You’re feeling adventurous and ready to experience a new sexual sensation.

You’ve heard the hype about anal orgasms and want to know if it’s possible to have one.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I can help you have anal orgasms by getting into the right mindset and following the right techniques.

Everyone is different, but I’m going to include a variety of tips to make sure everyone’s covered.

I’ll go over the types of anal orgasms you can have, what they feel like, and how to have one yourself.

Maybe this is your first time exploring this new frontier. Or you might be more experienced and just want to take it to the next level.

In either case, there will be something new for you to learn here.

How to Have an Anal Orgasm

Keep an Open Mind

Anyone would get bored by continually having the same type of sex, over and over. It’s human and totally natural to crave novelty, both in ordinary life and in the bedroom.

This may be redundant, since you’re already researching anal orgasms. But keeping your mind open to receiving different types of pleasure is key.

Having expectations about what an orgasm is “supposed to” feel like will only hold you back.

Plus, an anal orgasm will likely feel very different than what you’re used to. The first step to mind-blowing anal orgasms is keeping an open mind.

Types of Anal Orgasms

In order to have your first anal orgasm, you’ll need to know how they work.

Here’s the deal:

In both men and women, the rectum and anus are related to the sexual system. The way these parts are stimulated will impact the genitals.

That’s how anal orgasms are possible. Your anus is full of nerve endings, some of which are connected to the clitoris (if you’re a woman).

The G-spot can also be stimulated via anal penetration, through your vaginal wall. Women also have something called the deep spot just before the cervix, which can cause an orgasm during anal.

Another possibility is stimulating the clitoris as you normally would during anal penetration. This can cause a very intense orgasm.

And if you’re a man, the nerve that goes to the penis also extends to the anus. You can also have anal orgasms through prostate stimulation (more on this later).

As you can see, regardless of your gender, you have some options here for fun anal stimulation.

What’s an Anal Orgasm Like?

Orgasms, in general, are euphoric, pleasurable, and sometimes earth-shattering.

Some say that anal orgasms are even better than standard orgasms.

Women report that an anal orgasm feels similar to a G-spot orgasm. But this feeling will be much more intense if the clitoris is being stimulated during anal penetration.

Men report that anal orgasms feel twice as intense as a genital orgasm.

But here’s the kicker:

Prostate orgasms also come with health benefits!

Intrigued yet? Then let’s get into the details for how to have an anal orgasm.

Preparing for Anal Play

Preparing for Anal Play

Anal play requires more preparation than vaginal stimulation.

This is due to both cleanliness and the fact that the sphincter must be given time to relax and open up.

People who claim that anal hurts haven’t taken the time to fully prepare and relax.

That’s right:

Forget the rumours you’ve heard that state otherwise.

There’s no reason why anal play has to hurt.

And just to make sure that it’s never uncomfortable for you, I’ll give you a rundown of important preparation steps below.

Mental Preparation

Enjoyable, orgasmic anal is totally possible, but only if you get into the right headspace for it.

Orgasms are never a purely physical event and occur mostly in the mind.

If you’re feeling insecure or fearful, it’s simply not the best time to try to achieve anal orgasm.

So, don’t choose a day when you’re exhausted or stressed out from work.

Instead, pick a time when you’re feeling frisky, excited, and have enough free time to dedicate to this intimate act with your partner.

The muscles in your anus and rectum can be relaxed with the right mentality. Ignoring this step increases your risk of pain or discomfort.

Practice relaxing deep breathing techniques in the days or weeks leading up to anal play.

Being able to relax on command will help you feel less distracted and loosen up your muscles for pleasure.


The next key consideration for anal orgasms is cleanliness.

As mentioned, comfortable and pleasurable anal depends on relaxation.

And it’s hard to feel relaxed if you’re worried your partner is going to encounter fecal matter when they’re playing with your butt.

Everyone will require different steps to feel clean and ready for anal sex play.

People who are very concerned about cleanliness should follow all the steps in my detailed anal hygiene guide.

Those who are less concerned can get by with some basic hygiene preparation.

For basic preparation, try to have a bowel movement before you begin anal play.

Then rinse your anus with warm water and soap. You can then lube up your finger and insert it a few inches to see if the area is clear of debris.


Unlike the vagina, the anus and rectum aren’t self-lubricating. That means you’ll need to use lots and lots of lube for an enjoyable anal experience.

You can choose either water or silicone-based lubricant. Just make sure you choose gel lube specifically designed for anal.

The thicker consistency of gel lube ensures that it won’t need to be reapplied as often.

While you technically can use ordinary, thinner lube for anal, you’ll have to pause frequently to add more, which is less fun.

Although they’re widely sold, I recommend avoiding numbing or desensitizing anal creams. These can increase the risk of damage since you won’t be able to feel if something is too much.

If you do decide to use this type of product, make sure you research it thoroughly, first.

Learn more about various types of lubes for anal here.

Anal Masturbation

There are lots of enjoyable anal stimulation techniques, but not all of them will give you an orgasm.

The most reliable way to discover which anal feelings bring you the most pleasure is anal masturbation.

Grab your lube, then start by relaxing your body as much as possible. Begin masturbating as you normally would before you add any anal stimulation.

Once you’re sufficiently aroused, try inserting your fingertip into your anus and see how it feels.

You may notice that it feels very clenched, especially if this is new to you. Try pushing your rectal muscles slightly to encourage them to relax, then try again.

If you enjoy the sensation, you may want to go deeper or add an extra finger. Anal toys are another idea, and I’ll give some recommendations (and more details) later on in the article.

Everyone is different with what they prefer during anal masturbation. You might want to thrust your finger in and out or keep your fingertip inside without moving it.

Others may enjoy stimulating just the anus, while others will want to play with their genitals at the same time.



While arousal is important for all sexual acts, it’s especially essential for anal pleasure. Jumping right into anal play won’t be fun for anyone involved unless you’re aroused.


Your goal with achieving a butt orgasm is pleasure, so there’s no need to rush. Relax into the experience, allowing your arousal to build naturally.

Your ability to have an anal orgasm begins in the mind. First, you have to believe it’s possible and will happen.

Give yourself permission to experience the heights of anal pleasure. That’s the only way to achieve a great anal orgasm.

Anal Fingering

By now, you should’ve already experimented a bit with solo anal fingering.

Once you’ve done that, you can invite your partner to finger you anally.

Have them start with trimmed nails and clean hands. Apply some lube to your anus and have your partner lube their finger up, too.

They can gently insert their fingertip into your anus as you breathe deeply and consciously relax.

As soon as that feels good, they can add an additional finger or go deeper. Make sure you’re communicating the whole time about what feels good.


Another stimulating butt play act to try with your partner is rimming (touching the anus with the tongue or lips).

Not only is the warmth and moisture from this intensely arousing, but having your partner’s mouth in such a taboo area is very mentally stimulating.

Have your partner start by feeling the outer area of your anus with their lips and tongue. They can progress to inserting the tip of their tongue into your anus, as long as you’re both comfortable.

Making sure the area is clean is important, of course. You can use a dental dam if you’re concerned about protection against STIs.

Find more information consider reading my full guide on how to enjoy pain-free anal sex here.

Reach Orgasm Through Anal Sex

Reaching Orgasm Through Anal Sex

Once you’ve experimented with anal masturbation and butt foreplay, it’s time to start thinking about anal penetration. This very stimulating act is a great way to reach anal orgasm.

The penetration itself can lead to anal orgasm by either stimulating the G-spot or deep spot through the vaginal wall. Or by prostate stimulation if you’re a man.

It will take some practice to figure out the specific stimulation you need to reach an orgasm through anal sex. So don’t be afraid to experiment, remember to take your time!

And most importantly…

Use plenty of lube.

Be Patient

Start with a patient approach to achieving orgasm through anal sex.

Anal orgasms don’t happen right away for everyone, so try to enjoy the journey instead of focusing too much on the destination.

Get comfortable and relaxed before you start, then take your time and engage in plenty of foreplay.

Try to have an orgasm (or two!) prior to anal penetration, as this can increase your odds of having an anal orgasm.

Many couples like to start with vaginal sex before moving onto anal. With multiple types of stimulation going on, you improve your odds of an orgasm from butt sex.

Start With Short Strokes

When your partner enters your anus, have them do so very slowly to make sure you’re comfortable.

If anything hurts or there’s a lot of pressure, slow down.

Once your partner has entered you, set the pace yourself. Begin with short strokes before attempting deep penetration.

Experiment With Different Positions

The best anal sex position for an anal orgasm depends on you.

Everyone is different. But your best chance of orgasming anally is using positions where you, as the receiver, do the pushing.

This can mean lowering yourself onto your partner or having them be on top as you rock back and forth.

When the G-spot is stimulated through your vaginal wall, or your partner is hitting your prostate, you’ll know it.

Once you feel contact with either of these areas during penetration, continue with the same motion.

Before you know it, you may be experiencing your first anal orgasm!

Prostate Orgasms

The prostate (a man’s key to anal orgasm) is located 3 to 4 inches inside the rectum. It’s about an inch wide and has a firm, yet slightly squishy, feel.

The prostate can be stimulated externally by pressing between the testicles and anus.

There’s a firm bulge in this area that can be stroked from the outside, although anal orgasm is less likely through external prostate stimulation.

A man’s prostate can be stimulated internally with a toy or a penis. Since it’s only 3 or 4 inches inside the rectum, shallow strokes are best for an anal sex prostate orgasm.

The prostate tends to respond to repetitive and firm pressure, but there’s no right or wrong way to stimulate it.

Experiment until you find what gives your partner a mind-blowing prostate orgasm.

Dual Stimulation

Again, everyone is different.

You might experiment with different techniques and positions and still not experience G-spot or prostate stimulation via anal.

If that happens, don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with you, and you can still have an anal orgasm. It just might require something I call dual stimulation.

If the receiver is a woman, dual stimulation will involve engaging in anal penetration and stimulating the clitoris at the same time.

For men, it will mean stroking the penis while you stimulate the prostate gland.

Take my word for it:

The orgasms that result from such dual stimulation are out of this world.

Toys to Help Give You Anal Orgasms

4 Toys to Help Give You Anal Orgasms

Toys designed specifically for anal pleasure are a great addition to both masturbation and play with your partner.

You can use a toy to get comfortable with the sensation of inserting items rectally.

Or you can even wear some anal toys (like butt plugs) while you’re having vaginal sex.

Here are some different options to consider:

1. Anal Vibrators

An anal vibrator is a fun way to start experimenting with butt stimulation.

As a beginner, you’ll want to choose one with a slender body.

These vibrating toys usually have a slick coating for easy insertion. Just lube it up and slowly insert it during masturbation or vaginal sex.

2. Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are inserted into the anus and left there.

They come with a flared base that keeps them in place and makes them easier to remove.

This type of toy comes in all shapes and sizes. Needless to say, as a beginner you’ll want to choose a small butt plug.

If you enjoy using butt plugs, you can slowly work your way up to bigger sizes.

Find our list of the 5 best butt plugs here.

3. Anal Beads

Anal beads are made up of a series of balls that typically increase in size, starting with the smallest ball.

Inserting and removing anal beads can be very pleasurable.

People who are new to anal beads will want to select a toy with very small balls. This will help you get used to the sensation before moving onto bigger sizes.

After experimenting with ordinary anal beads, you can try progressing to vibrating beads.

Review our list of the top anal beads and a quick guide on how to use them.

4. Beginner Anal Kits

If you just aren’t sure which toys you’ll enjoy and which you won’t, you can start with a beginner’s anal sex kit.

That way, you’ll have access to a variety of toys and can pick what you like.

Anal Toy Safety

When you’re using anal sex toys, always choose products that are specifically designed for the butt.

Anal toys will come with a flared base or a handle at the end.

This design prevents them from being sucked up into the rectal cavity and getting stuck.

Ready for Your Anal Orgasm?

Now that you’ve made it through my guide, you should feel ready to have an earth-shattering orgasm from anal.

Anal stimulation should never hurt. If it does, that’s a sign you need to apply more lube or take it slower.

Always remember to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. Tell them what feels good and what doesn’t.

Having an anal orgasm can feel intensely pleasurable and blissful.

A butt orgasm can occur through internal stimulation, external stimulation, or a combination of the two.

Remember, if it doesn’t happen right away, don’t give up! You just need to keep experimenting and trying different methods.

With this information, you’re already well on your way to experiencing your first anal orgasm.