Masturbation is natural. Period.

I’m happy to say we’re finally getting to a point where we can all agree on that.

A bit of ‘personal’ time feels great and can help you clear your mind and relax.

What a lot of guys don’t know is that just using your hand doesn’t provide the best masturbation experience possible.

It’s the 21st century and there’s no reason guys should be using stone age techniques to get off.

I’ve put together a list of the 6 best fleshlights of 2023 and broken down the features and styles to look for before making a purchase.

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Best Fleshlight Reviews for Men

Why You Should Try Out a Fleshlight

One question I hear a lot is:

Why should I try a fleshlight?

Let’s be honest, most guys start masturbating pretty early and get a good feel for what they like over time.

And just to make you feel a bit better, according to Medical News Today there are many health benefits of masturbation.

But is buying a fleshlight really worth the price?


If you’ve never tried a fleshlight before you’re in for a real treat. They’re designed to give the sensation of sex and they do a darn good job of it.

They aren’t as good as the real thing of course, but they are leaps and bounds better than just using your hand and maybe some lotion.

Different models provide different textures, levels of tightness, and can even simulate different kinds of intercourse.

sex educator teaching about fleshlights

What to Look for in a High-Quality Fleshlight

There are thousands of different fleshlights available, each with a different set of characteristics. Something I personally find really stimulating might not work for you at all.

I always recommend that you focus first on quality materials and workmanship.

Fleshlights are honestly a wonder of modern innovation. They use complex mixes of ultra soft non-latex rubber to provide as lifelike a feeling as possible.

The best manufacturers have spent years figuring out what does and doesn’t work.

Once you know what basic features to look for you can pick out a design that really gets you going.

Texture and Tightness

Picking out a fleshlight texture can be a bit overwhelming.

There are tons of different texture patterns and intensity levels available, each with a different set of sensations.

The more nubs, nodules, fingers, and touch points there are in a sleeve the more intense the sensation will be.

For a first time buyer I usually recommend starting out fairly basic.

Go for a standard model with a medium intense liner to ease into things.

If you’ve experienced premature ejaculation or just want to improve your stamina, a fleshlight is a great practice tool.

You can slowly work your way up to more intense sensations without the pressure of a partner’s pleasure.

There are actually several models designed just to train your stamina. They’re built to provide extra tight and realistic sensations to give you the most challenging situations possible.

Appearance and Style

Everyone has different tastes and turn ons when it comes to sex.

Thankfully there’s a fleshlight to suit just about every kink or orientation. You can choose from styles like:

  • Vaginal
  • Anal
  • Oral
  • Non-anatomical
  • Exotic

Vaginal and anal models are pretty self explanatory but you might be wondering how a rubber sleeve can simulate the feel of oral.

All I can tell you is that it’s an out of this world experience.

The opening can look just like a set of plump, juicy lips and the intense sensations on the inside make it a real struggle to control yourself.

The design of some models can even replicate the feel of a tongue lightly licking at tip of your penis.

You can also find models that exactly replicate the vagina or asshole of some of your favorite porn stars.

If you’re more of a get in/get out kind of guy there are plenty of non-anatomical versions as well.

Once you really get out there you can even find exotic fleshlights modeled after aliens, monsters, and other really kinky openings.

Size and Portability

Size usually isn’t about function so much as it is about comfort and portability.

Just about every guy I’ve counseled would be able to use just about every fleshlight.

Standard models will accommodate a wide range of penis lengths and girths, just like a natural vagina or mouth.

If you’re especially well endowed you can still enjoy a standard fleshlight without any issues at all.

For guys who travel frequently a compact size and nondescript appearance is essential. There are smaller models available specifically for this market.

Using and Caring for Your Fleshlight

Fleshlights aren’t difficult to figure out but there are a few use and care tips you really need to follow.

First things first, you have to properly lube up both your penis and your fleshlight before you play.

Only use water-based lubricants, oil or silicone-based lubes can actually break down the materials over time.

If you really want to treat yourself you should warm your fleshlight up before use.

With a good imagination a warmed and lubed fleshlight is honestly incredible.

Just pull the inner sleeve out of the case and run it under warm, not hot, water for a few minutes.

You can also adjust the level of suction in your fleshlight using the cap on the end. It allows you to choose from almost vacuum tight to comfortably open.

Once you’ve enjoyed yourself you need to give your fleshlight a good cleaning. Thankfully manufacturers factored clean up into the design from the start.

Thoroughly flushing it out with warm water is enough for everyday cleanings.

You should also give it a good deep clean periodically. Don’t use any household or dish cleaner as these can damage your fleshlight. Pick up an approved cleaner to properly sanitize and condition the materials.

The Best Fleshlights on the Market

Here is a list of the top 6 Fleshlights available this year:

  1. Stoya Destroya
  2. Fleshlight Flight Pilot
  3. Pink Lady – Stamina Training Unit
  4. Turbo Thrust Blowjob Masturbator
  5. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage
  6. Go Torque Ice

1. Stoya Destroya

Stoya Destroya Textured Fleshlight

The Stoya Destroya is honestly just as stimulating as its name suggests.

Modeled after the famous pornstar Stoya’s vagina, it includes the wildly popular Destroya textured canal.

The Destroya has several different initial textures finishing off with an intensely tight final few inches.

If you aren’t careful you’ll find yourself finished in a minute with this one. The key features of the Stoya are:

  • Nine inch deep canal for deep thrusting.
  • A combination of bumps, ribs, and tight passages for an all encompassing experience.
  • Textured case for an extra firm grip.

If you’ve fantasized about a night with your favorite pornstar, the Stoya Destroya is a great option. It’s exactly modeled after every tiny detail of her lips and tight opening.

The Stoya is extremely popular among fleshlight fans and has had consistently great reviews since it was released. Rather than the focused intensity of stamina training fleshlights it provides you with a range of very pleasurable sensations.

This makes it easy to find your own perfect pattern as you picture yourself balls deep in Stoya’s tight vagina.

2. Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

An innovative take on the original fleshlight, the Flight Pilot is basically a stripped down version for travellers.

It’s a slimmer and more discreet fleshlight designed to go wherever life takes you. Instead of the classic flashlight shape it uses a sleeker and more ‘aerodynamic’ case. Important features to keep in mind:

  • Non-anatomical opening for added stealth.
  • Easy to pack and clean.
  • Six and a half inches of highly textured inner canal.
  • Adjustable suction cap in a slimmer, more ergonomic case.

Travel is a major part of life for many consultants and other ambitious businessmen. The Flight Pilot is there to provide you with all the comforts of home wherever you find yourself.

It’s smaller and easier to pack than a traditional fleshlight but still provides you with the intense sensations you crave. The inner canal also has several different textured areas to help change the feel of your masturbation on the fly.

I really like how nondescript it looks when closed. Even with the cap off it’s not immediately apparent that it’s a pocket vagina because of the stealth opening.

Despite the changes to the exterior, the Flight Pilot was just as easy to clean as the original fleshlight.

3. Pink Lady – Stamina Training Unit

Pink Lady Stamina Fleshlight

If one of your goals when using a fleshlight is to improve your sexual stamina the Pink Lady is the toy for you.

It has one of the tightest interiors of any fleshlight and uses a realistic vaginal opening to simulate sex with a partner.

Important features of the Pink Lady include:

  • Very tight and lifelike.
  • Ribbed inner canal for extra stimulation.
  • One single gripping texture all the way through.

The Pink Lady is nine inches long and comes in a discreet case for storage. If you’ve never tried a fleshlight before this one’s going to be an experience.

The tight, ribbed inner canal provides constant stimulation. When properly lubed and warmed it provides one of the most intense and realistic sexual simulations possible.

You’ll need to really concentrate when playing with the Pink Lady to prevent yourself from cumming immediately. That being said, if slow masturbation sessions are more your thing you might want to check out a different model.

4. Turbo Thrust Blowjob Masturbator

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blow Job Masturbator

If you’re more of an oral man the Turbo Thrust is the perfect fleshlight for you.

It lacks the realistic labia or lips of other toys but does give you one of the most accurate oral sex simulations available.

To do this it has several pretty unique features, including:

  • Non-anatomical opening with a triple insertion design.
  • Clear sleeve and case for your viewing pleasure.
  • Multi-texture canal designed to twist and tease your penis.

What really makes the Turbo Thrust so revolutionary is its three point insertion set up. Instead of an initial opening followed by a textured interior the Turbo works to simulate the authentic feel of your partner’s mouth.

You get the initial thrill as your penis pushes against their lips, followed quickly by the light darting touch of a teasing tongue. Once you experience every juicy inch of their sucking mouth you end up pushing all in for that real deep throat experience.

Most other oral fleshlights just use a regular textured canal with a set of plump lips for the opening. The Turbo Thrust is one of the only ones that seeks to really give you the true sensation of an intensely erotic blowjob.

5. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

The Quickshot is one of the smallest fleshlights available today.

It uses an open ended design with a textured chamber. This allows you to thrust every inch of yourself through it while still being just 4.4 inches long.

Key features include:

  • Twin-orifice design.
  • Clear material for your viewing pleasure.
  • Very compact for travel.
  • Ultrasoft Superskin texture.

The Quickshot is great for solo play or to enjoy with a partner. Its shorter length makes it a very fun toy for added oral stimulation.

It has two non-anatomical openings instead of vaginal or anal openings but still provides an incredible amount of sensation. The Quickshot is one of the best fleshlights for frequent travelers.

It has two screw on end seals that provide you with a discreet package when not in use. It’s small size makes it easy to slip into a dopp kit or open pocket of our bag.

The design of the Quickshot also makes it one of the easiest fleshlights to clean. You just run warm water through it as soon as you’re done.

The Quickshot Vantage is a great place to start if you aren’t convinced of the benefits a fleshlight provides. It’s priced quite a bit lower than most other fleshlights, allowing you to try them out with little risk.

6. Go Torque Ice

Fleshlight Go Torque

One thing that really surprised me with the Go Torque Ice is how thoroughly enjoyable a twist is when masturbating.

Even when having actual intercourse feeling something tight and wet twisting around your penis is a rare experience.

The Go Torque achieves this with features like:

  • Non-anatomical cyclonic opening.
  • Seven inch inner canal with multiple fingers, nubs, and ribbed twists.
  • Clear Ice sheath for your or your partner’s viewing pleasure.

I’ll admit it, I actually laughed when I first saw cyclonic opening on the package. What surprised me though was how good it actually feels in use. It really is like a miniature cyclone spiraling around your hard penis, sucking you in deeper and deeper.

You can add a bit of a twisting motion with any fleshlight, something I definitely recommend you try, but most aren’t designed with it in mind. Every texture and teasing finger within the Go Torque is made far more potent with the addition of a small twist with each thrust.

The smaller size of this fleshlight was also really nice. It’s not quite as portable and packable as the Flight Pilot but it’s still an excellent choice for the busy man on the go.


Picking the best fleshlight is a bit like asking someone to pick the best beer in the world.

The brews that one guy finds delicious and refreshing might actively repulse someone else. That being said, there was one pretty clear standout:

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

I went with the Flight Pilot because of its ergonomic yet highly pleasurable design.

It gives you all the sensations and intensity of larger models without those extra inches.

Its nondescript design makes it easy to pack for any trip, and the non-anatomical opening allows guys of every orientation to enjoy themselves with it.

But hey, you may be an IPA guy to my Stout.

The truth is, any of the products on this list will give you a really, really good time.

Don’t be afraid to try them out and find your own favorite.