Sex dolls are just for pervy old men with too much money, right?

If you said yes to this, you’re in for a big surprise.

For lots of people it’s very difficult to start and maintain a relationship, either for physical, emotional, or mental health reasons.

Sex dolls give us the opportunity for the companionship and physical intimacy that might not be possible otherwise.

Even better, there are male and female sex dolls available for people of every sexual orientation and kink.

I’ve put together a basic overview of what to look for in a male sex doll and a list of the 4 best male sex dolls for men to help you make your decision.

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The Top 4 Male Sex Dolls

Difference Between Female and Male Sex Dolls

Haha this guy doesn’t know the difference between a man and a women.

I know, I know, one doll has a penis, the other has a vagina, simple right?

Not exactly:

There are actually a lot of minor and major differences in the design of male and female sex dolls.

Female love dolls are prized for the incredibly soft and supple quality of their skin, breasts, and butts.

They’re designed to be petite and easy to dominate in your fantasies.

Male dolls have different priorities.

Almost every male doll is going to be muscular.

male sex doll

Some qualify as truly ripped individuals.

The feeling of extremely muscular male skin is significantly different from soft female skin.

Expect male dolls to be a bit firmer and less jiggly overall than a female one.

Male dolls are also usually larger.

There’s a significant negative bias against short guys and this carries over into male sex dolls.

You’ll frequently find male love dolls that are at least 5’4” and some go up to 6’.

Another big difference is the butt of a male doll.

It will usually feel more solid than one on a female doll.

Other things like the shape of the face, the size of the hands, and the way proportions of the doll will also be different.

Let’s get into how to choose a high-quality doll.

What to Look for in a Male Sex Doll

I’ve already provided an in depth guide on buying and using sex dolls you can check out here.

So below I’ll try to cover some of the biggest points when looking at male dolls and help you make your decision.


Male sex dolls are made from the same materials as female sex dolls, with the two most common being:

  • Silicone
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Silicone is actually more common in male dolls than female ones.

One of the things that TPE is great at is simulating the soft, jiggly feel of butts and breasts. For male sex dolls that isn’t really a sensation most people are looking for.

Silicone dolls are a bit firmer feeling even in female dolls. For male dolls they really add to the realism of touching a male physique.

Customization and Flexibility

In general male dolls have far fewer customizable options than female dolls.

A lot of this comes down to the lack of breasts and the desire to have a muscular physique with a tighter, firmer butt.

You can still choose from things like appearance of age, hair and eye color, and skin tone but overall there aren’t as many options.

When you get to the higher end marketplace more options open up of course.

As long as you’re willing to pay you can get just about any request fulfilled.

Size and Weight

One big difference between male and female dolls is their size.

Female dolls are generally quite small.

Even full sized realistic sex dolls are only just above 5 feet tall, unless you request an especially tall model.

Lots of dolls are sold that are only a few feet tall to save on weight and cost.

With male dolls 5 feet is the lower rather than the upper limit.

Most male dolls will be somewhere between 5’3” and 6’ tall.

Height is a major factor in male attractiveness.

Taller dolls are considered sexier.

This means that male dolls are going to be heavier.

Larger frames and taller dolls require more materials, which in turn makes them heavier.

Make sure you’re fully able to position and move your male doll before making a purchase.

How You Play

Male dolls can give and take during play.

Most will come equipped with a removable penis that you can up or downsize at will.

With female dolls it’s all about putting them in a position you want to use them in.

A male doll can be positioned so that men or women can enjoy sex with it.

Many people I’ve talked to really enjoy going down on their doll, running their fingers across its tight abs and manly chest.

The realism lets you get deeply into your fantasy and totally enjoy yourself.

Most male dolls can also perform anal or oral sex.

They give you a lot flexibility in play type.

The Best Male Sex Dolls on the Market

1. Male RealDoll

male sex doll from real doll
Screenshot taken from

RealDoll is well known in the female sex doll industry but many aren’t aware they also make male sex dolls.

The male RealDoll has all the high end details of the RealDoll 2.0 with the male features buyers crave.

Key features of the Male RealDoll include:

  • Made using platinum cured silicone for the great realism possible.
  • Face X magnetic system lets you switch out your doll’s face quickly and easily.
  • Almost endless customization options.
  • Internal steel skeleton lets your doll stand or take any pose you like.
  • Made using medical grade components.
  • Available with a fixed or removable penis in a variety of sizes and shapes.

RealDoll knows that the tiniest details can dispel your fantasy.

They combine the best available materials with precision manufacturing to produce the highest quality male love doll possible.

What really makes them stand out from their competition is the almost endless customizability of their dolls.

You have fewer body and feature choices with male dolls but you can still choose from a variety of hair, eye, face shape, and skin tone options.

One of the biggest draws of a male sex doll is the anatomically correct penis.

RealDoll includes a removable 8 inch penis standard and gives you several other options if you want to mix it up a bit.

If you’re looking for the best male sex doll possible and price isn’t an issue you should definitely check out the male RealDoll.

2. WM Dolls “Hunter”

Muscular Male Sex Doll
Image Source:

WM Dolls is a respected manufacturer of love dolls that specializes in TPE dolls.

Hunter is part of their male line of dolls and is a real bargain at its price.

Important features of Hunter are:

  • 5 feet 3 inches tall.
  • Anatomically correct anal and oral play available.
  • Comes standard with a detachable 8 inch penis.
  • Internal steel skeleton lets you put Hunter in all kinds of positions.
  • Weighs 72 lbs.
  • Made from soft and supple TPE.

Hunter has a muscular body and boyishly handsome face with sharp cheekbones.

It’s made from soft TPE but still has the muscular firmness people love from male dolls.

Hunter’s slightly on the shorter side, standing at 5’3”, but this makes it easier to move around and get it into different positions for play.

It comes standard with an 8 inch penis that’s detachable for easy cleanup when you’re done playing.

Hunter can’t quite match up to the RealDoll in quality or realism but it does cost barely a third of its price.

If you’re looking for a well made doll that won’t break the bank Hunter from WM Dolls is a great choice.

3. YL Doll “Patrick”

Anime Male Sex Doll
Image Source:

Patrick is a great option for people who are fans of Japanese anime or manga.

YL Dolls built Patrick to embody the best traits of your favorite protagonists with all the same features of a male sex doll.

Key features include:

  • Has an exotic anime/manga themed facial shape.
  • Silver white hair provides a striking contrast with its pale muscular physique.
  • Stands 5 foot 3 inches tall.
  • Weighs 72 lbs.
  • Easy clean detachable 8 inch penis.

If you want to really live out your fantasies an exotic sex doll is a great option.

They let you experience something you can’t otherwise find, and Patrick is a great example of this.

It’s 5’3” tall and has a fully functional 8 inch penis plus anal and oral sex capabilities.

You can put Patrick in some very naughty poses and positions or just enjoy sitting on the couch with it.

Patrick has a very nice physique yet is a bit softer and more vulnerable than other male dolls.

Just looking at it you can tell that Patrick has a vulnerable side, the kind of doll you can’t help but want to protect.

4. LifeSize Male Love Doll

LifeSize Male Love Doll for Women
Image Source:

If you want a doll that has a more powerful presence in the bedroom check out the LifeSize love doll from WM Dolls.

It’s very tall for a sex doll and has the kind of sexy yet attainable physique that drives people wild.

Some important features include:

  • Stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall.
  • Weighs 123.5 lbs.
  • Has a 7.5 inch long penis that’s detachable for easy cleaning.
  • Can be customized with a variety of head, hair, and face shapes.
  • Allows oral and anal sex.
  • Made from ultra soft and smooth TPE.

If you want a sex doll that looks like they could pick you up and cradle you this might be the perfect doll for you.

Standing at 5’9” tall, this is the kind of sex doll that you really have to be committed to using.

It has a nice muscular physique with a lovely set of eyes that you’ll love to stare deeply into.

This doll comes with a 7.5 inch penis that can be exchanged for larger or smaller members as you desire.

One thing to keep in mind is the size and weight of this doll.

It weighs almost 124 lbs so you really need to be sure of your physical abilities to use it effectively.

Final Thoughts on Male Dolls

Male sex dolls unfortunately don’t provide you with quite as many choices as female dolls do.

The sex doll market is still highly focused on female dolls so male dolls kind of take a backseat to that.

Thankfully there are still several very high-quality manufacturers producing excellent male love dolls.

The choice for best male sex doll was actually pretty easy, but in terms of overall value, the choice was a bit harder though.

I went with the WM Doll’s Hunter as the best value male sex doll.

It’s well made, has a lot of excellent features, and its overall appearance is made to be attractive to a wide audience.

There are other dolls that are cheaper or maybe a bit better made, but Hunter has the best combination of features and price I’ve so far seen.

Drum roll please.

The best male sex doll was absolutely the Male RealDoll.

RealDoll has a reputation as one of the best doll makers on the planet.

Looking at the male RealDoll it’s easy to see why.

Everything about the doll is customizable and made from the highest quality material available.

If you’re looking for the best quality male sex doll money can buy the Male RealDoll is it.