If you enjoy anal play you likely use an enormous amount of lube and have had someone ejaculate in your anus.

Or depending on which role you prefer, you have been inside someone’s anus.

This sex play and related substances, combined with what usually comes out of the anus and the affiliated bacteria, might create the need to clean things out a little.

Anal sex can feel amazing, but there are natural concerns that come with it, especially anxiety about a certain bodily function occurring during this activity.

And if you have any concerns about this you likely will not be able to relax as much as you need to in order to enjoy yourself.

To make sure you’re all clean for giving and receiving without any surprises, consider an anal douche.

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Adam & Eve Silicone Douche

Our experts highly recommend the silicone douche from Adam and Eve. It’s the most comfortable to use, and is the best quality in this product category.

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Top 5 Anal Douches

Anal Douching Defined

Even if you are very sexually active you should only use an anal douche once to twice a month.

These items do flush out the helpful bacteria necessary for the natural functionality of the bowel tract.

If you douche too often you could run into digestive problems in addition to over drying of the anus, a problem that could make anal sex downright painful even with copious amounts of lube.

Anal Douching Defined

Now that you know how often to clean your anus let’s talk about the process itself.

An anal douche cleans your anus before penetration for increases cleanliness and hygiene.

It also flushes out waste matter to ensure your play won’t be messy. For those who enjoy analingus (oral stimulation of the anus) this is especially beneficial.

Human waste can have very unpleasant effects if consumed, so if you and your partner enjoy “rimming”, anal douching is something both of you will fully appreciate.

This special cleansing will also boost your confidence about not having an unhappy accident, resulting in better sex.

The Product and Method

anal douche

Anal douches flush water through the anus which is then expelled.

Yes, it really is that simple but it can be a little messy. To make this process as easy as possible use an anal douche over a toilet.

Since they are very simple to use, doing so over a toilet will not be complicated.

An anal douche (usually) consists of a bulb and a nozzle for simple, straightforward use. Some even have detachable “pleasure wands” for added sensation during the cleaning process!

And yes it is a process but if you follow the necessary steps (especially the first time) you will quickly get used to doing this thoroughly and correctly.

  • First and foremost, make sure your hands are clean.
  • Then take the douche from the packaging and rinse it with warm, body temperature water to clean it of any dust or other substances.
  • Fill the bulb with water that is also body temperature. If the water is too cold the muscles will contract and the sensation will be almost shocking while too-hot water can damage tissue and make the anus more sensitive.
  • Use water and water alone in the bulb. You do not need anything else. For easier insertion you can use a small amount of lube on the nozzle.
  • If this is the first time you have used an anal douche the lube can be especially helpful if you are a little tense.If you are using a textured wand attachment, you will want to use lube.
  • Slowly, gently insert the nozzle about 2/3 of the way inside as you only need to clean the lower part of the anus for sex play.
  • Gently squeeze the bulb and release some (not all) of the water inside.
  • A very important thing to remember: Do not let off squeezing of the bulb until you have removed it. If you do not the wastewater will get sucked back into the bulb and mix with the clean water.
  • After you have squeezed the water inside of you hold it until your body wants to expel it. You do need to hold the water for a minimum of 20 seconds but one minute is ideal. This is why you should use an anal douche on or very close to the toilet as you will definitely need it.
  • You will need to repeat the cleansing process until the expelled water runs clear, usually about 2-3 expulsions.
  • Also be sure to re-lube the nozzle with each insertion and be sure you are at a comfortable angle when using the douche as it should never be painful.


Properly cleaning your anal douche is every bit as important as the cleaning it is designed for.

Clean your kit by separating the pieces and wash them in warm soapy water.

Be sure to run ample water through the nozzle itself for thorough cleansing. If your douche can withstand the temperature submerge it in boiling water for a few minutes first before using warm water and soap.

Correctly drying your douche is a step most people overlook but keep in mind that without proper drying, mold can build up in the tube and bulb. This can result in some very unpleasant infections so please dry your kit with paper towels inside and out before storing it in a plastic bag with additional paper towels.

Finally, wash your hands well and use a good bathroom cleaner on any surfaces you touched like knobs, nozzles, and/or handles.

Once your cleansing session is over with, wait at least one hour before engaging in sex/play so your anus can settle before any additional activity, and to ensure all water has been expelled.

The Best Anal Douches for Keeping it Clean and Comfortable

There are a lot of products out there for anal douching and a variety of methods such as the bulb, shower extensions, and water bags.

While shower extensions deliver a very deep clean (and can feel amazing) they can do damage due to their strength and they aren’t portable.

A water bag douche requires some expertise to use and might clean you out a little too much.

For these reasons I am going to recommend bulb design anal douches as they are portable, easy to use, and easily cleaned.

And when it comes to the right lubricant, even if you are tempted to use silicone, stick with a water-based lube, just one that is thicker and heavier to mimic silicone. Excellent options are available from at Lovehoney.com.

Here is a list of products which are all a bit different. I have highlighted what I feel each douche is best for:

  1. Lovehoney BASICS
  2. Tracey Cox Supersex Flexible Tip
  3. Colt Anal Douche Kit
  4. Ultra Douche
  5. Adam & Eve Silicone Douche

1. Lovehoney BASICS

Lovehoney BASICS

One of the most well-reviewed and recommended anal douches online is the Lovehoney BASICS.

This item offers a 7.6 oz bulb and slim nozzle for easy insertion. While this is a great choice for all users the slender nozzle makes the BASICS a very good option for novices.

For seasoned users of anal douches, the total insertable length is 2.5”. The tip even glows in the dark for precise use in low lighting conditions.

The large bulb permits for ample liquid to ensure effective cleanliness (and confidence) for anal play.


  • Low price of $12.99 for a highly favored product
  • Slim tip
  • Bulb is very easy and comfortable to squeeze
  • Excellent, effective cleansing for all user levels


  • The tip is rigid, not flexible

2. Tracey Cox Supersex Flexible Tip

Tracey Cox Supersex Flexible Tip

If you are looking for a product that is as comfortable as it is effective consider the Tracey Cox Supersex Flexible Tip Anal Douche.

Made entirely of silicone, the soft, flexible 3.5” silicone tip screws directly onto the 5.4 oz bulb. This makes the douching and cleaning process a breeze, especially if you need to refill it multiple times.

The flexible tip allows for very comfortable use as you can angle it to the specific needs of your body and get some extra enjoyment out of the douching process.


  • Quality silicone body
  • Great price of $19.99 for a high-quality item
  • The flexible tip provides a comfortable experience and easy insertion
  • Very easy to use and clean


  • The bulb only holds 5.4 oz of water and might need to be refilled during use

3. Colt Anal Douche Kit

Colt Anal Douche Kit

If you are looking to clean up but want a product that can be as much fun as it is functional, consider the Colt Anal Douche Kit.

The bulb and slim tip are nearly an identical design to the BASICS but the Colt holds slightly less water, 6.8 oz instead of 7.6 oz. This is still an ample amount of water for a thorough cleansing but if you want your cleansing routine to include some pleasure, the Colt comes with a nozzle attachment that definitely spices things up.

With 5 deep ribs and an insertable length of 4.5”, the attachment adds an element of sex play to your douching routine plus a new sensation of cleansing as it dispenses water from the sides.

If you’re looking for an intense clean plus a little “pregame”, the Colt does not disappoint.


  • Cleans very well and a great option for all users
  • Slim tip is especially good for beginners
  • Good price point of $24.99
  • Doubles as a douche and a toy
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning


  • The additional nozzle is another piece to clean

4. Ultra Douche

 Ultra Douche

The Ultra Douche lives up to its name thanks to its 6.5 oz capacity and super-slim tip that can be inserted up to 4”.

This sleek, comfortable anal douche is easy to use and clean since it can be disassembled. This is also a benefit in case you need to refill the bulb during use since the tip simply snaps right off.

The indented texturing at the end of the tip provides additional sensation while cleansing and a diameter of only 0.75” makes this an ideal option for newcomers of anal play.


  • Good water capacity of 6.5 oz
  • Very easy to disassemble
  • Low price of $22.95


  • Despite its slim profile the plastic tip is very rigid

5. Adam & Eve Silicone Douche

Adam & Eve Silicone Douche

If you are looking for a product that cleans but doubles as a sex toy, look no further than the Adam & Eve Smooth & Easy Silicone Douche.

Think the Tracey Cox meets the Colt and you have this best-selling beauty. In fact, Adam & Eve touts it to be the most comfortable and easiest to use douche they have ever sold. Per the name, the bulb and tip are made entirely of body-friendly silicone.

Like the other items I have mentioned, the body is comprised of an easy-to-squeeze bulb but the tip is the star of this item.

Instead of a standard nozzle shape, the tip is a beaded design to mimic the sensation of anal beads. Starting out super slim (0.7”) the gradually increasing to 1”, the tip offers 3.25 insertable inches making it ideal for any level of user, even absolute beginners.

For veterans of anal play who prefer the full tip, the flared base provides a safeguard. As the tip is not only designed for pleasure, it is fully flexible to bend and twist to you satisfaction. All the time, it serves the function of any other anal douche so you will be clean just enjoying the process a lot more with this product.

After all, it feels as good sliding out as it does slipping in.


  • A surprisingly low price point of $24.95
  • Made entirely of silicone which is body-safe and very anally friendly
  • Disassembles quickly and easily for thorough cleaning
  • Flexible, bead-shaped tip makes cleaning very enjoyable
  • Spray holes for additional cleansing and sensation


  • Users might have a little too much fun and accidentally let go of the bulb too soon
  • Larger than pictured-might be a bit too much for explorers/beginners

My Thoughts on the Top Product

The main function of an anal douche is to cleanse the anus and prepare it for sex play.

If a douche has features that make this task more comfortable, I think that’s a nice bonus.

Adam & Eve Silicone Douche

A flexible tip definitely meets this request not to mention it can allow a user to move the nozzle around for better cleaning. Now let’s take those criteria and add some stimulation.

With that being said, the winner of these product recommendations is the Adam & Eve Silicone Douche.

This product has the added benefit of being made of 100% silicone, the gold standard in sex toys as it is entirely body safe.

When combined with a flexible tip that delivers a similar sensation to anal beads, your douche now doubles as a sex toy.

Don’t enjoy this unique item too much as you should limit anal douching to 1-2 times a month, but there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it as much as possible.