Fun Family Activities for the Winter

Winter break is rapidly approaching! The kids will be home from school and maybe mom and dad will even get a day off. Here are some inexpensive (or free!) ways that the family can spend time together this winter.

Take a family ski or snowboarding lesson

If you live near a mountain or somewhere that snows, call up your local ski resort to schedule a lesson with an instructor for the family. Just make sure you practice a few times before you hit the black diamond!

Paint in the snow

Snow painting is a fun and easy craft for the creative kids. Fill empty squeeze bottles with water. Add food coloring to the water to create the color desired. Go outside and squeeze the bottle to draw in the snow and create some fun designs.

Build a fort and have a movie marathon

Not a fan of the cold? Build a blanket fort in the living room with plenty of pillows and big enough for everyone. Make hot cocoa, cuddle up inside the fort and put on a favorite holiday movie for some warm quality time.

Go snowshoeing

Rent or buy snowshoes from your neighborhood sporting goods store and take a hike through a wooded area or around your neighborhood. This is great exercise and a new, fun way to enjoy the outdoors.


The need for volunteers does not go away in the winter. Give back this holiday season by collecting clothing items to take to a homeless shelter, helping out at the animal shelter, shoveling an elderly neighbor’s sidewalk or serving food at a local soup kitchen.

Look at holiday lights and decorations

This is a great family tradition and a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit! Bake some cookies, hop in the car (wearing pajamas is an option), put on holiday music, and drive around neighborhoods to admire the lights and decorations that people have put up!

Make your own bird-feeders

The winter is a hard time for birds to find food. Help them out with this DIY bird-feeder for even the least crafty of people. Take natural pine cones and cover them with peanut butter. Then, roll them in bird seed so the seeds stick to the peanut butter. Tie a piece of string on the top and hang it from a tree near a window and watch the birds enjoy their delicious treat!

Find a winter festival

Many town and cities decorate for the holidays or have fun, holiday activities going on. Explore a new part of the city while enjoying the decorations, seek out a winter festival, take a carriage ride, or find a Christmas market to walk through.

Make a gingerbread house

Buy (or bake!) gingerbread cookies in the shapes needed to build a house. Use the frosting as glue to hold the walls up. Take turns using candies to decorate the house to look festive! (Pro tip: tootsie rolls make excellent “fire logs” and waffle cones used upside down can be decorated to look like evergreen trees.)

Take a walk in the snow

Last, but not least, take a walk in the snow as a family! Don’t forget to bundle up. It’s a great time to have fun together, get exercise, and cure your cabin fever. Your dog would love to come, too! This is also a great time to take some fun family photos.

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