Have you ever been to a fair and gotten on a zero-gravity machine?

You know, the spinning structure with three circles and a person strapped inside that simulates weightlessness. It has gone from an astronaut training tool to a popular carnival ride, and if you dare step up, you almost feel like you are floating.

Now imagine that amazing sense of zero-gravity while having sex.

It’s entirely possible thanks to the amazing invention that is the sex swing.

Our Pick:

Fetish Fantasy Swing

Our experts have chosen this 360-degree swing as the top choice. It’s a premium product but it offers the best overall experience in our opinion.

Fetish Fantasy Swing
The Best Sex Swings and Stands

What is a Sex Swing?

Remember the swing sets on the playground or in your back yard that brought immeasurable joy?

Imagine a grown-up version of those swings that bring an entirely new sense of delight, and you will likely picture a sex swing.

These slings (another term for the item) are actually a type of harness which facilitate sex between one person on the swing and a partner who moves about freely.

While sex swings do vary in design, the basic concept is a support for the back, butt, stirrups for each leg, and something to grip with the hands be it a bar, straps (part of the harness), or loops on the harness.

Though a popular item in BDSM, sex swings can be enjoyed by anyone as they mimic a sense of floating, thus heighten sexual pleasure.

The experience is very similar to sensory deprivation due to the increased intensity of sensation.

Swings also allow partners to enjoy a wide array of otherwise near-impossible positions.

How to Use a Sex Swing

Sex swings hold a passive (receptor) partner in either a laying or sitting position.

Both designs allow the person’s hips to be flexed and provide access to the genitals, perineum, derriere, and anal areas.

The design of these swings fully support and take weight off the body which delivers the sense of weightlessness.

The passive partner sits in the sling and leans/lays against the back support while the stirrups support the legs at the ankles or calves. There is no need for arm support so the person can allow their arms to hang free or hold on to a part of the overall harness.

Some devices do have separate straps with optional loops to allow for gripping and swing attachments are available that allow one to put their legs very high in the air. For women this is a fantastic option for intense G-spot stimulation.

Once positioned in a sex swing the partner’s erogenous zones are completely exposed for effortless vaginal, anal, and/or oral sex.

The purpose of these products is to make play more exciting and create freedom of movement.

How to Hang a Sex Swing

These can be installed in a door frame, on walls, suspended from the ceiling, or hung from a specialized frame.

Please note it is crucial that your device is properly set up to avoid serious injury.

Swings hanging from frames can get a bit more expensive, those hanging from the ceiling must be correctly installed, and door-mounted swings can cost you some movement. So there are pros and cons of the various types.

If you have any concerns or limitations in how to hang your swing, this will be a factor when you are choosing a product. If you are willing and able to modify your home, you have the option of hanging swings.

Now you need to consider if a hanging swing will support your weight(s) and if you can install it in a location that will allow enough room for unrestricted use.

If you want the swing to spin (most people do) you will need a single attachment point. If you cannot modify your home and have limited space you should consider a doorframe-mounted swing or one that hangs from a specially-designed stand.

The benefit of these are the ability to quickly take them down and not having to worry about the swing inadvertently detaching and bringing down a chunk of your celling with it.

Stand and door swings can also be used in common areas of your home since they can be packed up as quickly as they are to set up. While door sex swings restrict movement, stand swings allow for full motion including spinning and leaning back.

The Best Sex Swing Positions

One of the many benefits of using these products are the dozens of positions they allow you to enjoy.

As you discover more of these positions, there are some classic ones that are great options for trying out your new swing.

The tried and true missionary position gets a total revamp with a swing thanks to the freedom of movement and effortless penetration.

Rear-entry sex (vaginal or anal) is intensified since the standing partner can war the receptor’s legs around their waist.

Swings allow for deeper penetration that also hit just the right spots.

Oral sex on swings is reason alone to invest in one:

When a man sits in/on the swing to receive oral, the swinging movement mimics thrust which intensifies sensation. This reduces the amount of work their partner needs to do since the motion of the swing does this in itself.

Swings also allow those performing oral sex to sit while doing so which takes strain off the neck. For a woman receiving oral sex in a swing, her clitoris and G-spot are much more accessible, plus the motion of the swing can provide irresistible tongue teasing.

The partner performing oral sex can also sit for greater comfort and once more, neck pain is not a barrier to pleasure.

Now let’s talk about a few different items so you can decide which one is the best option for you.

The Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

Fetish Fantasy Swing

If you have limited space, a limited budget, or can’t engage in a construction project, look no further than the Fetish Fantasy Door Swing.

This over-the-door swing installs with secure fittings and can double as workout equipment which saves you very personal explanations.

This swing is fully adjustable for an array of heights and it can support up to 300 lbs. Two stirrups provide support for your feet, ankles, knees, or legs while the handles provide leverage and support.

Users describe the nylon and neoprene construction as comfortable and the swing is as pleasurable for penetration as it is for oral sex. If you’re ready to turn your door into a sex toy, this swing is available at online.


  • Great reviews.
  • Comfortable for a wide array of heights and weights.
  • Excellent price point!


  • Limited movement due to only upright positions.
  • Can be tricky to adjust.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Sex Swing

man and women using a sex swing

If space and price aren’t an object, the Fetish Spinning Swing lives up to its name.

This fully mobile, 360-degree swing brings out your inner porn star and lets you have sex like never before.

This swing truly delivers a zero-gravity sensation and lets you move into positions that would make Cirque de Soleil acrobats envious.

You can mount this swing from the ceiling or a stand to spin and swing at the same time. The padded straps and leg stirrups provide support for your back, rear, neck, and legs for optimal comfort as the swing carries the full weight of your body.

If you truly want to live out your wildest fantasies, this spinning swing is something to consider.


  • Supports up to 350 lbs.
  • Fully rotational.
  • Made from industrial-strength nylon.


  • Requires more in-depth installation.
  • A swing stand adds extra expense.

The Purple Reins Sex Sling

The Purple Reins Sex Sling

If you are looking fore more of a full-body, hammock-type swing you might want to consider the Purple Reins Sex Sling.

This uber-comfortable sling is fully adjustable and allows the receptor to fully recline for added relaxation.

The incredibly strong nylon straps are attached to a durable support frame ideal for adding restraints which can be connected to a ceiling or swing stand. The sling is generously padded plus features stirrups and hand loops. It can support an array of heights and weights ranging from petite to plus and the sling’s design makes it very easy to use.

If you are interested in more of a sexy hammock than a swing, the Purple Reins is a good choice.


  • Very comfortable & supportive.
  • Good for full-bodied users.
  • Great user reviews.


  • A bit expensive.

The Right Stand

The Right Stand

Ceiling-mounted sex swings can also be suspended from a frame.

If you can’t install the mounting hooks directly in the ceiling but want the benefits of a fully spinning swing, you might want to invest in a swing stand.

Something that is important to keep in mind is to choose a stand that is sturdy, can accommodate the swing you have chosen, and will fit in your home or space you want to set it up.

My suggestion is the Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand since it can be used with any of the Fetish Fantasy brand swings.

This stand is strong, stable, can support up to 400 lbs., and features “bondage loops” to connect a customized mix of restraints, cuffs, and ties for even more erotic play.

The heavy-duty overhead bars provide additional leverage for greater balance in the swing or as a bondage brace when you decide not to use your swing.

This stand can be assembled/disassembled in 10 minutes and easily folded away for discreet storage.

If you want maximum motion but can’t mount your swing from the ceiling, I highly recommend ordering this stand.


  • Very strong and sturdy.
  • Quick set up and break down.
  • Can be used as a swing stand or bondage frame.


  • A higher price tag.
  • Takes up a lot of space.

Last Thoughts

Swings are designed to enhance sex with a sensation of weightlessness and allow partners to move into positions they never dared to try.

If you want to fully experience the benefits of a swing, and you have ample space with no budget concerns, purchase the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing.

You will have full range of spinning and swinging to enjoy zero-gravity sensory deprivation for truly out of this world sex.

If you can’t attach the swing to your ceiling invest in a stand. There are other items out there that don’t cost a lot so you will likely be able to find one that fits more closely to your budget.

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life or get even more creative in your bedroom adventures, look no further than one of these items!