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You realized your nipples should no longer be neglected!

You’ve likely involved your nipples in foreplay, and discovered how good it felt, right?

So, what if you can have your nipples stimulated continuously, and to a more extreme level?

Well, you won’t believe you’ve waited this long to look into nipple clamps.

You’ve likely heard of nipple clamps before, but I bet you aren’t aware of the many different types available.

So, lucky for you, I’m going to fill you in on the only 7 nipple clamps you should be reviewing.

But before I do that, I know you probably have lots of questions. So, I’ll be answering all those first.


Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

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Rose Gold Nipple Clamps
Top 7 Nipple Clamps for Woman

What Exactly are Nipple Clamps?

The name basically gives it away.

These are clamps you attach to one, or both, nipples.

Some of them provide some extra features, but I’ll talk more about that later.

Nipples are an incredible erogenous zone, one which is too often forgotten.

Clamps provide additional stimulation, therefore taking your arousal to a whole different level.

A lot of people find nipple clamping added to clitoral and/or G-spot stimulation is what throws them over the top into a totally fantastic orgasm. And incredibly, some women can actually orgasm from nipple stimulation alone!

What Does it Feel Like to Wear Them?

There are a huge variety of these products you can get, so your sensations can and will vary depending on what type you choose, and how you choose to use them.

You can usually find ones to give you sensations ranging from extremely gentle to quite intense.

How Do People Use Them?

How Do People Use Nipple Clamps

Some people wear their clamps around continuously, under their clothing, to feel constantly aroused.

Added in during sex play, either solo or with a partner, these can take sexual pleasure to incredible heights.

So, the next time you’re using your wand massager or rabbit vibrator add in some nipple clamps for an extra wow feeling.

Some people use them for kinky BDSM play with partners. This usually involves some level of pain, which your partner controls.

Clamping and releasing the nipples draws blood to the area and often creates an even more intense situation than simply leaving them on.

So, basically experiment to see what works best for you, and your partner. Let your pleasure lead the way!

Do Men Buy Nipple Clamps?

Men buy these all the time!

Nipple stimulation is not just for women, men enjoy the feeling of nipple play as well, and clamps can boost their sexual pleasure to incredible levels.

And it’s often a huge turn on for men to see women wearing nipple clamps, either during sex play, or knowing they have them on under their clothes.

So, yes men are often the ones buying the clamps, both for themselves, and for their partners.

Other Things to Consider

These are fairly easy to use, but they can take a little bit to get used to.

They can feel a bit unnatural at first, so just experiment with the pressure, and work up slowly to wearing them for longer periods of time.

You’ll probably want to play with them by yourself the first few times, even if you plan to use them with a partner, because you’ll want to first learn what you like and what you don’t.

And although many people enjoy wearing a pair for extended periods of time to experience ongoing stimulation, it’s best not to wear them too long, especially in the same position.

Try to take them off, or at least vary up the position every so often. And remove them immediately if you feel any excess pain or numbness.

Now, on to my recommendations:

The Best Nipple Clamps You Can Buy

1. Lovehoney Tease Me Silicone Tip Adjustable Clamps

Tease Me Silicone Tip Adjustable Clamps

These are a fantastic option for users who are new to this form of stimulation, or for those who only enjoy a small amount of sensation.

The silicone tips offer a bit more of a gentle pitch, and best of all they are adjustable so you can totally control the amount of clamp you get.


  • These clamps are beautiful and simply designed.
  • They are fantastic for beginners, or those who only like a small amount of pleasure.
  • They have silicone tips for more comfortable wear.
  • They are adjustable so you are in total control of your pressure.


  • Some users find these a wee bit too basic.

2. Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

These are adjustable and are great for all levels of users, from beginner to advanced.

The stunning chain which attaches these clamps to each other adds a beautiful rose gold touch to your chest which will turn your partner on, and has the added benefit of adding a little bit of weight to the clamps, either by simply letting it hang, or by gently tugging on it during play.


  • The beautiful chain adds an extra sexy touch.
  • The chain acts as a weight to increase sensations.
  • The clamps are comfortable and adjustable.
  • These are a great option for beginners as well as more advanced users.


  • Some users wish they were a bit more weighted.

3. Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Tease Vibrating Clamps

Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Tease Vibrating Nipple Clamps

This slightly weighted option feesl great, and it comes with a little something extra.

They contain small vibrators!

That’s right, get the sensation of clamping at the same time as a slight vibration.

And the small bullet vibrators are removable so you can use them to buzz against other extra sensitive parts of your body.


  • These contain small vibrator bullets.
  • The vibrator bullets can be easily removed to use on other parts.
  • The vibrator bullets are very easy to turn on and off.
  • The clamps themselves are just the right level of pressure.


  • These clamps probably aren’t the best choice for beginners.

4. Twisted Triplet Clit & Nipple Sucker Set

Twisted Triplets Clit and Nipple Sucker Set

These nipple stimulators aren’t exactly clamps, they’re basically suction cups for your nipples.

And they are incredible!

Plus, you get 3 in a set, which means one for each nipple, and one for your clit.

Hit all your pleasure spots at the same time with this sucker set.


  • You can manually control the level of stimulation with these suction cups.
  • You get a bonus sucker to use on your clit.
  • These are great for new users right up to more experienced users.


  • Some people find these suckers a wee bit bulky.
  • It can take a few tries to get the hang of getting the suction levels right.

5. Bell Nipple Clamps

Bell Nipple Clamps

These tweezer style nipple clamps are adjustable so you can get exactly the amount of stimulation you desire.

And, that’s not all!

There are bells attached to these nipple clamps.

That’s right, do a sexy dance and ring those bells, or let your partner know where you are when you walk into a dark room.

Now that’s hot!


  • These clamps are adjustable.
  • These clamps are perfect for all levels of users.
  • The bells add an extra sexy touch for more fun.


  • Some users wish these clamps were a bit heavier.

6. Nipple Play Nipple Teasers

Nipple Play Nipple Teasers

These hot pink clamps are nicely adjustable so they are ideal for new users, as well as people who are already used these toys.

It’s also pretty amazing that these come with a vibrating feature.

That’s right, they have a few different vibration settings, all easily controlled with an attached remote.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, these clamps heat up slightly as they vibrate!

Wow, talk about some extra special sensations.


  • These clamps are ideal for all levels of users.
  • They are adjustable for just the right sensations.
  • They vibrate!
  • The vibrations come with a few impressive speeds.
  • The clamps heat up as they vibrate.


  • Some people find the remote is a bit finicky.

7. Fifty Shades of Grey Freed All Sensations Nipple & Clitoral Chain

Fifty Shades of Grey Freed All Sensation Nipple and Clitoral Chain

This here is your ultimate chain!

This set is made from a soft silicone and can be adjusted to clamp to your level of comfort.

A beautifully crafted rose gold chain connects the dangling beads of these nipple clamps, and adds a slight touch of weight, as well as a whole lot of sexiness.

And to take your pleasure to the next level completely, there’s a clit clamp attached to the bottom.

So, this toy really does cover all your bases.


  • The 3 clamps are all attached with a beautifully crafted rose gold chain.
  • It is super comfortable, and adjustable.
  • A clit clamp is attached for extra pleasure.
  • This chain comes with a luxury storage bag.


  • Some people find the clit clamp a bit tricky to get on, and stay on.

But Do I Have a Favorite?

All of these are incredible and they all offer something just a bit different from each other.

It’s so tough to pick a favorite, but since I have to, I’m going to pick the Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps.

These are ideal for all levels of users because they’re so comfortable and very easy to adjust. And the chain adds a stylish, extra sexy touch.

The feel of that cold metal chain on your breasts adds in a whole extra level of sensation, and provides your partner with some major eye candy.

I know you’re now even more eager to get your hands on these sexy toys, so pick the one which appeals to you the most, and get ready to enjoy all the extra sensations you need to throw you over the top!