What if I told you that your body has a huge erotic zone you have likely never tapped into?

One that can push your orgasm way over the top.

It’s called anal stimulation.

Did you know your anal region is loaded with nerves which can bring you extreme sexual pleasure?

And there’s one toy you need to explore this ultra sensitive, erogenous zone:

Anal Beads!

What the heck are anal beads?

Don’t worry, I’m going to fill you in on everything you need to know about buying, and using them, as well as give you my top 3 recommendations for the best anal beads you can buy.

Our Pick:

Classic Silicone Beads from Lovehoney

Our experts choose these beads as the best overall. They’re sized really well for all users, and are so fun and pleasurable to use.

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Classic Silicone Beads from Lovehoney
Credit @ Lovehoney.com
Best Anal Beads and a Quick Guide on How to Use Them

Ok, So, What Exactly are Anal Beads?

Silicone Anal Beads

These are basically are a row of beads, which can either be made from a soft flexible plastic or a harder material, located along one flexible strand or string.

They are meant to be inserted up inside of you through the anus to provide pleasure as you push them in and pull them out.

The beads can be all one size or a variety of sizes, depending on what you like.

But Why Would I Want to Use Them?

The anus and rectum area is actually very sensitive and loaded with nerve endings which can bring extra pleasure when stimulated during sex play.

Most women find the sensation of anal stimulation to be quite pleasurable, and when it’s combined with clitoral and/or G-spot play it becomes a triple-threat and often culminates in an incredible orgasm.

Quick side note:

If you’re still searching for your G-spot and are looking for an awesome G-spot vibrator you’ll want to check out my tips and recommendations here!

There are some women who find anal stimulation to be the utmost in pleasure, and it provides them with practically even more pleasure than G-spot or clitoral play.

Either way, pleasure is the name of the game and you’re going to want to pick up some!

When Would I Use This Toy?

Well, you can use them any time you want!

Use them totally on their own and to see how much pleasure this particular erogenous zone brings you, insert them at the same time as you are playing with other sex toys for extra pleasure, or use them with a partner during intercourse or other sexual activities.

Some women even insert them and then go about their day, leaving the beads to provide ongoing pleasure.

Use your imagination, and experiment with what brings you the most pleasure.

How Do I Use Them?

Before you do anything, you’ll want to lube up the whole area, as well as your beads, with a good quality lubricant.

Then you can slowly and gently insert your beads one by one.

You may already find you’re getting a bit more turned on.

Experiment a bit by seeing how far you like to push them in, and if you like a constant in and out movement or if you prefer to leave them in place.

Most women find that slowly pulling them out of the anus, one by one, just before, and during orgasm, pushes them over the top to heights they’ve never even imagined.

Do I Lay on My Back to Use Them?

Of course you can lay on your back!

You can also lay on your side, squat over them, use them standing up, take them into the shower with you, or you can lay on your stomach.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using anal beads.

Find a position which gives you, or your partner, the best access to pulling them out when the time is right, as well as what feels most comfortable and pleasurable for you.

Can Men Use These?

I’m going to let you in on a secret:

Men absolutely love using anal beads!

Men have a prostate, which adds intense sexual pleasure. And the prostate is located, you guessed it, right inside the anus.

So, yes, the entire anus and rectum area is a huge erogenous zone for men as well as women, and a lot of men have now discovered the joys in using these during masturbation or during sex play with their partner.

Can These Beads Get Lost Inside of Me?

No, they can’t get lost inside you!

I know this is a huge worry for a lot of people, but when you purchase products from a reputable sex toy company they will come with a ring or giant knob on the end.

Not only will this help you to grip your beads in order to push them in and pull them out, but it also acts as a stopper so the beads will never go up into your rectum too far.

But, Um, isn’t That Area Unclean?

As long as you are a generally clean person, who showers regularly, and wipes well after using the bathroom, the anus and rectum area actually tends to contain only a microscopic amount of fecal matter, which is often less than your hands can have if you’re not a regular hand washer!

If you want more info about this, check out our anal sex hygiene guide here.

What Else Should I Know About Before I Start?

I’ve mentioned before that using lots of good quality lubricant is important when playing with sex toys, but with anal toys it’s vital!

The rectum is very fragile, and it doesn’t produce natural lubricant the way a vagina does, so lubing up is the key to playing safe, and adding ultimate pleasure.

You must buy your toys from a reputable source!

Cheaply made toys can have strings which are flimsy and beads made from materials which can potentially break down or crack.

Now, although I mentioned above the rectal area is relatively clean, you still don’t want to be spreading any possible microscopic bacteria to other areas of your body. So, clean your toys, thoroughly, before using them anywhere else, or before you put them away.

The last note I have about using these is to relax. The sphincter muscles surrounding your anus can become incredibly tight if you tense up. This can prevent you from being able to use your beads, or possibly create a bit of pain.

So, relax, grab your lube, go slow, and have fun!

Ok I’m ready start, but how do I know which ones to get?

Below you’ll find my top 3 recommendations.

No matter if you’re a beginner, or have used these before, these are the only 3 you’ll ever need to consider.

The Top 3 Anal Beads to Consider Buying Right Now

1. Classic Silicone Anal Beads

Classic Silicone Anal Beads

These waterproof, tapered beads are perfect for both anal amateurs as well as experts.

They are made from a special silicone material meant to be super hygienic and easy to work with.

The 7 well-spaced beads are all equal sized, and the ring at the end allows for ultimate control when inserting and removing them.

And did I mention they are a cool blue color?


  • Made with an easy to use and simple to clean silicone material.
  • The spacing on the beads is ideal.
  • These beads are a great size for both beginners and more advanced users.
  • The beads are a bit tapered so they feel great going in, and being pulled out.
  • They’re totally waterproof so you can have some fun in the shower or bath.
  • The ring is great for controlling the insertion and removal.
  • This toy is a fun blue color!


  • The strand is quite flexible and some people prefer a bit more rigidity.
  • Some users may prefer the beads to increase in size going up the strand, especially after they’ve used the toy a few times.

2. 10 Function Extra Quiet Posable Silicone Anal Beads

Silicone Anal Beads

Whoa, these posable silicone beads not only hit all the right spots, but they have a vibrating function as well!

These are molded perfectly so they are super simple to insert, as well as remove. And they are a nice size, not too big but certainly not too small.

The shaft is bendable so you can maneuver it around to curve it to fit inside you exactly the way you like it.

And it’s sturdy enough to stay in that position, even if you’re moving around.

As if this toy wasn’t pleasurable enough just slipping these perfect beads in and out, it also comes with a whooping 10 vibrating settings!


  • These silicone beads are a great size and shape.
  • The tip is rounded for super easy insertion.
  • The strand is sturdy so you can mold it into the shape you love, and it stays in position.
  • These are great for both women and men.
  • It has 10 vibration settings to enhance your pleasure even more.
  • The button for the vibration settings is easy to cycle through.
  • The vibration buzz is extremely quiet.


  • Some people prefer a ring at the base, and these beads only have the battery base for you to use to push and pull the beads in and out.
  • It’s possible some beginners may find these beads are slightly too big.
  • The vibration setting can be a wee bit finicky to turn on and off and a few people have noted they’ve accidently shut it off during an inopportune time.

3. Smooth Latex Anal Power Jiggle Balls

Latex Anal Balls
Credit @ Lovehoney.com

These are firm, yet flexible enough to easily push them in and pull them out.

And the beads independently jiggle around inside of you in order to create some extra special magic inside of you.

The smooth latex finish around the beads allows for extra easy use, and it makes the beads feel great sliding in and out.


  • The beads themselves jiggle around while inside of you to create heightened sexual pleasure.
  • The latex finish means you get a smooth insertion and removal process every time.
  • The beads are a nice firmness, but not enough to be hard to insert or uncomfortable.


  • If you are brand new to this type of toy, you may find these slightly too big.
  • Some people find the pull string a bit fussy to hang onto.
  • The beads are all the same size which some people love, but others prefer tapered sized beads.

So, What’s My Final Verdict?

Anal beads are such a fantastic addition to your sex life, both when used solo and with a partner.

And yes, all of my recommendations are great choices for men wanting to get in on some anal action as well as women.

My top 3 choices all have incredibly great things going for them, but if I had to pick only one to start with, I’d have to choose the Classic Silicone Beads.

The Classic Silicone Anal Beads from Lovehoney are great for both beginners and more experienced users because they’re super easy to use and clean.

I also am very happy with the space between the beads and the way they are a bit tapered.

Just remember, with any anal beads you choose, go slow, use lots of lube, and enjoy the new experience.