Call to Support the Enactment of the New Jersey Telemedicine Bill

New Jersey Telemedicine Bill No. S291/652/1954/A1464, was approved yesterday unanimously 73-0 by the Assembly, and 38-0 by the Senate. We commend the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly for recognizing the growth of telemedicine and for taking steps to define standards of appropriate telemedicine in state law. This is good news, but we’re not quite there yet!

Governor Chris Christie (R) has 45 days, or until the New Jersey Senate meets to act. We call on all New Jersey residents, licensed-providers, organizations and stakeholders to join us in reaching out to Governor Christie to show support for this important bill.

The bill will authorize health care providers, including nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers and any other providers acting within the scope of a valid license in the state of New Jersey, to deliver health care services via telemedicine. The bill also acknowledges the establishment and legitimacy of provider-patient relationships through the use of telemedicine.

It is now up to Governor Christie to ensure the bill is signed into effect so they can benefit the lives of countless residents of New Jersey.

According to the American Telemedicine Association, New Jersey is one of the last states without an official definition or regulations specifically addressing telemedicine. We applaud all those who supported the critically important bill, for their hard work and dedication to advancing telemedicine in the state of New Jersey. Telemedicine programs improve access to medical services and have been implemented across the nation to ease the pain-points currently stressing the health care system. These programs effectively utilize provider and consumer time by enabling care and assessment to happen via videoconferencing. New Jersey is already home to many successful telemedicine programs and with the bill, telemedicine can continue to grow.

How Can You Help? 

Join us in reaching out to Governor Christie to show support for this important bill. You can find the contact information for Governor Christie’s office here. Please take the time to call or send a letter or email using this template.

Together, we can bring better care to New Jersey residents. 

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