How to Beat the “Monday Blues”

Mondays tend to be the same ole’ same ole’.  They start with the game, “How many times can I hit snooze?” which is traditionally followed by a race of getting to the front door with everything you need for the day—clothes, brushed teeth, cell phone, wallet, and if you’re lucky, breakfast and a packed lunch . . . but forgetting those would make it a true Monday.

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have a long commute to work to think about the various things I forgot, spill coffee on myself, or ponder the structure of the Gregorian calendar while a baby cries on the bus (I mean, WHO would make the weekend only two days?), but I digress. The moral of the story here is that Mondays tend to suck. Recently, however, I’ve joined the #MondayMotivation trend, and have some tips to make Mondays stink just a little bit less.

1.Mentality Switch
This is maybe the hardest step to turn your Monday around, but easily the most crucial. Going into a Monday with the mentality that the day is going to be bad sets a negative tone not just for the day but also for the week. Try setting exciting goals or rewards for the week so that it’s easier to see Monday as a step towards those goals rather than a step away from the prior weekend.

2. Don’t Over-do the Weekend
Fun-filled weekends are excellent to look forward to, but if they don’t include any relaxation, then they’re not so fun come Monday. I’ve found that I’m most alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic when I set aside time for myself during the weekend. Sunday evening is a great time to mentally and physically prepare for the week by writing reminders, cooking easy lunches to pack, grocery shopping for the week, or taking time to chill (or all of the above!). For all the boozy brunchers out there, maybe don’t brunch too hard on Sunday.

3. Know the Game
If you know that hitting Snooze ten times makes you late, aim to only hit snooze five times. I personally like to set a specific alarm for Monday that makes me want to dance my way out of bed—something like Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” or Fifth Harmony’s “Work from Home,” but change it every week! For additional positive results, place the alarm across the room from your bed so that you actually have to get up to turn it off.

4. Set and Follow an Ideal Routine (but don’t get crazy with it)
Setting and following a routine in the mornings helps set a pace for the rest of the day and week. Sometimes people set unrealistic routine goals, though. If your day-to-day physical activity is running to the bus, then maybe an early morning five miler isn’t a realistic new goal. Set Monday goals that work for you—that could be eating breakfast, making coffee, packing a lunch, ten minutes of yoga, etc. If you have a morning routine, stick to it… even on Mondays.

If none of these work, or if Monday Blues are leaking into other days of the week, then it may be time to get professional help. Whether or not you can put a finger on what’s bringing you down, therapists and counselors are there to help and can be a great resource for helping you turn your Mondays (or any day) around.

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