Lots of women out there avoid sex, making excuses and putting it off.

No matter what they do, they can’t seem to find the spark. And when they do finally have sex, it’s lackluster, leading to anxiety or guilt.

If you find that you’re just not that into having sex anymore, don’t worry.

You aren’t alone in this and there’s a viable solution that will help you enjoy intimacy again.

Fortunately, sexual enhancement supplements are a good solution for this.

We’ll cover what to consider with this type of product, one of the best options available, and alternatives to look into.

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HerSolution Review

Things Women Should Consider Before Buying Sexual Enhancement Supplements

Every woman should have an exciting sex life full of intense sensations and crescendos of pleasure on a regular basis. This isn’t something that has to fade with age.

For some, traumatic events in the past have made it harder to enjoy sex. From stress to hormonal issues, it’s hard to get excited sometimes. And when you fall out of the habit of intimacy, you lose the urge altogether.


Most people have heard of male enhancement supplements, but not as many know that you can find similar products as a woman.

Female sexual enhancement supplements can increase your desire for sex, intensify sensations, increase lubrication, and more.

With help from natural libido enhancers, you’ll achieve regular, mind-blowing orgasms again.

Many pills in this category can also help with menopause and PMS symptoms. If you suffer from intense mood swings or hot flashes, trying a sexual enhancement supplement may help.

If you aren’t interested in taking a sexual enhancement supplement but want help with dryness and decreased sensation, you can find lubricants to help with these issues. We will cover one of your options for lubricant later on.

What is HerSolution?

HerSolution is a sexual enhancement supplement for women that helps with low libido and restores your pleasure and sexual desire.

Whether your lowered libido is the result of hormones or stress, these supplements can help.

HerSolution uses potent ingredients including aphrodisiacs, herbals, and other nutrients to restore the spark to your desire.

For many women, a low libido is the result of mental strain. However, having a super busy schedule can make it hard to get adequate rest and nutrition, which also contributes to the problem.

Or you may simply find yourself overwhelmed by the hormonal changes resulting from post pregnancy, menopause, or menstruation. In other words, having less sexual desire can result from many different areas.

HerSolution delivers a simple solution in the form of supplements that are natural and safe to take every day. They will help you get more balance sexually and encourage more desire and satisfaction from sex.


  • More sensitivity in genital region
  • Can help boost women’s libido
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Natural, safe ingredients
  • Increases energy levels


  • Website doesn’t state the contents’ dosage level
  • A bit expensive

The Features That Will Make You Love Sex Again

Features That Will Make You Love Sex Again

Millions of women make up excuses to avoid sex and don’t enjoy it when they finally do have it. This kind of arrangement isn’t ideal for anyone involved.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about whether you’re pleasing your husband anymore.

HerSolution contains strong, natural herbs that help stimulate your sex drive and pump up your desire. These sexual enhancement supplements are manufactured by Leading Edge Health under the HerSolution Brand.

Among the benefits you can expect from taking HerSolution are lighter, more regular periods, fewer hot flashes, and increased energy.

Customers also report experiencing less irritability and more pleasurable orgasms. Some women have even experienced their first orgasm ever after beginning HerSolution.

All of these benefits are achieved with a natural formula. Let’s look at some of the active ingredients used in these innovative supplements.

HerSolution Ingredients

HerSolution Ingredients
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This supplement uses niacin, a crucial compound for achieving optimal cardiovascular health. It may also lower cholesterol in the body.

The formula also includes Mucuna Pruriens, a bean grown in tropical areas that counteracts anxiety. This ingredient is also considered an aphrodisiac since it increases cardiovascular flow.

HerSolution includes hops on its ingredients list which helps with sexual and menstrual issues like cramps and dryness. It also reduces anxiety levels.

Other ingredients include gingko biloba which improves circulation, and horny goat weed which boosts libido. This formula could be a good option for women who are uneasy about synthetic chemicals.

How to Take HerSolution

To experience the full advantages, take a single supplement daily. It will take time for your body to adjust to the pills, so give it about 60 days to start working fully.

These pills can naturally correct stress-induced, nutritional, and hormonal imbalances and make you feel young again. No more forcing yourself to have sex out of obligation.

If you upgrade to at least a 2-month supply, you’ll get a tube of HerSolution lubricant. This will increase sensitivity and ease vaginal dryness, leading to even greater satisfaction in bed.

Is This Supplement Safe?

HerSolution uses an herbal formula to increase relaxation and enjoyment during sex. Unless you’re allergic to one of the ingredients, it should be 100 percent safe and free from side effects.

Always follow manufacturer recommendations when taking HerSolution. If you’re currently taking medication for hypertension, consult your doctor before starting these supplements.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

The amount of time it takes to see results will vary from woman to woman. For some it takes 30 days to notice major benefits, while others feel changes within just a week of beginning supplementation.

Women report improvements such as an increase in sexual desire, increased fantasies, faster arousal, intense sensations, and more.

Keep in mind that the ingredients in HerSolution help your body restore its balance after hormonal problems, nutritional deficits, stress, and other issues.

So, it will take some time to see the full advantages of regular supplementation.

For this reason, HerSolution manufacturer recommends giving the product a try for at least 60 days before deciding whether to continue. This is when they suggest that you’ll see the most noticeable results.


One box includes 30 pills (one month’s worth) for $59.95. If you upgrade to a 2-month supply (the Gold package priced at $89.95), you’ll get a price break and a free tube of HerSolution gel.

If you get a 3-month supply of HerSolution (aka the Platinum package for $129.95), you’ll receive HerSolution gel along with your supplements.

A 6-month supply of HerSolution (the Diamond package priced at $219.95) also includes the lubricant.

Social Proof

Users report that HerSolution works well for putting you in the mood and helping older women regain their libido.

Some say that it takes about a month to notice affects and that they can be spontaneous with sexual encounters again.

One customer mentioned that HerSolution helped her regain her sex drive after having a hysterectomy. Overall, women of all ages can benefit from trying it out for various sexual issues.

Where to Buy HerSolution

When you’re buying sexual enhancement products, it’s always best to go straight to the manufacturer. This will ensure that you get the best quality and that you can take advantage of bulk discounts.

Also, when you buy from the HerSolution website, you’ll get a free gift of HerSolution gel (by purchasing a 2-month supply or more).

Go to the official site to learn more: HerSolution.com

What is HerSolution

Alternatives to HerSolution

If HerSolution doesn’t sound like the right option for you, but you’d still like to enjoy the benefits of sexual enhancement products, keep reading.

Below, we’ll cover a couple different alternatives you can consider to restore your sexual function and make sex better.



Provestra is another reliable sexual enhancement supplement for women. This proprietary formula is made of top-notch aphrodisiacs, nutrients, and quality herbs.

Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to help the reproductive system in general and balance your hormones.

The supplements target hormonal change resulting from menopause, post-pregnancy, menstruation, stress, poor diet, and more. Each of these issues contributes to exhaustion and makes us less likely to want sex.

Provestra was created to naturally, gently, restore your body’s natural balance.

Customers report noticing results from Provestra within a week, such as faster lubrication, more intense sensations, and full body arousal.

They also mention more frequent sexual fantasies and a noticeable increase in their appetite for sex.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Increases your libido and passion
  • Gives you more frequent orgasms
  • Heightens sensitivity and enjoyment

Learn more about Provestra and see if it’s right for you.



If you’re encountering sexual dysfunction but you’d rather try a lubricant than supplements, Vigorelle might be the right option for you. Dryness is a common issue for women around menopause.

Here’s the deal:

Vigorelle provides a pleasantly silky texture and a cooling tingle sensation to encourage natural lubrication and speed up arousal. With this intensified excitement, you may experience a renewed interest in sex.

If you’ve had trouble reaching climax in the past, it’s easy to fear that could never change. Some women may worry that they’ll be stuck with a dissatisfying sex life forever.

This lubricant could be a viable solution for you. Vigorelle will help you reach orgasms like never before, so you can get rid of those worries.

  • Made without perfume-like scent
  • Provides heightened sensation
  • Soft and smooth consistency
  • More satisfying orgasms
  • Uses natural ingredients

Check out Vigorelle and see if it’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

Ready to Enjoy Sex Again?

There are tons of women who struggle with low sexual desire and a lack of enjoyment in bed. You may feel guilty about this or worried that you’re not satisfying your husband.

Sexual enhancement pills can help this issue by restoring your libido and enhancing pleasure during sex. A good sexual enhancement supplement for women should be natural, easy to use, and affordable.

HerSolution is a good option that uses herbs and important nutrients to give you back the spark you’ve been missing.

From intensified orgasms to quicker full body arousal, these supplements are easy to add to your routine. You’ll also get discounts for buying in bulk.

Note that the manufacturer recommends trying the formula for at least 60 days to receive the full benefits.

Find out if HerSolution is the answer to your problems.