Help the Anxiety and Depression Association of America Raise Awareness

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is a great resource for mental health disorder myth-busting and self-empowerment. It presents a great overview of common myths about anxiety disorders versus reality. It also features personal stories of individuals who have overcome their anxiety and depressive. Take a look at the wealth of resources available on the site and begin sharpening your knowledge about mental health.

ADAA is nonprofit organization with a robust website, dedicated to improving life for children and adults with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and related disorders.

As one way to raise anxiety awareness, ADAA has partnered with Pura Vida Bracelets to create unique bracelets. Crafted by artisans in Costa Rica, each bracelet is unique and supports sustainable jobs with your purchase. $1 of the proceeds goes to support ADAA, check them out!

Another partnership is with Angela & Roi, which donates $5.00 to ADAA for the purchase of each green tote, cross-body, and shoulder bag purchased. Help support awareness and treatment of anxiety and depression.

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