In April of 2011 a fantasy series premiered that captured millions of viewers across the globe.

Game of Thrones (GoT) was a gorgeous epic that went beyond sandals and sorcery to the realm of swords and sex. Not to mention the show boasted one of the most beautiful casts to ever grace many a television screen.

Though GoT held obvious parallels to some of the most famous and well-loved fantasy sagas of all time, it stood out very clearly as a series for adults.

To anyone who enjoyed this genre of role playing in the bedroom, it added a new dimension to countless sex lives thanks to elaborate bare as you dare costumes and GoT-themed toys.

Our Pick:

Game of Moans by Geeky Sex Toys

Geeky Sex Toys deserves a place of honor for its appropriately named Game of Moans line of dildos themed after this groundbreaking series.

Game of Moans by Geeky Sex Toys
Game of Thrones Sex Toys

No matter what your GoT-inspired fantasy might be you are sure to find a perfect match in one of these beautifully-detailed sex toys.

Unlike some companies that manufacturer cheap knock-offs that venture into cheesy and are barely based on specific subject matter, Geeky Sex Toys has made it their mission to not only address the stigma surrounding these items but to create toys that are as visually pleasing as they are physically.

As the company wants you to take pride in your toys one can see they take pride in creating them.

Defining a Dildo

There is a difference between a dildo and a vibrator.

Contrary to some belief a vibrator is not a buzzing dildo.

Vibrators are usually extremely firm and they have specific designs to accompany their specific purpose.

They lack the characteristic versatility and flexibility of dildos since they are made of materials designed to amplify and carry vibrations. Don’t get me wrong, vibrators are amazing sex toys but they are an entirely different animal.

Dildos come in a huge array of shapes, colors, sizes, and firmnesses.

They can be extremely flexible or barely bend plus they can appear identical to a human penis or possess only a phallic shape with otherworldly details. They are great choices for the entire gambit of sex toy users ranging from an exploratory novice all the way to those who have used hundreds of toys over the course of decades.

A dildo is equally satisfying for solo or couple’s play as they can be used orally, anally, or vaginally. When using these items for vaginal or anal play there is one ground rule for all users:

Lube, lube lube!!!

This will heighten sensations and make penetration much smoother. Use a good-quality water-based lube to extend the life of your toys and keep in mind the higher-grade ones feel remarkably like silicone.

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Using a Dildo

There are countless ways to use a dildo but it does take a little practice to achieve maximum satisfaction with this toy.

When it comes to vaginal use you definitely want to warm up first for better orgasms.

This can be done by manual masturbation, foreplay with a partner, reading/watching erotica (or porn), taking a bath/shower, or any combination of these.

Once you are stimulated lube up (this will turn you on even more) and explore your body to find out which techniques deliver the most intense orgasm. You can penetrate using long and deep strokes or short, shallow ones to find out what is best for your body. Don’t overlook a mix of these techniques as this can feel amazing.

So can “rocking” the dildo when it is inside of you, but you will need a toy with a certain degree of flexibility to achieve this.

The rocking technique entails moving a dildo back at forth at an angle so the tip applies pressure to the posterior wall. If you want to focus on your G-spot, drag the tip of the dildo across the G-spot as you pull it outward then push it against the top of your vagina as you slide it back inside.

To achieve this you will need a toy with a specific curve for G-spot stimulation and one that is rather rigid.

With that, let me introduce you to some exceptional products for practicing these techniques:


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One of the most important plot lines in GoT involved dragons and a princess who rode these flying weapons into battle.

While this alone is the basis for some seriously sexy role play it also highlights one of the most popular genres of sex toy: The dragon dildo.

Drodong (a nod to Drogon) is a gorgeous, dark metallic red toy that promises to redefine the term “dragonrider”. You do not command it, it commands you.

Drodong is made of 100% body safe silicone with a soft/medium firmness and is entirely waterproof. The dildo has an overall length of 8.5” with 7.5” insertable, a circumference of 6” at the widest point of the shaft, and a circumference of 3.75” at the tip.

Drodong is beautifully detailed to deliver a myriad of intense sensations. The shaft is sculpted to emulate powerful muscles covered with a blend of scales and deep ridges.

With one side being entirely covered with raised scales this allows for textural sensation when the dildo is used for penetration. The sharply pointed teeth at the base do an epic job of tickling just the right spots (especially the clitoris) but the sharply tapered head is a star in itself.

The unique shape offers intense clitoral and G-spot stimulation, especially when focused pressure is applied to the G-spot during thrusts. With its artistry and multiple layers of orgasmic bliss Drodong is a must for any toy collection.


  • A truly beautiful and unique sex toy.
  • Versatile for different types of satisfaction.
  • Soft/medium firmness lets you experiment with techniques to maximize design features.


  • At $85 it is expensive (and worth every penny).
  • This beast is on the large size and might be a bit much for beginners.
  • No suction cup for hands-free use.

The Night Kink

The Night Kink
Image Source:

The Night King becomes all kink with this one of a kind dildo.

A limited edition item with a production run of only 350 pieces, the Night Kink is a traditionally-shaped phallus of icy blue.

Yet when you turn the lights out, this nocturnal warrior glows the same electric hue as the eyes of the White Walkers. This royal dildo is made of 100% silicone and is waterproof so you can warm up even the coldest of water. The overall length is 7.25” with a circumference of 5” and a soft/medium firmness.

This toy has a smooth, rounded head but the highlight of texturing is on its shaft. The length of the phallus is covered with intricately raised ridges. Where these might look like veins on a traditional dildo these ribs closely mimic rounded icicles and are found on the entire shaft for an intense massaging sensation.

While the Night Kink is beautiful in the light it takes on an entirely different appearance in the dark, adding a new element to sex play.

You might cower at the sight of the a Walker approaching you, you will welcome the sight of this blue glow as it comes closer in the dark. Being a limited edition that is almost two items in one and with its incredible massaging effect the Night Kink is truly royalty among sex toys.


  • The glow in the dark feature adds new dimension to play.
  • Overall texture provides intense internal sensation.


  • At $85 this toy is on the pricier side.
  • Only 350 of these will be manufactured and sold.

Long Shaft

Long Shaft
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You will want to wield Long Shaft the way GoT heroes wielded Longclaw.

This is not just a dildo but a dildo sword every bit as epic as the weapon it is based upon. By epic, I mean the level of orgasm you will achieve with this blade as it is designed for two ways of use rather than one.

The blade and hilt give this toy an overall length of 11.5” with 6.5” insertable and a circumference of 4”. Even with its hard acrylic core this firm dildo still feels squishy while being solid and is comprised of a 100% silicone blade with a body-safe resin hilt.

Let’s take a closer look at the multiple possibilities of Long Shaft. True to its name, the phallic-shaped blade is 6’ of pure pleasure with its sculpted head and fine, raised spiral ribs. The silvery gray color of this weapon is reminiscent of a priceless Valyrian steel blade.

While this portion of the toy might be subtle in its detailing the hilt is nothing short of lavish while promising amazing penetration and pleasure.

You will feel an intense sensation as the detailed wolf’s head slips inside followed by the dramatic ribbing on the hilt itself. The nose on the wolf’s head allows for incredible targeted stimulation while the prominent texturing on the hilt ripples against your vaginal wall. These features and what they provide will probably make Long Shaft your weapon of choice when it comes to pleasure.


  • Unique design lets you use the blade and the hilt for sex play.
  • The hilt allows for precise control of the blade.


  • An expensive price of $150-currently on sale for $110.
  • The hilt is very firm and more solid than flexible.

The Winner of the Game

Game of Moans by Geeky Sex Toys

Of these three products the one that wins the Iron Throne is Drodong.

A dildo is meant to provide a customizable experience for each individual user as needs differ. These sex toys should provide internal and external pleasure with one use technique being flexing to discover which angles deliver optimal satisfaction.

Drodong meets all of these factors as the sculpted head provides targeted clitoral and G-spot stimulation while the scaled, muscular shaft offers intense internal sensation amplified by the sharp teeth at the base tickling exterior areas.

Drodong is truly a fantasy dildo boasting some of the most beautiful design details I have ever seen on a sex toy. Regardless of whether or not you are a GoT fan, this dildo will make you feel like you are flying.