People love the exotic.

There’s something so alluring about different features and cultures that aren’t our own.

This is especially true when it comes to sex dolls.

Many people who buy sex dolls are looking for something they can’t get at home.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to buy a doll that fulfills their exotic fantasies.

I’ve spent some time researching the 5 best Japanese sex dolls.

I’ve also created a basic guide to the unique features and design of Japanese dolls to help you in your search.

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Aliyah Moore

What is a Japanese Sex Doll?

When people talk about Japanese sex dolls it can get a bit confusing.

There are several large Japanese companies making sex dolls, both with Japanese and Western features.

There are also Western companies making lots of love dolls with Japanese features.

Japanese sex doll in a nurse outfit

For most though, any sex doll made to appear Japanese is considered a Japanese doll.

Generally these dolls share some basic characteristics:

They’re petite, have Japanese or similarly Asian facial features, and are often a bit less busty than other dolls (but not always).

This goes back to the average appearance of Japanese women and the type of fantasy a doll’s master is looking to fulfill.

Many Japanese dolls have extremely large eyes for their face. This makes them look more like characters from hugely popular Japanese anime and manga.

You can also get delicate Geisha style dolls that make excellent companions beyond their sexual prowess.

Basic Buying Guide

I’ve already gone in depth about what you should look for in any love doll in my Sex Dolls 101 Buying Guide.

I’ll just recap some of the basics and talk about important features to look for in Japanese dolls.


There are really just two materials you should consider when buying a sex doll:

  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Silicone

TPE is softer and stretchier than silicone and has a few features many buyers really like.

A TPE doll will be bouncier than a silicone doll.

Its butt and boobs will actively jiggle and shake while you’re playing and they feel somewhat more realistic in your hands.

Silicone dolls, and especially platinum cured silicone dolls, are much more durable than TPE.

The material is also highly heat resistant.

This means you can actually get self-heating silicone dolls or even share a warm bath with your doll.

You’ll see great dolls made with both materials but the best dolls will always be made from platinum cured silicone.

Sizing and Style

screenshot of the silicon wives homepage
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You can get a love doll that’s as small as 2 feet, or as tall as 6 feet.

For Japanese dolls the gentle, petite form is highly prized.

This makes them appear more submissive and eager to please and gives them a delicate look.

Japanese sex dolls also usually have somewhat smaller breasts than other dolls.

I’m talking C and D cups instead of F and double H here so you can still expect a beautifully busty doll.

The facial features are what really separates a Japanese love doll from other varieties. They have large eyes, delicate features, and a very gentle expression on their face.

One benefit of the smaller size of Japanese dolls is their lighter weight.

A sub 5 foot doll is going to weigh less than a taller one.

This makes it much easier to move around and put into different positions.

Using and Accessorizing Your Doll to Get Exactly What You Want

Using and Accessorizing Your Doll

Playing with your love doll can be an incredibly realistic experience but you do need to take some steps to get started.

Before you really get into it you need to prepare both yourself and your doll, as well as deal with a bit of basic aftercare.

Getting Ready

Do you ever want to just walk in the door and ravish your lover?

I know I’ve had days like that, but with sex dolls or people alike you need to spend a bit of time getting ready.

The bare minimum is to thoroughly lube up yourself and your doll with a water-based lubricant.

Never use silicone or oil-based lubes on a sex doll. You can seriously damage the ultra soft skin over time if you do.

If you really want to up the realism you should warm up your doll.

This is easier if you have a silicone doll as they can withstand higher temperatures.

Some silicone dolls actually have built in heaters that you can turn on before you begin to play.


One of the best things about life sized sex dolls is how easy it is to get accessories to intensify your play.

You can get all kinds of things, including:

  • Lingerie
  • Cosplay
  • Handcuffs
  • Ropes
  • Sex Toys

Most Japanese sex dolls are the same size as a beautiful, petite woman.

That means any kind of naughty outfit will fit them easily.

You can dress your doll up as characters from your favorite anime or manga and live out all your naughty fantasies.

If you’re looking for something a bit kinkier it’s easy to bind and gag your doll.

I’ve heard from many people that this adds significantly to the realism, after all, even a human partner can’t move or speak when bound hand and foot.


Just like with a human partner it’s essential you don’t skimp on the after care.

Once an evening with your doll is finished you need to properly clean them.

Start by flushing out its vagina, mouth, or anal opening depending on how the night went.

Use warm water and a gentle soap to get it thoroughly cleaned.

Make a habit of regularly deep cleaning and conditioning your doll.

This extends its lifespan considerably.

A sex doll is a major investment, you need to take proper care of it.

The 5 Best Japanese Sex Dolls

1. WM Dolls “Lacey”

Lacey the Japanese Sex Doll
Image Source:

The Lacey is a beautiful young doll from the fine makers at WM Dolls.

It perfectly embodies the delicate beauty of Japan’s famous courtesans, the Geisha.

Important features of Lacey include:

  • Stands at 5’4” tall.
  • Has lovely delicate features and light auburn hair.
  • Internal steel skeleton makes her fully posable and able to stand.
  • Allows for vaginal, anal, and oral sex.
  • Weighs 79 lbs.
  • You can choose between a permanent or removable vagina.

Lacey is a gentle, submissive doll that is ready to make all your fantasies come true.

It has a set of big, busty breasts and a round butt that you’re sure to love.

Unlike many other love dolls on the market Lacey has very realistic proportions.

This makes her the perfect companion for innocent fun or raunchy play.

Lacey has innocent almond shaped eyes available in a variety of colors.

Do some basic customization and make Lacey your own.

2. RealDoll 2.0 Petite

japanese sex doll from real doll
Screenshot taken from

RealDoll is one of the most highly regarded sex doll makers in the world.

Their Petite line of RealDoll 2.0’s give you just the body type needed for a delicate and beautiful Japanese companion.

Key features of it include:

  • Made from platinum cured silicone to maximize realism and durability.
  • Allows you to swap out your doll’s face whenever you like with their magnetic Face X system.
  • Incredibly customizable.
  • Includes posable steel skeleton.
  • RealDoll X AI system lets you actually talk to your doll.

RealDoll is the undisputed king of the ready made sex doll market.

Their products are made from the highest quality materials possible.

They pay attention to the tiniest of details and produce some truly stunning sex dolls.

Beyond the actual quality of the doll is the incredible customization available.

You can change just about any feature on your doll to exactly match your fantasies.

Their petite line includes smaller, more submissive body types.

This lets you custom build the Japanese sex doll of your dreams.

Want to switch things up every now and again?

RealDoll introduced a system called Face X that allows you to swap out your doll’s face in a matter of minutes.

This basically gives you multiple dolls for the price of one.

I recommend you start out with either the Sai or Kaori face for the most authentically Japanese appearance.

The only downside to a RealDoll is their high price. Believe me though, the quality is definitely worth it.

3. WM Dolls “Veronica”

Japanese Sex Doll with large breats
Image Source:

WM Dolls is a respected doll-maker with many years of experience.

Their Veronica doll is a petite little minx with beautiful Japanese features sure to entice you.

Key features of Veronica include:

  • Stands at 4’11” tall.
  • Made from incredibly soft and sturdy silicone.
  • Has incredibly realistic and bouncy breasts.
  • Beautiful almond eyes available in blue, green, or brown.
  • Weighs a petite 60 lbs.

Veronica is the kind of approachable doll guys fantasize over.

It’s beautiful, but looks like someone you’d have a lot in common with.

Veronica is made from soft silicone with an internal steel skeleton.

This makes it touchably soft yet able to stand up to frequent fun.

Everything about Veronica is designed to turn you on and drive you wild.

It’s the kind of tiny, delicate doll you just can’t help but want to cherish and protect.

4. Sanhui “Ahri”

Ahri the Japanese sex doll
Image Source:

The Sanhui Ahri is a naughty Japanese troublemaker who needs to be punished.

Ahri has bleached blonde hair and a perfectly soft and curvy body that drives men crazy with lust.

Some features of Ahri include:

  • Stands at 5’5” tall.
  • Has long, supple legs.
  • Allows for vaginal or anal sex.
  • Has incredibly vibrant pink nipples.
  • Weighs just 55 lbs.

Ahri has the knockout looks of a perfect ten with the bad girl persona many guys enjoy.

It’s the kind of doll you want to properly tease and please.

Sanhui is a respected Japanese maker of sex dolls and they really know their stuff.

Ahri has some of the most authentically Japanese features of any doll I’ve reviewed.

Its body is long and lean, with curves in all the right places and a juicy set of breasts you just want to squeeze.

If you’re looking for a great doll with a naughty side Ahri may be the one for you.

5. Z-Onedoll Anime Style Silicone Doll

Anime Style Silicone Doll
Image Source:

Japanese anime and manga have spread far beyond their island home.

If you’re looking for a doll that wouldn’t be out of place in any of your favorite shows Z-Onedoll has the one for you.

Their anime style silicone doll is perfect for naughty cosplay or any kind of punishment game you can think of.

Key features of this doll are:

  • Stands 5’2” tall.
  • Large anime style eyes for you to stare into.
  • Delicate Japanese features.
  • Allows for vaginal, anal, and oral sex.
  • Made from high-quality silicone.

This doll is designed to fulfill all your kinkiest character fantasies.

Its features are uniquely anime, with the large eyes and delicate facial features of an Ojou-san perfectly captured.

If you’ve enjoyed anime for years this is an excellent Japanese sex doll to start with.

It gives you the experience of spending time, both innocent and naughty, with some of your favorite characters.

At 5’2” you can dress it up in all kinds of sexy cosplay to really live out your fantasies.

This is one of those dolls that provides a look and style you just can’t get with real women.

Final Thoughts and Overall Pick

Looking at Japanese sex dolls is all about pairing the right kind of body with a beautiful smiling face.

Japanese dolls need to be petite, with that delicate beauty that almost makes you hesitate to touch them.

There are only a few doll makers who can really capture that.

Sanhui does a good job of it with their Ahri. It combines the physical features people crave in Japanese dolls with high quality silicone manufacturing.

As good as Ahri is, it just can’t match the detailed quality of the RealDoll 2.0.

Screenshot taken from

The precision manufacturing, incredible range of customizable options, and multiple body types allow you to create the best Japanese sex doll to fulfill all your fantasies.

RealDoll truly takes sex dolls to the next level.

Customize your doll on the official website here: