When it comes to our health, we are all very active in discerning the best way to improve our physical health, but how often do we think about our mental health? There is still some stigma attached to mental health, and there are many people out there who believe that getting on with things is the solution for any mental health problems, but life is not quite like that.

Mental health problems can be with you for life, and it is not about eliminating mental health problems, it is about managing them, and living with it. If you can live with the problems, then you have conquered them.

Surprising Ways Your Mattress Can Affect Your Mental Health

One way people can manage their mental health is with sleep. We are all at our worst when we have not gotten enough sleep. If there are underlying problems already, then a lack of sleep can multiply them.

Getting a good night’s sleep is about many things, but an important factor is the mattress you use. There was a time when it was thought that your mental health affected your sleep, but it is now being shown that lack of quality sleep can cause mental health problems. So, how can a good mattress benefit you?


A good mattress can give you great support. Now, we are not talking about emotional support; we are talking about physical support. When our bodies are sore, and in pain, our brains are focused on that.

This means that they are not focused on internal problems. Physical health can take a real toll on mental health, but a good mattress can limit our physical problems. I always find that when I sleep on a good mattress, I do not wake up with joint and muscle pain.

That is because a quality mattress will disperse the pressure on your body, not allowing the pressure to be focused on your joints. If you can wake without any physical pain, then your mental health is going to be improved too.

Sleep deprivation

Everyone knows that a lack of sleep can make you feel worse, but did you know that sleep deprivation can cause you to forget things and unlearn. When we are in our deepest sleep, memories are cemented, and learning is forged.

Disrupted sleep stops that from happening. A mattress is only one part of getting a peaceful sleep, but a mattress which supports your entire body will stop you from tossing and turning through the night, and cause you to wake up less.


A lack of sleep can lead to depression. Now, I am not saying that everyone who does not sleep well will get depression, but if you have depression, then not sleeping is only going to make it worse.

One of the leading causes of poor sleep is your body temperature. If you raise or lower it by one degree, then you can be tossing and turning all night, reaching for the blankets or throwing them off. A good mattress can be breathable and regulate the temperature for you, allowing you to get the sleep you need.


The more stressed we are, the less sleep we get. The less sleep we get, the more stressed we are. This has devastating effects on our mental health. A comfortable mattress can help us get to sleep and stay asleep when we are.

Peter is a Sleep Expert from MattressMatchers.com said that he has always been thankful for the day he invested in a comfortable mattress and recommends everyone doing the same. It was like a lot of his stress had been taken away overnight.

Sleep well

A good mattress may not be the cure for mental health problems, but it can help to manage the symptoms. When you sleep well, you feel well.