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You’re on a journey to a better sex life, and we’re here to help you find what you need.

So you’re interested in buying a sex toy.

Welcome to the club!

The global sex toy market is worth many billions of dollars, and more and more people are shopping online.

The days of buying adult toys in a sex shop are practically over. Now people all around the world who perhaps couldn’t access a local sex store can order all the products they desire from the comfort and safety of their homes.

With a simple internet connection you can order discreetly online.

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Here are Inpathybulletin, we want to help you make an informed buying decision through our in-depth guides and product reviews.

Sex toy enthusiasts and newcomers have made us one of the fastest growing adult toy websites on the internet. Thousands of people read our reviews and guides every day.

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Jessica Winter - Writer

Jessica Winter

Jessica is the lead writer here at Sex Toy Education. She’s been studying all things sex for many years and is extremely passionate about it, which is showcased in her writing. She’s responsible for writing a lot of the in-depth product reviews for women, and the guides related to sex and sexual health issues. She also contributes to the BDSM section of the website.

Katie Barker - writer

Katie Barker

Katie is a nurse by day, and sex toy addict by night. She does a lot of our toy testing and contributes the most to specific product reviews. Along with researching specific toy brands, she also heads up the research for our female sexual health articles. She’s extremely knowledgeable with the female anatomy, particularly in terms of sexual satisfaction.

Jeff Armstrong - Writer

Jeff Armstrong

Jeff has been helping men with all types of male sex issues for many years. He has a ton of experience in testing toys specifically designed for men. Also, Jeff has been researching the male enhancement industry for the last decade, and is in constant contact with various representatives from some of the best brands in this industry.

InpathyBulletin Editorial

Finding reliable and professional information about sex toys is not so simple.

Although the topic is becoming much less taboo, there are many low quality websites discussing and promoting products.

Considering the growth of the sex toy market, and the fact that the majority of women in American have used a vibrator, there is a need for trustworthy information.

Our mission is to be a trusted resource in the sex toy market.

We want to be a leader in this market by providing professional and friendly advice in regards to sex toys and sexual health topics.

The editorial team is committed to providing the highest quality of content possible. Our goal is to provide in-depth and honest reviews, and comprehensive guides which will make our website visitors’ lives better.

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We maintain relationships with certain companies in the adult toy industry. We have affiliate relationships where we are able to earn small commissions from linking to online stores where our readers can purchase sex toys safely and discreetly. These commissions help us maintain the website.

InpathyBulletin does not accept any payment for featuring or reviewing specific products. We write about what we feel is the best for our readers, based on our own research and experience.


We are an educational website. This is not medical advice. These are our own personal views and opinions. Nothing on this website is intended to diagnose or treat any type of medical issue. 

This website does not sell any products. We simply recommend various online vendors where you can purchase products from. If you have issues or questions regarding something you purchased, you need to speak directly to the online store you purchased from.

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