How to Get Your Whole Family on Board with Healthier Habits

Making lifestyle changes is so much easier when more people in your household are involved. Doing things together makes them much easier and more enjoyable. You may be wanting to get healthier but wondering how to get your family interested and involved. The best approach to this is using positive psychology and leading by example.

Always start with yourself. Don’t try and get your family to do healthy things you don’t even do yourself. That will not be very motivational. Get yourself healthier little by little. Throw in an extra workout here and there, get yourself to bed on time, make time to read or meditate, see a counselor or coach, cook yourself some healthy homemade food. Do explain to your family what you are doing and why, but don’t force it on them. If they see the good results you are starting to get from your new habits, that will be motivation enough.

If you can find some simple ways to make it easier for your family to be healthier, do help them out. Maybe you can stock the fridge with healthy snacks, or meal prep for the whole family. Maybe you can find the time to pack everyone a healthy lunch. If some of your family members are too busy to take some time for themselves, you can help them by getting some chores or errands done for them while they go and have a workout. Knowing that you are being supportive will make your family members more likely to make their wellbeing a priority. You will be showing them that you care about them, not just telling them what to do.

Educate yourself and your family about health and fitness. Knowledge is power. If you see a good exercise or cooking class that you think your family members might enjoy, ask them if they would like to join you for the class. It can be a wonderful activity to share. Get some books and other resources on healthy eating and lifestyle and leave them out on your coffee table. Introduce your family to your favorite resources and they might get interested in learning more. Knowing more about staying healthy can help you and your family not only how to get healthy, but why they should care about being healthy in the first place.

Always acknowledge the efforts you see your family members making. They may not be perfect, but you might notice them making small changes. Encourage those bits of effort and keep them motivated to keep going. That is the power of positive psychology. Try not to sound like you’re disapproving of their fitness level or telling them they are out of shape and they should be better. That will just hurt their self-esteem and discourage them from even trying.

When you want your family to get healthier with you, lead by example, encourage and educate them. With some patience, you will see them come around to so some new healthy habits along with you!

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