier to send her over the edge.

The same applies to a G-spot toy specifically designed to hit the right spot on many different women.

If you have tons of patience, you can get her there without a toy. However, if you want to save some time and make her squirt faster, toys are your friend.

See our top sex toys for women here.

Consider Anal Stimulation

Anal play isn’t for everyone, but if your girl is into the idea, it can be a great factor to introduce in the bedroom.

Here’s the deal:

Sexual release (via squirting or orgasming) is a very mental ordeal for women. They need to be both relaxed and super turned on.

The novelty of introducing the anal element can be enough to send some women over the edge and into a squirting release.

You can add anal stimulation by using a lubed-up fingertip or a butt plug. A small beginner butt plug is best for her if she’s new to anal play.

Edging Your Partner

Some people might like to prolong their partner’s pleasure by bringing her close to squirting, then toning down the stimulation.

You can do this multiple times per session, pleasuring her but avoiding giving her a release. Then finally, once you bring her to the edge of orgasm, keep going until she climaxes.

Some couples find that this technique is a good way to induce squirting.

The Importance of Communication

Intimacy for women is largely mental and emotional.

She must feel comfortable with herself and safe with you to be relaxed enough to squirt.

One way to encourage this feeling of comfort is to communicate with her before, during, and after sexual acts. After your encounter, ask her what she liked best and what she didn’t like.

All women are different, so instead of guessing, you can get a straight answer for how to please her by simply asking.

Don’t feel bad about asking questions. You’re not a mind reader!

Frequently Asked Squirting Questions

You may still have some questions about squirting that I haven’t covered yet.

Here are some common questions on the topic:

Q: Is it true that female ejaculate is really pee?

A: A common misconception out there is that when a woman squirts, she’s voiding her bladder. But this belief is just that, a misconception.

For a while, experts believed that women who squirted during stimulation had incontinence problems. But scientists used ultrasound technology to find the Skene’s gland and changed this belief.

This gland is close to the G-spot and holds the fluid that is expelled when a woman squirts. It’s not the same as urine.

Q: How can I make it likelier for a girl to squirt?

A: One of the most important factors that affects a woman’s ability to squirt most is how safe she feels with the man she’s with.

Being respectful and creating a safe space will make her likelier to squirt. Also keep in mind that some factors are out of your control, such as how comfortable she feels with her own sexuality.

Remember that you’ll probably need to practice and try out different techniques before it happens. If it takes a while, don’t lose faith.

Q: Why is massage such an important part of squirting?

A: I mentioned earlier that massage helps a lot with setting the stage for squirting.

The main obstacle for women who believe they can’t squirt is feeling anxious. They might be worried about peeing on their partner, insecure about their body, or otherwise stressed out.

Massage helps ease her into a more relaxed state of mind and increases pleasure for her, increasing the odds that she’ll ejaculate.

For women, sex is a full-body experience. Focus on her entire body and not just her sexual organs to create the right environment for squirting.

Q: Can my partner squirt more than once in a single session?

A: One of the ways that women differ from men sexually is that they don’t need as much (or any) recovery time between orgasms or squirting.

But if your partner hasn’t squirted before, don’t expect them to do so multiple times in one session. While it’s certainly possible, it’s quite unlikely.

Your partner can learn to squirt multiple times in one session as she gets more comfortable and accustomed to the feeling.

It also takes some time to distinguish between the feeling of needing to urinate versus being about to squirt. Remember to be patient, because rushing her won’t do any good!

Q: Can I have sex with my partner after she squirts?

A: As long as she’s ready and willing, there’s no reason you can’t have vaginal intercourse after your partner squirts.

In fact, she may be even more sensitive to pleasure and orgasms after she has already squirted once. Some women also squirt during sex.

If she would like to improve the quantity and quality of her orgasms and squirting, she can look into pelvic floor exercises.

Q: My woman isn’t squirting. What’s wrong?

A: There are several reasons why your partner may not have squirted yet.
She may not wish to squirt and see it as something embarrassing.

Alternatively, she might have trouble getting past the barrier of the urge to urinate. It may be that she’s not familiar with her body and needs to explore more on her own before squirting is possible.

If the woman is worried about something unrelated, that can also make it impossible to squirt. Make sure you plan for a time without stress or distractions to try to make her squirt.

Remember that it’s not always something you’re doing wrong, and female sexuality can be complicated. The best way to work through these barriers is to communicate openly.

Check that squirting is something she wants to do and is comfortable with before you try to make it happen.

Squirting Aftercare

Squirting is a very intense experience and your partner is likely to need some gentle aftercare once she’s done.

Bring her some water, cuddle with her, and talk about the experience. Ask her what you can improve on next time, so you can continue pleasing her regularly.

After she’s already squirted once, the floodgates have been opened, so to speak.

She now knows that squirting is possible, which means it can happen more and more.