Have you ever wished that you had a perfect replica of one of your partner’s most prized parts?

Whether it was a short term lover you split with years ago, or your current significant other who is away a lot, they might have had a fabulous appendage you want to keep close to you.

I think a lot of us have run into that situation before, and now there’s something that will provide us with a solution.

It will also let you enjoy some very unique arts and crafts time.

What I’m referring to is the Clone A Willy Kit.

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, and yes it does what it describes.

If you and your partner are looking to create a clone of his amazing penis, then this kit is for you.

Clone A Willy How to Make Your Own Dildo

This is a Pretty Fun Time

In all honesty, this project might be as exciting for him as it is for you, creating a very intimate yet fun experience.

It can add something new to routines that have become a little dull and definitely spice up a Saturday night.

Just keep in mind this kit does require a good bit of time and effort from both participants, so patience is key.

If you are up for a little adventure and long to literally have a piece of your man there when he isn’t, this is the item for you.

Is seems to be especially popular with people whose partner travels a lot, is in the military, or in one reviewer’s case, her husband was suffering from prostate cancer and they were unsure of how much longer he would be able to perform sexually.

Or maybe you just have a hot hookup you are ready to cut ties with but wish you could keep just one part of him.

No matter which of these situations you might fall into, the Clone A Willy Kit creates a sexy solution.

Inside the Box

Clone A Willy product display

The Clone A Willy Kit comes in ten different colors including a variety of natural flesh tones all the way to neon purple and even glow in the dark.

After all, who said the colors had to match? You might think your guy’s penis would look awesome in hot pink!

When you buy one of these kits, the box will contain instructions, molding powder, a stir stick, thermometer, beaker, the clear silicone rubber base, and colored silicone rubber catalyst.

To make your toy even more fun, a vibrator is included to give your personalized dildo a buzz.

The cylindrical tube the kit comes in will double as the housing for the penis mold itself.

You will need to supply scissors, a marker, tape, a measuring cup, mixing bowl, timer, spatula, cardboard, and an AA battery if you plan on using the vibrator.

It kinda feels like a bit of a science project, but where else are you going to get a perfect copy of your man’s member?

As I mentioned before, this is going to take time and effort.

Please make sure both of you are completely comfortable with this and please read the directions about three times before you begin.

If either of you are bad with directions this might not be a good option as precision is critical.

This is also a very physical process (for him), be ready to stop at any time. As you are having him put a very important piece into a mold full of goop, trust between partners is paramount in this endeavour.


  • You get a custom mold of your partner’s penis.
  • It’s a new way to spend time together.


  • Messy and time consuming.
  • Could take several tries.

How to Make Your Own Dildo (Clone Your Willy)

According to Empire’s how-to page, you will have your personalized toy in just five steps:

  • Mix
  • Pour
  • Mold
  • Insert (if using the vibrator)
  • Enjoy

In reality, creating a custom dildo required a much more complicated process.

The first thing you need to know is that it is much easier to do this with a partner than solo.

You will need towels, likely plastic sheeting or a garbage bag (sexy!), something to wipe off with, and be sure you are standing on an easy to clean surface. Do not attempt this on carpet!

Both of you should read the directions several times so you are familiar with the entire process. Even if this turns out to be more frustrating than pleasurable, be patient with each other and just roll with it.

This could even turn out to be a great exercise for your relationship and one of your favorite stories.

When you are ready to start, align his erect penis along the plastic cylinder with the closed end against his pelvis.

Measure where he stops and draw a line then cut the tube an inch or two over the line.

The goal is for him to insert the full length of his penis into the tube/mold. Providing a little extra room is a very good idea.

After cutting the tube, place tape around the edge as it will be directly against his body.

Now it’s time to mix the molding powder.

You will need 1¾ cup of 90-degree water (hello thermometer and measuring cup) to mix in to the powder.

Place the water in a bowl, start a timer, pour in the powder, and start mixing but do not stir for more than sixty seconds.

From the time you begin mixing the powder, it must be poured into the tube then be on the penis within two minutes. You heard that right, two minutes.

Try to make this your own private sport otherwise the timing can be stressful.

It’s usually at the 90 second mark when the tube is ready to be placed.

The easiest way to do this, and without losing the plaster, is to angle the tube while putting it on the penis and making sure the end is pressed against his body.

If he is touching the side of the mold give the tube a turn or two to make sure you get the optimal shape (not bendy) and be sure you are taking steps for him to keep his erection.

After a few moments, tap the mold to make sure the plaster has set before removing it.

Ask your man to pull out slowly so you both can determine if the mold has completely set. This step can be very tricky, so I would definitely buy a few extra packs of mold powder to have on hand.

You are done with the most difficult phase of cloning, now it’s time for the fun part.

After removing the mold, let it set for at least two hours.

While this is the minimum recommended by the amusing Empire instructional video, other sites have let their molds sit for four hours.

Honestly, I would give it the longer amount of time, especially if you have a good mold.

Check to see if water forms in the tube, which can simply be poured out in case this happens.

When the mold has completely set, mix the two silicones together in a disposable bowl or container and stir for at least two minutes. You want these to be combined as well as possible into one homogenous mixture.

Check for any water in the mold again and pour it out before pouring the silicone in. The mixture will be extremely thick and “goopy”, so you will definitely want to use a spatula to get everything out of the bowl.

If you are going to use the vibrator, cut a small “X” in the center of a piece of cardboard then push the vibrator through the cardboard until just the screw cap comes out of the end. And remember the battery!

Another very important tip:

If you are going to use the vibrator do not fill the mold to the top with silicone.

You will need space for the vibrator (about an inch or so) otherwise the silicone will go everywhere and make a spectacular mess.

When you do insert the vibrator, make sure it is as centered as possible and make sure the cardboard sits directly in the edge of the mold. Wait 24 hours then remove your prize.

Now it’s time for the final step:


The Results

Reviews of the Clone A Willy Kit are not only favorable but contain modifications to the instructions that some couples had great luck with.

Across the board, couples also seem to have great fun with this item.

There are mentions of it being messy and needing to closely follow the directions, but the results seem to be worth it.

There is consistent mention of how lifelike the finished toys are, including one woman commenting on how the kit captured the curve of her husband’s penis which hits her G-spot while toys never could.

The Clone A Willy is especially popular with people whose partner travels frequently or is in the military.

A couple dealing with the husband’s prostate cancer created a “5 star clone” and will soon be molding another.

Closing Thoughts

I cannot, in good consciousness, recommend any alternatives to this product due to safety issues.

As leading sites carry just this product and no other penis cloning kits, one has piece of mind that they are getting a body-safe item.

The materials that come in the package are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and made of a silicone-like compound that does not contain rubber (latex).

With that, rest assured you are getting a high-grade, completely customized toy that is free of allergens.

Clone A Willy in purple

The kit will also give you a truly unique experience with your partner and a very sexy memento.

If he is gone a lot but you always need a part of him with you, the Clone A Willy Kit is your solution.

Even if you are in a casual relationship where one benefit outweighs all the others, you can keep that fabulous appendage long after bidding farewell to its owner.

Or, if you are just looking to have some fun, this kit will not disappoint.

If you’re ready to sculpt a clone of your man’s equipment, just head over to Adam & Eve or Lovehoney.

After all, who said science projects had to be boring?

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