It can be hard to find good recommendations for anal sex toys.

Let’s face it, more people are doing it, but it’s still kind of hush, hush. (Maybe that’s why Lovense calls their remote-controlled butt plug Hush!)

I’m not going to hold anything back from you though:

Anal sexy times feel wonderful for men and women, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have access to the best anal BDSM sex toys.

Anal hooks are a versatile toy that can be combined with bondage play, and I love them. So I set out to find the best ones available.

Before I show you what I found, I’m going to give you some important advice about anal sex play…

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Best Anal Hooks for BDSM Fun

What is an Anal Hook?

An anal hook is a type of anal sex toy that is inserted into the rectum and typically has a metal arm that extends upward, outside the body. The whole toy is usually made of stainless steel, which is a safe material for insertable toys.

Unlike many butt plugs or dildos for anal play, anal hooks often are not tapered.

Instead, they tend to have a metal ball on the insertable end, though the shape can vary. This means you (or your partner) will need to have appropriate anal training in order to insert a ball of the size on your anal hook.

The arm that extends outside the penetrated partner’s body allows for manipulation of the inserted toy, and is sometimes designed for incorporation with rope bondage.

For instance, a popular use is to attach rope both to a head harness and an anal hook, so that when the bottom partner moves their head forward, it pulls the hook tight against them.

Anal BDSM toys can be extremely exciting. Before you get started, note a few pieces of safety information regarding anal sexy times:

What to Know About Anal Toy Safety

Here are a few precautions when it comes to giving or receiving anal pleasure:


The anus is a delicate area, and you should keep that in mind any time you or a partner are engaging in anal play. It is capable of quite a lot of stretching, but this has to be done slowly in order to reach larger anal toy sizes.

Every anal play session should start with preparing the anus with a smaller sized toy first before moving on to more advanced toys. And keep in mind that the anus stretches to accommodate larger sizes over time, so do not expect to use a large toy your first time at this kind of sexy fun.

Getting your anus accustomed to larger sizes is called anal training, and it is a process that can take months before you can accept the size you would like, whether that be a toy, your partner’s fingers or hand, or your partner’s penis.

Check out our comprehensive anal training guide here.


anal lube

Some kind of lubricant should be used every time you do anal play.

The rectum does not provide much in the way of natural lubrication, and you’ll have a lot more fun when toys (or your partner’s body part) can slide comfortably inside you.

Which lubricant you use depends upon your preference and which kinds of toys you use. Water-based sex lubricants are popular because they work with any kind of toy. Silicone-based lubricants are also good, but they can’t be mixed with silicone toys.

Fortunately, that’s not an issue with anal hooks because they are made of steel, so you can select whichever lubricant you prefer. Some people also like to use body-safe natural lubricants, such as coconut oil.

A word about lubricants:

You can never really use too much. If you or your partner are experiencing any anal discomfort, apply more lube. And don’t ignore body signals. You should not feel pain when engaging in anal play.

If pain occurs, gently remove the toy (or body part) that is causing the pain, and try more warmup stretching with a smaller object. You may have to put aside that particular activity for now and go back to it another day after you’ve had more training for anal sex play.

See our top recommendations for anal sex lubes.


As you’re aware, the rectum is — in addition to being a pleasure center — a region where bacteria can build up. This is nothing to be concerned about typically. But you don’t want to leave bacteria on your sex toys.

You should clean your anal hooks and other anal toys after every use. Because anal hooks are made of stainless steel, they can be cleaned with warm water and soap — no special cleaners are necessary.

And never put the same toy in a vagina that has been in an anus without washing it off first.

Combining Anal Hooks With Rope Bondage Play

As mentioned, anal hooks are excellent for adding to a rope bondage scene.

On some hooks, you’ll find a ring on the external end. This ring can be used as a tie-off point for rope. What you do with the rope after tying it to the hook is up to the imagination of you and your play partner.

Just be sure that rope is not tied in such a way that the hook will be moved into a painful position or pulled out suddenly.

Although pain play has its place in BDSM, anal play should never be painful. Pain is a sign that you are damaging the sensitive anal region. Additionally, inserting and removing anal sex toys should always be done slowly and carefully. A sudden tug can damage the anus.

In contrast, sometimes a partner who is well-lubed and experienced at anal training may find that toys involuntarily slide out of their anus. This is nothing to be alarmed about and is not damaging in any way. The anus will tighten up again after playtime is over.

In fact, an anal sex toy sliding out involuntarily is a sign that you are relaxed and playing safely. Relaxation is key to enjoyable anal BDSM play. (They don’t call uptight people “anal” for nothing.)

Now that you know how to play safely, let’s take a look at the anal BDSM toy options.

Best Anal Hooks to Try for BDSM Play

Here are the best anal hooks I found:


DOMINIX Deluxe anal hook
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Most anal hooks are designed specifically to suit the anal region. This hook, however, manages a shape that can fit into either the anus or vagina. That makes it wonderful for versatile play.

The end of this hook is also different from most. Whereas the majority of anal hooks have a ball on the end, the DOMINIX Deluxe terminates in a flat end of the same width as the rest of the hook, which makes it easy for anal beginners to insert.

That being said, those who have more experience with anal training may find the sensation of the narrow end to be less than exciting.

This hook is made of stainless steel that is 5 inches of insertable length and one-half inch thick. It has a ring for attaching rope on the external arm.


  • Narrow insertable end is good for beginners
  • Shaped to reach either the anus or the vagina for versatile uses
  • Allows for attaching rope for bondage scenes


  • Narrow insertable end may not be exciting enough for advanced users

Double Ball Anchor With Rope Hook

Double Ball Anchor With Rope Hook

The Double Ball Anchor with Rope Hook is pretty fancy looking. It is literally shaped like an anchor, with two external rods coming off the insertable end rather than just one external arm.

Each of the external rods ends in a ring for attaching rope, and honestly, you could come up with so many different ways to add rope to this hook.

Another feature that makes it stand out from other anal hooks is that it has two balls on the insertable end rather than just one. The first ball is a slightly smaller diameter than the second, so that the larger ball can be eased in after you or your partner gets used to the first one.

This hook is great for men and women, and could even be inserted vaginally.


  • Adjustable insertable stem allows you to customize where it is located along the external rod
  • Versatile use for either anus or vagina
  • Allows for attaching rope for bondage scenes


  • Expensive

Trailer Hitch Kingpin

Trailer Hitch Kingpin

The Trailer Hitch line of anal hooks are anal sex toys designed specifically for men. So if you’re not looking for male anal toys, you can skip the next three toy recommendations.

The Kingpin hook has a steel cock ring, so rather than extending behind the anus, the hook reaches forward toward the balls and penis. This allows for a combination of sensations. This hook has a tapered ball design that makes it easier to insert.

It comes in 4 different sizes, but the size of the plug increases with the size of the cock ring, which is honestly not helpful.


  • Stimulates both the penis and the anus
  • Can be worn comfortably while penetrating a partner
  • Tapered plug for easy insertion
  • Good for prostate pleasure


  • Does not incorporate rope bondage (but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply rope elsewhere)
  • The size of the insertable end increases with the size of the cock ring, meaning you may not find a size that suits you for both areas

Trailer Hitch Jake Brake

Trailer Hitch Jake Brake

The Jake Brake is an upgrade from the more standard Kingpin cock ring/anal hook combo. This toy has Allen screws that attach two halves of the cock ring to form one circle, making removal easier.

The rounded ball hitch is also removable, so you can replace it with balls of other sizes. The ability to customize this toy is its biggest advantage over other toys of its kind. It also comes in 3 different sizes.


  • Stimulates both the penis and the anus
  • Can be worn comfortably while penetrating a partner
  • Good for prostate pleasure


  • Does not incorporate rope bondage
  • The included ball can be a challenge for beginners to insert

Trailer Hitch Convoy

Trailer Hitch Convoy

Okay, guys. This anal hook is for advanced users. The Convoy includes both a cock ring and anal hook, PLUS a urethral plug.

Note that the penis plug on this toy is not tiny, so if you’re not accustomed to sounding, you should definitely get experience with that separately before purchasing this toy. But the penis plug is removable, so you can take it off when you don’t want to use that part of the toy.


  • Extreme combo stimulation
  • Removable urethral insert that can be adjusted for desired depth


  • Does not incorporate rope bondage
  • Cannot be worn while penetrating a partner
  • Not suggested for beginners


There are a lot of interesting options in this lineup, and you’re sure to find exactly the right anal BDSM sex toy for your interests.

But if I have to pick one all-around winner that would please the majority of anal play enthusiasts, my pick is:

My Pick:

The DOMINIX Deluxe

My top recommendation right now would be the DOMINIX Deluxe and it’s currently available at Lovehoney. They offer the best selection and prices by far.

DOMINIX Deluxe anal hook
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