Have you ever wondered what having a bigger penis would feel like?

I know I’ve thought about it and I’d bet it’s crossed the mind of most guys at one point or another.

What if I told you there was a safe and medically tested device you could use to experience a bigger penis?

It sounds crazy on the face of it, but penis pumps actually do provide men with larger, harder erections.

Here’s a list of 5 of the best penis pumps for men on the market, plus a basic guide for how to choose one that fits you perfectly.

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Our Pick:

Bathmate HydroXtreme

Our experts have chosen this option because it has the best technology and produces the best results by far.

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The Quick Extender Pro System
The Top 5 Penis Pumps

What are Penis Pumps Actually For?

penis pump held in a hand

Penis pumps were originally used as a medical device to help with erectile dysfunction (ED). They create a vacuum effect surrounding the penis.

This causes the tissue to expand and draw in blood, causing an erection. They can provide excellent results for men with mild to moderate ED.

As an added benefit they have none of the side effects associated with ED medications.

More recently lots of companies have come out with recreational penis pumps. These are designed to provide men with larger, longer erections.

Some manufacturers even claim that they can increase the actual size of your penis when used over time.

The Basics

Every penis pump on the market today has three main components:

  • The Base
  • The Cylinder
  • The Pump

The Base

The base of a penis pump is a skin tight ring that you insert your penis into. It creates the vacuum seal that allows the pump to work.

When picking out a penis pump make sure you check the materials used in the base.

This is the only part of the pump that actually touches your body.

I recommend you go for a hypoallergenic and easy to clean material such as silicone.

The Cylinder

The cylinder of a penis pump makes up the majority of its body.

They’re usually transparent or smoked in appearance and made from materials like polycarbonate.

If you’re using a properly sized penis pump this shouldn’t ever touch your penis.

If you frequently find yourself bumping against the glass you should probably move up a size.

The Pump

The pump is what actually makes the magic happen.

By pumping out air or water it allows a vacuum to be formed around your penis.

It can be either a manual pump ball or a small electric pump that automatically creates a specified vacuum pressure.

Many hydraulic pumps use a neat little bellows system. This allows you to create a vacuum just by pushing the pump towards you.

Penis Rings

Though not an essential part of a penis pump, penis rings are often used alongside them.

They go around the base of the penis and help restrict the flow of blood.

When combined with a penis pump they help you prevent your erection from going soft.

They’re very commonly put on just after pumping your penis and can extend the experience.

Word of warning though:

Never wear a penis ring for more than 30 minutes.

Doing so creates a priapism like state and can threaten the health and wellbeing of your penis.

Take my advice, just don’t risk it.

What Makes a Good Penis Pump?

What Makes a Good Penis Pump?

There are dozens of penis pump manufacturers making hundreds of different products.

Picking out a winner from among the losers can seem a bit overwhelming.

For most sex toys my basic advice is always the same:

Find a well known manufacturer and buy a highly reviewed product from them.

This way even if you don’t get the exact fit or style you were looking for you won’t end up with a lemon of a product or some cheap knock off.

Here I’ll go through a few of the most important factors to consider when picking your penis pump.

Water or Air Pumped

Believe it or not the best penis pumps don’t actually create an airtight vacuum. That honor goes to water-based pumps.

These pumps are designed to be filled with water before you insert your penis.

Once the seal is formed you press downwards on the cylinder, forcing water out.

This creates a natural and gentle vacuum and prevents you from over-pressurizing the system.

Air-based pumps on the other hand require you to use either an electronic or handball pump.

It can take a lot of pumping to actually form a useful vacuum.

Manual vs. Automatic

Automatic and hand ball pumps are available for air vacuum models.

Because of their unique design hydraulic penis pumps don’t require additional pumping.

There are fewer automatic models available but those who’ve tried them tend to swear by them.

They make the whole process much easier and are comparable to the simplicity of a water-based penis pump.

Some people have reported difficulty getting up to full pressure with some automatic pumps.

They can be great for getting the first burst of air out then switching to hand pumping for the final suction.

Size and Fit

This one’s really important.

Before you buy a penis pump you have to know the right size to get.

If you’ve never used a penis pump before it’s a good idea to measure your penis. That way you can get the best size for your needs.

As a plus, you’ll have a baseline length to see how effectively your penis pump is working.

Most top penis pumps will be sold with their intended use size listed either in the name or on the package.

Make sure you take both length and girth into account:

You definitely don’t want to find out you’re too thick to comfortably use a pump while inside it.

The Best Penis Pumps for Men

Here’s a list of the top 5 selling pumps this year:

  1. HydroXtreme Series
  2. Max Results Pump
  3. Bathmate Hydro Series
  4. Get Hard Automatic Penis Pump
  5. HydroMax Series

1. HydroXtreme Series

HydroXtreme Series

I decided to jump into this review hard, pun intended.

The HydroXtreme series of water pumps are some of the most in demand penis pumps on the market today.

They combine top of the line features with precision manufacturing and high end finishes.

Important features to keep in mind with the HydroXtreme’s are:

  • Uses Bathmate’s innovative bellows system to create a vacuum.
  • Includes hand ball pump to increase vacuum as desired.
  • Available in 5, 7, 9, and 11 inch varieties.
  • Comes with a stealthy carry case and a full care kit.
  • Accommodates men up to 11 inches long and 8 inches in girth.
  • Clear cylinder includes guide to measure your penis and see your results.

The HydroXtreme is the top product in Bathmate’s line of water pumps. It combines the features of all their other pumps into one top of the line penis pump.

Getting started is incredibly easy. You just fill the cylinder with water and insert your penis. Once a seal is formed you push gently back into your body to force water out and increase the pressure.

The bellow pump system allows you to quickly and easily reach the recommended vacuum.

If you prefer you can also use the included hand ball pump instead.

Be careful though, while it’s more difficult to over-pressurize a water pump it is possible.

2. Max Results Pump

Max Results Pump

If you prefer an air-based penis pump to a water one you’ll likely be facing a few hand cramps before you ever create a vacuum.

Not so with the Max Results Pump. It uses an innovative finger pull pump design that takes the pressure off your hand and puts it on your penis where it belongs.

Key features include:

  • Master grip finger pull air pump.
  • 9.25 inches long and 2.25 inches wide.
  • Flanged silicone seal for maximum comfort.
  • Includes a top mounted quick release valve, just in case.

One of the biggest flaws with traditional air-based penis pumps is the time it takes to achieve a vacuum.

The Max Results blows right past this using its Master Grip finger pull design. It’s easy on the hand and allows for faster pumping overall.

The ultra soft silicone ring forms a tight yet comfortable seal.

If you aren’t perfectly comfortable just add some water-based lube onto your penis before you begin.

3. Bathmate Hydro Series

Bathmate Hydro Series

If you want to ease into penis pumping the original Hydro pump is an excellent choice.

It provides you with excellent pressure without all the extra steps and effort.

Key features include:

  • Easy pump bellows system to quickly reach desired pressure.
  • Quick-release valve lets you remove pressure at any time.
  • Water based suction allows more comfort than a traditional air-based pump.
  • Fits men up to 7 inches long and 6.5 inches in girth.

If you want to try out a water-based penis pump but aren’t ready to spend a lot, the Hydro 7 is a great place to start.

As the world’s first hydraulic penis pump it has many of the high end touches of Bathmate’s other products at a fraction of the cost.

The simple to use design lets you start pumping in minutes.

When used regularly over time many men have reported permanently increased length and girth.

4. Get Hard Automatic Penis Pump

Get Hard Automatic Penis Pump

The Get Hard automatic penis pump is one of those products you don’t know you need until you try it.

It allows you to effortlessly pump up your penis with a single push of a button.

Important features to keep in mind:

  • Automatic pump pressures the cylinder at 3 different speeds.
  • Flanged silicone base provides comfortable yet strong seal.
  • Quick-release button allows you to equalize the pressure instantly.
  • Imperial and metric chart on the side allows you to track your gains over time.

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this penis pump.

Once I actually played around with it though I was very pleasantly surprised. The automatic pump is easy to use and creates a pressurized seal in seconds.

Once you figure out what speed you want the vacuum to increase at you can sit back and relax.

No one likes to tire out their hands pumping up their penis before the main event.

If you really want to maximize your comfort be sure to slather yourself with a water-based lube before getting started.

Trust me, it really helps.

5. HydroMax Series

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump

If you’ve already reached the limit of the Bathmate Hydro but aren’t quite ready for the HydroXtreme check out the HydroMax.

It allows for more generously endowed men to enjoy all the benefits of a high-quality penis pump.

Important features of the HydroMax are:

  • 35% more powerful than the Hydro7.
  • Easy pump bellows design.
  • Imperial and metric measurement gauge to track your progress.
  • Swivel bellow allows any penis shape to benefit from regular pumping.
  • Available in blue, clear, or red.

The HydroMax takes the Hydro7 to the next level. It’s built to amplify and enhance all the benefits of that excellent hydraulic penis pump.

You can use the HydroMax in either the bath or the shower. Once filled with water you simply press the cylinder back against your body and let the bellows do the work for you.

When you’ve completed your session you can instantly drop the built up pressure with the quick release valve.

What to Take Away From This Report

Penis pumps are fairly unique among adult products for men. They’re based on medical devices and provide documented benefits.

Pleasure plays in to how they’re used but it’s fairly easy to make an objective choice on the best penis pumps on the market.

If you really want an air-based pump you should go with the Max Results Pump.

It’s made from high-quality materials and its Master Grip finger pull pumping system is honestly brilliant.

Any other air-based pump will have your fingers cramping up half the time.

For my overall pick there was only ever one choice:

The HydroXtreme series of hydraulic penis pumps are undoubtedly the best available today.

They’re extremely well made, use the latest technology available, and perform exactly as advertised.

They’re expensive sure, but they’re worth every penny in my mind.