Hitting Refresh on a Relationship: Fun Date Ideas

Even the happiest and healthiest of relationships hit a little slump every once in a while. You love spending time with your partner, and you are not unhappy, but a little change would be welcome. With work and the general stresses of life, your relationship gets put on hold and you fall into comfortable routines. If you need  change and are out of ideas, try some of these easy, fun, and interesting date ideas to relieve your relationship slump.

Get Outside

Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to involve a week-long camping trip in the summer. Start small, in your local area. Take a weekend morning and head to a local trail-head, state park, nature reserve, or even a nice part of town. Bring a packed picnic (bonus points for packing it together!), plenty of water, and a book.

While you’re outside, take time to walk slowly, hold hands, enjoy your surroundings, and relax. Spending time together out of your natural habitat will take you away from the stresses and demands of daily life. Take the time to enjoy each other’s company and have pleasant conversations beyond “how was your day?” and “what happened at work?”. When you find a scenic spot to rest, enjoy your lunch and have some quiet reading time. Let nature be the perfect setting for a relaxing date.

Stay Inside

No one ever said you have to leave the house to have a nice, romantic date. A little effort and out of the box thinking can make any night in a remarkable experience. Stepping out of your comfort zone does not necessarily require stepping out of the house!

Choose a movie together and make some popcorn, open a bottle of wine, and settle in under a pile of blankets. Choose a new board game or video game to play together. Make dinner together, either from your own groceries or a meal prep delivery service. Anything out of the norm can turn your home into the perfect date venue, making work nights into date nights. This is the perfect option to fit into busy work schedules.

A Bookstore Date

Reading quietly together is an intimate, relaxing date all on its own. Take it a step further, and bring your date to the book store! Take a trip to your local book store, and split up. Take time choosing books for each other. Taking some time away from your partner and considering their interests will have you both waiting to meet up at the register.

Take your choices to a cafe or a park and start reading. See how well your partner knows your tastes and interests. Take the time to enjoy a quiet afternoon with your partner, and the time to enjoy a new book you might not have picked yourself. A few chapters in, you two will have new books to discuss and a fun bonding experience that can fit into a pleasant weekend afternoon, or even a weekday after work.

Work it Out

Dinner dates are always nice, but try the opposite and burn some calories together! Exercising together is a great bonding activity, and a healthy way to fit fun and intimacy into an active routine. On your lunch break, after work, or on a weekend morning – a joint workout date can fit anywhere around a busy schedule. You don’t even need a gym membership! Head to a local park, or stay in your own living room. You will both have fun strengthening your bodies and your relationship.

Take it to the next level and get yourselves out of your fitness comfort zone. Sign up for a 5K run together, a charity walk-a-thon, partner yoga, or a fitness boot camp. Spending time together and developing healthy, active habits as a couple can be more romantic than it seems!

Explore Your City

No matter if you have lived in the same town for ten years or you just moved to a new place, there is always something new to explore. Take some time to be tourists in your own area. You don’t have to plan a weekend getaway to experience something fun and new! Playing tourist in your own town can bring you out of your ‘dinner and a movie’ comfort zone, and you might find new experiences you would like to repeat.

Look up your community calendar of events. There might be something happening you have never heard of before, or something you have meant to try for years but never found the time. In the Summer, you can find street festivals, county fairs, and fun outdoor activities. Does your tow host movies or plays in the park, or community block parties? Take the time to enjoy a tour of the city, a bar crawl, or a museum. Finding new ways to enjoy familiar territory will keep your relationship strong and fun.

If you are feeling repetitive or bored in your dating routine, try stepping out of your comfort zone with some of these easy date ideas. Finding time to be creative and romantic around a busy schedule of school, work, and family can seem daunting, but with a few simple changes, you can transform your relationship today!

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