Let me guess:

You’re interested in trying a penis pump, but you’re not sure whether the Bathmate HydroMax or HydroXtreme is worth it?

Every guy wants to impress his partner in the bedroom, and here’s the deal:

After testing both of these options, there’s no doubt you can make big gains to your overall size.

Check out my full review to learn how the Bathmate penis pumps will make you way more confident in the bedroom, guaranteed!

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Bathmate HydroMax and HydroXtreme Pumps Reviewed

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps can be pleasurable because they create a sucking sensation that any man would like. This is undeniable (and I can attest to the fact that it feels good, but more about that later.)

Ideally you want a penis pump to help your penis grow is you’re someone who’s about 5 to 7 inches when hard. You could see improvements if you’re a bit smaller or even if you’re a bigger guy, but you might not get the best results.

Guys can buy a penis pump, sure, but women (or male partners) can buy them for men, as well. The ideal customer, as mentioned above, is someone who is 5-7 inches when hard.

Also, you need to consider how long the pump is, how long the hose is, and how easy the pump is to use. If the pump gives you no pressure, you are wasting your time. If the pump gives you too much pressure, it will be uncomfortable (unless, of course, you’re a dominatrix… then you’ll be in heaven.)

The Bathmate HydroMax and HydroXtreme

Bathmate HYDRO7 Penis Pump

The Bathmate penis pumps come from a long line of products that include the popular HydroMax, HydroXtreme, and Wide Boy.

Yes, you can buy other pumps, but they do not use water to create pressure like Bathmate products.

Here are some pros and cons from an actual user:


  • There is more than one size. You start with the 1 to 3 inch HydroMax3, 3 to 5 inch HydroMax5, 5 to 7 inch HydroxMax7, then move up to 7 to 9 HydroMax9, and there are Wide Boy options as well as the HydroXtreme pumps. You are not stuck trying to use a “one size fits all” pump.
  • The comfort pad can be used to increase pressure, but you can remove it to get more girth.
  • Bathmate tells you how long to use the device: 60 days of repeated use will show you awesome gains.
  • You can buy the HydroXtreme when you want up to 35% more pressure.
  • The pumps use water to create safe pressure instead of air.


  • There are almost too many options (to the point of paralysis) because you could get the HydroXtreme to get the extra pressure (however, it makes sense to get the HydroMax when you want to save money.)
  • You might feel like the Bathmate is more of a sex toy than a true male enhancement device.
  • The handheld pump might be uncomfortable to use if you are squeezing it repeatedly.

Features and Benefits That Make These Pumps Worth Your Money

Benefits That Make These Pumps Worth Your Money

Water Pressure Instead of Air Pressure

You use water pressure instead of air pressure to lengthen and add girth.

Air pressure can be a bit too intense for most people, and it is almost unlimited because the air will continue to compress.

On the other hand, water pressure is safer because the water cannot be compressed like air.

You can feel the sensation of the pump working, but you cannot hurt yourself.

This alone makes the Bathmate worth your time and money.

Two Power Options

Bathmate allows you to use the HydroMax or the HydroXtreme. The names are fairly obvious:

You get more power from the HydroXtreme.

You get about 35% more suction from the HydroXtreme, and that might be helpful if you want to get bigger gains faster.

(Plus, this makes the HydroXtreme a fun sex toy if you are of the… dominate persuasion.)

However, you should use the HydroMax is you want to see smaller gains without applying too much pressure.

Some guys are a little bit nervous about using a penis pump for the first time, and that is why they might want to start with the HydroMax.

When you feel more confident or want bigger gains, you can step up to the HydroXtreme.

Many Size Options

Aside from power, you have size to consider.

You can get the 1-3 inch style, 3-5 inch style, 5-7 inch style, and 7-9 inch style.

Be honest with yourself. Pick the size that fits you when you are hard. Do NOT be embarrassed.

You should be hard, then attach the pump, and use the pump to feel the stretching sensation that provides you with the gains you want.

If you are making big gains, you should move up to the next size.

The Hand Pump

The hand pump is easy to fit and use. You slide on the Bathmate, make sure it fills, and fit the pump.

You can squeeze the pump as hard or as lightly as you like. The hand pump is easy to remove when you want to release the pressure, and the hard skin on the pump will hold up to repeated use.

This is a big part of making big gains. Other pumps will start to break down because the pump is not very strong.

The Comfort Ring/Pad

The comfort pad makes these pumps much easier to use.

This is because you can press this pad (some people call it the comfort ring when they write their reviews) right up against your body.

Imagine if you only got the Bathmate most of the way on. Sure, your dominatrix could edge you so bad that you beg to cum, but you will not get the sensation or gains you need.

You will only get the best results when you have the Bathmate ALL the way on.

The Latch Valve

The latch valve allows for one-handed use which is the most important part of any advanced penis pump.

You want to feel the nice sensation the Bathmate provides. Plus, you might be in a slippery shower. Because of this, you need the Bathmate and its latch valve.

The latch valve is easy to open and close. You can regulate pressure on your own, and you can fill the pump with one hand. If you need an extra hand to steady yourself in the shower, you’ll be fine.

The Size Calculator

Bathmate has a size calculator on their website.

If you are not sure which one you should use or you got mixed messages from people that recommend these devices, you should use the size calculator.

While this is not a feature of the device itself, it makes figuring out which option to buy a bit easier.

92% of Users Report Results

A large majority of users have reported positive results.

Because of this, you can be sure that you will see gains in length and girth.

This is a good way to know you are spending your money wisely. (I mean, you are spending good money on these things—it helps to know they work.)

3 Color Choices

You can choose from clear, blue, and red, depending on what’s in stock.

There is no reason to pick one color over the other, but you might have a favorite color.

You might get an erotic color like red if you plan on using this device to dominate your partner.

The Shower Strap

You can attach the shower strap, hook it around your neck, and keep the pump in one place.

This is a good way to steady yourself, keep the device in place, and pump with one hand. Although, you can still pump with one hand if the strap is not attached.

60-Day Return Policy

Bathmate offers a 60-day return policy, which is amazing.

Contact the company the moment you realize there might be a problem. Let them work with you on a solution.

3-Year Warranty

You can work with the company on any repairs or replacements for three years after your purchase.

Keep the packaging, the warranty guide from the box, and your receipt. You can fill out your warranty form if you cannot prove where the pump came from.

What are Customers Saying?

Basically, customers love the product.

However, they note some of the issues that you might run into:

If you are fairly-well-endowed, you need to get the bigger size.

A pump that is too small, as noted by several users will not work as it should.

Users love the comfort pad, but they also note that you might want to take it off when you want even more width gains.

How did it feel for me?

The Bathmate can be used as a sex toy because it provides intense pressure. However, I was not using it on myself.

As a submissive, a lovely dominatrix tied me up in her shower, made sure the Bathmate would fill, and used it to edge me. While this is not the intended use of the Bathmate, it felt amazing. The pump’s bulb is easy to use, and she controlled how much pressure I felt.

If you squeeze harder, you get more pressure. If you squeeze lightly, you get less pressure. (We won’t talk about how I was gagged at the time,) but you can be sure that you will need to be quiet if you have roommates.

Also, you can control the pressure on your own to prevent any “unintended excitement.”

The Only Alternative Product You Should Consider


Penomet Pump

The Penomet is an alternative product that comes with a lot of the same things you get from the Bathmate.

You can see the comfort ring in their marketing, and the pump fits right on the top.

You get a 60-day money-back guarantee, and they even offer the same colors. The company has tried to control flow with their pump and valve to make sure you cannot ejaculate.

This is the same thing that Bathmate has done, but it is almost like a buzzkill. (I mean, when my dominatrix showed me the Bathmate, I had some hope. Penomet sort of takes away the fun of thinking you might get to cum while playing.)

They offer multiple sizes including the Force 60, 65, 70, and 75. Plus, they have the Extreme Force 80.

You still get a shower strap, and a chance to make some gains in length and girth. However, you will spend more than you typically would for a Bathmate.

The original price of $457 might seem a bit steep. However, it is worth checking out just to be sure. By contrast, the most expensive Bathmate set is $359, however you can often get a sales price.

Do You Need the Bathmate Penis Pump?

Bathmate HYDROXTREME7 Penis Pump product box

Of course, you do!

You can gain length and girth when using the pump. Plus, you can pick from a few models depending on the results you want.

Yes, you get more length and girth, but you can also have a lot of fun in the bedroom.

You could re-purpose the pump to dominate your mate, or you could use it on yourself just because it feels good.

You can use the pump every day as part of your daily routine, and yes, it can still give you a happy ending.

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